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Age of Empires:Definitive Edition PC Game Download - Torrent

Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Full PC Game Download - Torrent

Age of Empires:Definitive Edition PC Game Download

Age of Empires:Definitive Edition PC Game Download
Today's we're gonna look at Age of Empires definitive edition a OE definitive edition is a remaster of the original Age of Empires from 1997 it features completely revamped visuals improved sound design and a few minor gameplay tweaks and while these changes look great when compared to the original from 20 years ago I can't help but feel that could have implemented a few other features that would have gone a long way in ensuring this remaster can stand the test of time for one thing the AI is still a pain to deal with just like the original game you'll find yourself constantly needing to tell your workers what to do next

after they finish the task it's a shame Microsoft didn't include a few new gameplay options that allow for more automation for workers

you can't even set people to Auto explore meaning you'll have to manually click around the map to clear up the fog workers gathering berries or wood will stand still after completing their task sometimes hidden behind trees making it difficult to even notice thankfully there is still an idle worker button to help with this management but it seems tedious nonetheless when creating units it's often unclear how many you have in the queue you have to look very closely at a number over the tile rather than seeing multiple tiles like in modern RTS games and finally enemy AI even on their standard difficulty are relentless I'm not gonna pretend I'm good at the game but I was surprised to see non-stop attacks from iron age level enemies well I'm still trying to figure out how to gather berries after successfully defending against a large attack of cavalry units I thought maybe I had a few minutes of peace to rebuild but then a separate a I decided to start

attacking me creating an infinite loop of attacks that I couldn't suppress no matter how hard I tried hopefully as I get better this will become less of a problem but it is disappointing to see the AI completely failed to acknowledge any form of diplomacy

despite being neutral by default so if you enjoyed the original Age of Empires and how it played then the definitive edition will deliver exactly that none of the improvements that have been made to gameplay over the years have been applied to this game so really the focus of this remaster was to update the visuals and make the game function on modern-day hardware the new visuals are fantastic though with new model designs and significantly improved textures and resolution details that were previously indistinguishable or much

clear I'll be it's still a bit blurry when compared to more modern RTS games animations are completely redone and look much better sound has also been drastically overhauled with more complex sound effects and just an overall clearer sound

thankfully Microsoft added in a cool mode that lets you play with the original 90s graphics sound and gameplay and you can get a better appreciation for the effort that went into touching up these classic assets I just wish you could switch between the graphics mode with a simple hotkey during gameplay I also wish the gains of video settings were more robust the settings are incredibly limited and it's unclear if I'm even playing at my monitors native resolution as there's no resolution setting anywhere in the game so assuming you're ok with the originals gameplay and you're impressed by this upgrade in visual quality one of the things should you be aware of before purchasing this game well since this is a Microsoft exclusive title you likely won't find it on the steam store anytime soon Age of Empires definitive edition is only available through the Windows 10 store for $20 I haven't had any issues with this so far as the game boots up immediately after selecting the icon on my Start menu but like other Microsoft Store games you won't have access to this games directory to mess with the configuration files the game will also utilize your Microsoft account so if you already have an Xbox Live account that will likely be your username for online game play in terms of actual online play the community is pretty pitiful so far there's only a handful of active servers and trying to connect wasn't working very well for me the pink indicators in the lobby screen were confusing and it takes a while after joining a server to even see other players names you can host private games and land games if you're only interested in playing with friends but this might not be the most convenient online implementation and Age of Empires and finally the definitive edition boasts a full creation tool that lets you create custom scenarios and campaigns that can be shared with your friends now the tool itself isn't the easiest to use but it does allow you to adjust elevations and in various biomes and even place any unit you want but other than that there's not really much to this remaster it's a very generic remaster that offers a little more than some basic graphical enhancements to pre-existing assets if you're a big fan of Age of Empires or a classic game collector then this is a must but if you're looking for a good RTS game you might want to check out some of the more recent age of empire games or even Rise of Nations instead I hope this review was helpful.