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Age of Empires II Definitive Edition PC Game Download Torrent

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition PC Game Download Torrent

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition PC Game Download

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition PC Game

After being announced alongside Age of Empires for over two years ago at Gamescom 2017 Adrienne pairs two definitive editions has finally been released to the masses promising to bring the 20-year-old classic back to the forefront of modern relevancy it brings a massive visual overhaul new campaigns and civilizations and a few newest quality-of-life improvements to go with it

it also gets a steam release with multiplayer functionality built-in make it as easy as ever to play with your friends wait to come on a second this sounds a lot like the pitch for a true empire to HD Edition doesn't it that version of the game came out in 2013 if you recall and I mentioned it's already in most of your steam libraries so what does this new version bring is it enough to justify you buying Age of Empires 2 for what's probably the third time or I should just let it go to the wayside and stick with what we've got already well let's find out shall we undeniably a dream phase to definitive editions most significant change is its graphics so let's start there before we get into the final details of the presentation

everything from units to buildings to menus has been recreated in 4k and I have to admit I think the devs have done a pretty great job the game looks really good

buildings are crisp units moving attacks smoothly and terrain has a lot of detail when compared to the original if you remember all three of those things I mentioned where issues are headed with Edwin parts one derivative so I'm glad that these have been rectified for this game in my opinion the art style is exactly what I was hoping for it retains the iconic look of the original it successfully brings it into the modern era with an impressive visual overhaul mostly this one part of the graphics are not a huge fan of and that's some of the visual effects for the most part it does look right true Boucher impacts the explosions come to mind as some of my favorites but personally I'm really not a fan of the whole collapsing buildings thing I don't know maybe it's just me but I feel like they're too repetitive and not smooth enough when compared to everything else it's like the animator that too lost framerate or something they just feel off in the way the fire just disappears from buildings when they're destroyed and how units can just run through them as they're falling apart I don't know it just doesn't really seem to be that coherent

especially when everything else is really smooth and flows great and though it's a small complaint but when it's something so frequent as the destruction of buildings it does stand out to me also if you want to make the game look good to do yourself a favour and turn off all these effects in the Alfa's menu you're welcome

moving on what we the UI is in line with the majority of the visuals and then it looks great well I do feel the main menu has lost a bit of us charm since the original the quality and execution overall is very well done it scales beautifully on high-resolution monitors in the customization options allowing players to set it up just the way they like is welcomed feature and I think customization is the keyword here there's so much you're able to change to make it the way you like tooltips health bars highlighting if there's something in the UI you're not a fan of you can probably change it which is a big one for user experience

another thing I'm a big fan of is the remastered soundtrack which was one of my favourite things of the previous games definitive edition as well you've been hearing it throughout this video and I mean just listen to it like the art style it keeps the heart of the original and at the same time gives it a great new coat of paint

while we're on the subject of audio on to briefly cover the voice-acting which it's actually a bit of a mixed bag for me, in particular, I have some issues worth what's in the campaign generally speaking I like the new voices and there's a lot more variety with compared to the original they sound more

authentic and looks like someone's trying to force an accent they maybe don't have but aside from that I found that the campaign voices don't have like the enthusiasm that the originals did and I think the Willingham boys campaign sums it up best the original voices sound so much livelier and more intense than they do now and I'm not saying the new ones are bad but just here listen to this comparison for yourself it's time for us to fight back the English are terrorizing all of Scotland and it's time for us to fight back anyway similar cluster voices aside I do think the presentation of our way to a definitive has been executed on quite well and honestly better than I thought it would be the game looks and sounds great

and overall it's just a massive upgrade on both the original and the HD edition [Music]

like I covered beforehand visually speaking Adrienne posed to a definitive keeps the heart and soul of the original intact but the feeling of a game is derived from its gameplay as much as if not more than its outward looks and I'm pleased to say that the definitive edition holds itself very close to the original which honestly isn't surprising at all considering that throughout its entire marketing tour all that was talked about was new graphics of content but despite that it is reassuring to know that a place is great as it always has and most of the changes are thoughtful upgrades rather than needless alterations like the UI updates the ability to receive farms

automatically and the addition of a spectator mode and extra tournament features so if you're hoping for any sort of sweeping adjustments or

modifications then you may be

disappointed you still gather resources built cities train armies and just throw lumps of troops at each other until you've either overrun them or they've overrun you and if you're not a fan of that loop then don't think that the definitive edition is going to change anything for you I'd also like to mention that I'm more of a casual player so I can't speak to find changes in balancing or similar concerns that more experienced and professional players may have I can only relay my experience as I've seen it and to me, it plays just like I remember although I do kind of wish they fix the unit

pathfinding's still not very good truth be told the main course here really is the three new campaigns in the last cons in the four new civilizations those being the Bulgarians humans Lithuanian and Tatars each come with new special units and overall it brings the total Civilization account at 35 a pretty ridiculous number when you think about it some of the new unique units are particularly cool like a cavalry unit that wind kill that becomes a foot soldier and the new campaigns are as good as I could expect and I know that doesn't sound like really high praise but all things considered I think it is Age of Empires campaigns have never been that by presented or engaging so the gameplay did have to pick up the slack in that regard and while these are nothing groundbreaking some of the new scenarios are feeling exciting and they did keep me engaged throughout which isn't something I can say for all of the original ageing players too

with these new Serbs and campaigns I think it's important to make a point of the sheer amount content in this game well yes most of the campaigns aren't new by any stretch the fact that there's just so many of them means you could probably play for hundreds of hours and potentially not get through them all you really can't argue against the value proposition especially when you can also spend countless hours of skirmish multiplayer custom scenarios and even the world editor content-wise it's everything you'd want from a definitive edition that includes anything ever released for the game plus a healthy dose of new stuff to keep things interesting