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Age of Mythology: Extended Edition - Full PC Game Download

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition - Full PC Game Download

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition - Full PC Game Download

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition - Full PC Game Download

Age of Mythology is an RTS from 2002 published by Microsoft and is a part of the Age of Empires series it has so many things in common with Age of Empires and if you're a fan of those games then you're probably familiar with this one it shares a lot of the same DNA as those games in that it is a very economic heavy RTS that utilizes four different resource types which are quite a few for an RTS it requires a lot of skill and knowledge on what exactly you want to do with your resources because there are so many of them and there's a lot of different tech upgrades in this game too I won't say it's the most complex RTS ever made but it's pretty high up there especially when you compare it to a game like the battle for middle-earth - that only uses a single resource type now don't get me wrong I love that game too but Age of Mythology just adds another level of complexity because of how resources have to be managed it's a constant fight throughout the game to manage your resources while also attacking your enemies I like this because it's a somewhat new experience for me most other arts yesses I've found that after the initial build order and setup of your base doesn't take much more than occasional management of your resources to maintain your economy while ancient mythology has a much longer path to achieving a full completed base while this game is heavy on the economic aspects of gameplay it's also no slouch when it comes time for combat either this game has a wide variety of units available to each faction and follow sort of a rock-paper-scissors kind of design where you have regular units and you have encounter units that are meant especially to counter another type of the unit, for example, infantry specifically meant to counter cavalry archers that counter infantry etc. 

And what's cool is that each faction utilizes this system differently which I'll get into in a moment but first I want to talk about what's in my opinion the coolest thing about this game and that's myth units you see while this the game does focus a lot on making large armies

of classical units like soldiers archers cavalry and siege much like Age of Empires do the thing that separates this game from that the whole shtick of the game is that each faction worships a set of gods that gives them a unique set of powers tech upgrades and mythical units made of creatures from the lore of said faction, for example, the Greeks have available to them Minotaur Cyclops manticores chimaeras and those are just a few of them there's many more the Chinese a couple of their units they have terracotta men and they have as your dragons both cool the

north has various Giants and trolls at their disposal the Egyptians among their many things include Phoenix's and new bites scarabs and mummies and the Atlanteans have dryads satyrs lamp aides and many more these myth units are special strong and expensive units that usually, all have some sort of special ability.

these creatures are very cool very powerful when used in your army and me just love using them because of that however, while they can be very powerful and expensive they're not invincible in Age of Mythology there are not only mythic creatures but there are also heroes and heroes are designed to do extra damage against myth units.

therefore being counters to them once again this goes back to the whole the rock-paper-scissors design was in this system myth units pummel most regular troops heroes are going to crush most myth units and regular troops are usually a better value and more

spammable than heroes when you're not fighting against myth units another cool the thing about this game is how every faction gets heroes in a different way for the Greeks.

you get a select set of heroes that are named unique units such as Ajax Perseus and other heroes from Greek mythology that you can all buy from your town centre the Chinese are similar except that their heroes are not unique there's just a single type of unit called an immortal

that you can buy a limited amount of them and finally another completely different style from these two would be the Atlanteans for them heroes are not unique or limited units instead of every the regular human troop can be upgraded to a hero troop for a small amount of resources one of these resources is favoured which is used to buy heroes myth units and upgrades the reason why I bring up favour is because once again getting favour is a little bit different for each faction, the Greeks can send their gatherers to temples to pray for favour

the Norse get favour by killing enemies the Egyptians have to build monuments that generate passive favour the Chinese get favour by building gardens and the Atlanteans get it passively from their town centres the point I'm trying to make telling you all these different things are that this game has a huge amount of differences between the factions in most arts yesses you'll find that the different factions will have different units and maybe one or two different buildings here and there but in Age of Mythology, every faction plays completely differently I said earlier how each faction prays to a set of gods and yet another cool thing about this game is that you go through different ages in each age you unlock new units buildings and tech upgrades however each age advancement also lets you pick between two different gods to worship and each one of these gods will give you a different god power

myth unit and tech this means that each the faction has a crazy number

of sub-factions based on what gods you choose to worship and this creates an honestly head-spinning

amount of choices to choose between this combined with the heavy economic focus and the fairly complex combat means that this is a very deep and complex RTS to understand simply because there are so many differences in choices to make I'm the type of guy who loves a ton of choices so this game is perfect for me now that I'm starting to play it it's quickly becoming one of my favourite arts yeses for all the reasons I mentioned above I love the deep tech tree the myriad of choices.