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Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey - PC Game Download Torrent

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey - PC Game Download

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey - PC Game

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey - PC Game

OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i3 series
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA or AMD Card with 2 GB VRAM
Storage: 10 GB available space

if you had told me that in 2019 I'd be having a whale of a time playing a game that was 90% sat on a pile of palm leaves and banging two rock together Ida said you were mad but in ancestors the humankind Odyssey that's exactly the stage I was at about halfway through the game I loved it

however by the time I'd finished the game my opinion has changed a little bit on it hi folks I'm Matt GFL and this is my no-nonsense review of ancestors the humankind Odyssey is it worth it well it's a game of two halves and I'm gonna tell you all about it if you'd like to watch my entire playthrough of this then just click on the link below so the game play takes place between 10 million and two million years before the present day in human history you gotta help our ancient ancestors evolved via discovery exploration experimenting and most importantly surviving to someone that basically this is a game of survival and exploration plus there's a puzzle solving element too especially in the first half of the game the game starts 10 million years ago with you in control of a family of our ape-like ancient ancestors the idea is to keep these guys alive and safe and of course help them breed for the future and evolve and develop new skills along the way although you control one of them at a time you can ask other ones to follow you and later on you can teach them some basic skills and get them to mimic your actions as well generally though the rest of your clan members are idiots who sometimes even struggle to eat and drink for themselves if they're holding something in their hand so there is a little bit of babysitting to do with these guys eating drinking and sleeping make up the survival elements for the game as well as the various ailments and injuries and illnesses you can pick up along the way now whereas any idiot ape can just eat a few leaves off a tree or scoop some water out of a scrape in the ground it's figuring out how to get at those tastier morsels like opening a coconut getting honey out of a bee's nest butchering an animal all that's going to lead to the future of human evolution the game gives you no clues and no information whatsoever of how to achieve these tasks by the way it's all down to the player this is the puzzle element which is one of my favorite parts of the game you have to figure out how to use the elements in the landscape around you how to

strip sticks how to pick up grasses how to alter plants or play with them how to bang rocks together to make different simple and basic tools and then use them on other elements in the environment it is so rewarding when you actually figure out how to do something new how to finally get that coconuts open and it is so good fun and to be honest there is quite a lot of things you can interact on in so many different ways in the game so it's worth experimenting a lot this is the whole experiment and puzzle side of the game it's my favorite part of it because it feels so good when you get something right obviously it wasn't just the use of tools which helped our ancestors developed it was also an increase in the senses in ancestors you've got intelligence smell and hearing and you can train them all just by listening for sounds of predators or other animals smelling out food and water sources or again other animals and using your intelligence to recognize things over and over let us out the game this is all new stuff for new

discoveries which is all kind of cool and it helps you recognize your
Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey - PC Game

surroundings and spot dangers and find food sources speaking of dangers combat is a smallish part of the game

I say smallish it happens a lot but it is all very similar you generally get attacked by a predator and the souther game your best option is just gonna be to dodge out of the way this is very important because dodging leads to survival skills and instincts building up but you can learn to fight back if you've armed yourself with something that can be used as a weapon and it's quite surprising just how many items in the game can actually be used as an effective weapon rocks bone sticks and various iterations of each of those can all be used and there are various achievements to unlock just for hitting enemies with certain objects although combat is quite difficult at the start by the end of the game you're so practiced at it that it's quite easy and the game does help it basically just involves holding down a button until you hear a tiny little ting sound go off and at the point of hearing that sound that's when you release the button to choose a direction and that will be successful if you release too early or too late you'll mess it up and get hit it's a very simple system that's repeated a lot in the early days it feels great when you finally start hitting stuff and killing stuff and hunting stuff by the end of the game it's down

to feel a little bit repetitive and will say it also in places gets awfully ridiculous when you can hit a charging rhino Souris or an elephant with a lump of granite league on in your hand and survive the encounter but sticking pointy sticks into things well that's always good fun now to make all these lovely weapons we've got the crafting side of the game again this is one of the areas that I love the most at the start when you're learning which rocks to bang together for how much and how often and what type and what to use everything on it feels great

unfortunately there's not many tools you can actually make there's only three different rocks in the game that you can really interact and alter and the sticks that you pull off bushes are pretty much all the same once you've learned how to strip them and sharpen the points but when you first discover these things it really does feel so rewarding it feels like you are progressing and you can only imagine what our ancient ancestors must have thought when they accidentally created one of these items through trial and error or actually figured it out and had a useable tool or weapon at the end of it however by the second half of the game you've pretty much discovered every tool that you can make in every weapon you can craft and by that point it's just repeating the same old actions to get the same old things again there are some very simple constructions you can make around your clan settlement which you can move around by the way as you explore the world more on that in a minute but these are very simple things like thorn barriers and beds and I'll leave you to figure those out but basically in the crafting system the trick is just the experiment with absolutely everything

try altering everything with your hands try bashing everything with rocks try grinding it try using one item on another it really does encourage you to experiment and try things and I found a couple of things that I really didn't think would work just by randomly trying stuff together and that was pretty cool now exploring is probably the biggest part of the game if you like exploring games you'll love this because the map is absolutely huge I mean huge it's way bigger than you expect when you start the game and it seems to go on forever just when you think you've finished the game

I didn't even explored everything you find more areas and it just goes on and on and on and it's beautiful for the most part as well it is an explorers dream now moving into new areas often involves

to conquer your fear of the unknown this basically depends on how you having leveled up your senses a bit and being able to recognize items out there through the sight smell sound so you can become familiar with the area and think actually it's not that scary after all but their big problem I had with the map you don't get an in-game map by the way remember this is ten million years ago it's kind of linear it's like an elongated sausage shape with a few bulges here in there and you start more or less in the middle of it the downside of this is that which ever direction you go up or down means that at some point you're gonna have to turn round when you get to the end and backtrack through everything you've come then go all the way to the other end and it is big and it is a long travel and especially at the point where you have to take the tribe with you it can be a bit of a chore getting from place to place so the entire point of doing all this exploring and using your senses and developing your combat skills and just learning which foods you can and can't eat and when is to make the neurons in your brain develop grow open new neural pathways discover new things which opens up new possibilities that eventually lead to the full evolution into what we became 2 million years ago now the way to do this is mostly just to repeat actions over and over again try new things out even if it seems bad at the time like eating food that gives you the shits

or falling out of a tree and fracturing your leg all this stuff you will eventually learn from and it will open up new neural pathways and you repeat especially with crafting and making things dodging things in particular is good for development all sorts of stuff just do it all it'll all help your brains expand and you'll progress through the game the trouble is a lot of the time in this it doesn't often make a lot of sense or it's not very clear what you've done to unlock something for example I had a neuro pathway that required as to eat lots of mushrooms to develop and I did this for hours now as now as through the later part of the game and he'd never unlocked it never did anything and I took the entire tribe across the mouth eating mushrooms wherever I could find them and this just didn't unlock for me and then randomly later on it didn't lock when we were eating berries so I

where there's some time limit or some time delay from when you do an action to when that neuron matures it's kind of confusing in places some of it makes sense

some of it doesn't it's a little bit of I guess trial and error and see what happens

but the real keys to unlocking and retaining these new neural abilities are your children the next generation will become the adults of tomorrow keep them safe

make sure you've always got plenty of them make sure you've got someone reserved for in case all your adults die off and also you want to be carrying two kids around at the whole time because the mechanic that the game uses for you to develop this energy that's used to unlock neural pathways is gained by doing any of these actions whilst you carrying kids around with you it seems a bit odd but you can kind of rationalize it by thinking well you showing junior how to do all these activities so they can develop the skills from the early age at least that's how I see it and really it's not a problem but it does look a little odd when you're going into combat against saber-toothed Tigers with two kids on your back okay onto graphics and sound and as far as the visuals to this game I think it often looks really beautiful I mean if you climb up a great big rock up to the top of a massive tree and look around the landscapes you're presented with with the right lighting can be absolutely stunning

speak to the lighting I think that's good too it does change as the Sun passes overhead you'll see your shadows change at certain points in the day and it gives the whole landscape and view a different outlook I like the visuals but then you kind of realize that for all it's excellently laid out in positions and and everything does look very believable and real a lot of it is the same the bushes repeated over and over the same grasses everywhere and it's well I guess there's not a huge amount of variety but what there is does look really good it's kind of the same with the sound as well in places there is some fantastic atmospheric sounds like you when you're in the treetops and you can hear the bird calls some of them are absolutely beautiful and you're looking out across these vast and gorgeous landscapes and you get the parrot noises behind you in the trees and stuff and it it's very atmospheric and I like it but again perhaps because of the setting of the world there's not

different sounds in there your family of apes make different grunts and groans which do develop as you evolved through the ages which is nice and the last iteration that I got to you could really detect some of the calls startin to sound like very early language but again a lot of it is just the same repeated over and over so it's not a huge variety of sound or visuals but what there is I think is pretty good

and now on to the good and bad about this game it really is for me a game of two halves the first half of this game the first twenty-five hours I put into this were absolutely fantastic I loved the exploration the sense of reward you got when you discovered the new tool or figured out how to access some new food source or when you killed a predator for the first time or managed to learn the Dodger predator or just anything like that it was fantastic because the game doesn't tell you anything at all it really is down to you to figure it all out yourself which gives you an amazing sense of reward when you eventually do and that's why I try not to give too many spoilers in this video about how to do stuff because that would take away I think a large part of the game I will make some tips videos on this for those of you who are struggling or want some more general advice so keep an eye out for those but it's that sense of achievement which is really good also the game is very original which I really like to see because so many games companies just produce copy paste templates of other successful games in the same mold and same fashion so it's nice to see the developers do something different and try a new theme here and thumbs up for that however the second half of the game gave me quite a different feeling by that point I pretty much discovered all the tools I could make I'd figured out how to access all the food sources and attacked most of the animals and predators or at least I'd learn what to have to do and even then when you discover new animals to attack or to defend yourself from the combat is exactly the same and to get over the finish line and finish the game it just felt like a long repetitive grind of doing exactly the same stuff after that I didn't get any new thrills from discovering new things there's not enough tools in the game to discover but that's because of the period it's set in fair enough but you end up just repeating the same actions the eating drinking sleeping moving

the tribe the same exploration the same idea the grasses and the branches and the rocks on the floor and that was the best part of another 20 hours after that where it just felt like I was just going through the motions trying to get over that evolutionary line to finish the game.