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Anno 2205 Full PC Game Free Download - Torrent

Anno 2205 Full PC Game Free Download - Torrent

Anno 2205 Full PC Game Free Download - Torrent

Anno 2205 Full PC Game Free Download - Torrent

I'm AFAQ and today I'm gonna review anno 2205
I am starting to run into some slowdown so be aware of that I'm running a gtx 980 so it's kind of unacceptable really that this game can't handle maximum settings but there are lots of options you can knock things down I'm pretty sure it will run on most systems audio settings are pretty standard lots of key binding options available which is good to see and several gameplay options so overall the options menu is pretty good but I have had some

performance issues what I'm going to do now is just jump straight into my previous save so I'm a current currently a level 14 corporation so how this game works is initially you will be

essentially dumped into a campaign now the previous anno games had several modes on offer and this the major difference between this title and the previous title is the fact that almost every single mode from the previous game has been stripped out and the game has been streamlined into this very linear very campaign driven format with

somewhat of a story now a lot of anno fans are gonna be disappointed by that I was personally when I saw that was the case because I used to like playing continuous mode in the old game you would essentially spawn a randomly generated map

very similar to civilization and you would vie for resources with the other AI there would be combat everything would be contained on a single map all of the mechanics would be pushed into this single experience there was also a campaign mode there was various

scenarios and there was multiplayer and you could play multiplayer co-op with your friends and both work on the same city at the same time and that was really good all of those features have been stripped out of this game and what you are left with is a very linear campaign sort of almost SimCity 5 esque experience and now initially when I was streaming this yesterday I was pretty disappointed by those changes and I also have to point out for new players especially there is very little tutorial ization in this game they expect a lot of pre learn knowledge from the previous games in the franchise and I don't think that's particularly acceptable now what I'm going to do here is just jump into a region and show you what the game looks like so this is one of my regions here and this is one of these three regions that I'm pointing at now you'll be offered these initially when you start up the game for the first time you'll create your corporation and they'll ask you to pick a region now each region has a slightly different project that's available there's these large projects you can work on this one here will give you energy I think this one is just a oh no this one will give you energy sorry this one has a cosmetic item like a big statue you can build and this one will give you resources so I chose the one with resources now we're gonna just jump in and I'll show you what the game looks like so this is my city

and if you notice framedrops that's because I'm leaving it at maximum settings so that you get a good picture of how this game runs on a gtx 980 so this is my city it's quite advanced if i zoom in here you'll see I've got several skyscrapers these are the executive class of citizens so I'm pretty I'm pretty advanced in this city at this point as you can see the graphics are really nice it's a significant

improvement over the previous game in the franchise and I have to commend them for that there is tons of detail all of the people walk around they play with each other in the park here it's great the attention to detail in this game is wonderful I will go and show you some of the production facilities so you can get a better idea of how they work so this area here is growing fruits and

vegetables and you can see these little robots tending to the fields all of that's great all these flying cars are wonderful overall the production values in this game are

second-to-none they are really good when it comes to a city builder when it comes to an economic resource management game like this it's really stellar and there are tons of fine details especially in the mind if I just rotate the camera we go have a look at the mines here you can see all the little crates being

delivered here and they'll eventually be picked up by trucks and then delivered to various locations so all of that stuff's great visually fantastic

music-wise is also really really good I love the music in the game the
Anno 2205 Full PC Game Free Download - Torrent

presentation overall is fantastic no real complaints there the only issue is once you start to get further into the game you will experience performance issues and that's unfortunate so you know don't expect the game to run particularly well for you right with all of that out of the way this is my initial city that I built in the temperate regions.

we have a storage depot which will reduce the number of trucks we need an active service to deliver the various goods so it's slightly different than the

previous games but it still has that very modular aspect from the pre

and a franchise and for those of you new to the game that's essentially how the game works you build a rice field for example and then you expand it out net out further and further and optimize it and this is an economic game now you may be mistaken and thinking well it looks like a city builder and it is it's part city builder part economic strategy manager I guess and that's the real key difference between an OU and many other games and if you are new to the

franchise and you are interested in sort of management and optimization of economic stuff then this game is really appealing for that reason however the previous games in the franchise did do things slightly differently so one thing I should show you is that when you produce things goods for example here synth cell incubators it says 400 percent okay now in the previous games it would just produce units of goods which would then be physically delivered to a storage facility and if you over produce those goods they'd essentially go to waste if I remember correctly I could be wrong there but it was slightly different to the way this is handled the way this is handled is you can just produce as many goods as you like and in a production chain which I'll just illustrate to you now for example so here we have fruits which we grow the fruits we're growing 700 percent

currently and then we go over to here to one of our fruit processing plants and it says here three hundred and sixty one percent it's saying the goods input is too low so I'm not running and it an efficient rate right now in order to be more efficient and produce more goods I need to have more of these fields so that's an easily solvable problem if I go over here I've also got another one of those fields and another one of those fields there so I literally just have to go over here to where I'm building another one of those fields and

essentially expand it and then the problems solved and that's essentially how the production chains work now there are more complicated production chains and I'll show you those once we get to the Arctic region but initially my impressions of the game visually are very good presentation wise very good mechanically it's almost identical to the previous games it's a game about building a city satisfying the needs of those citizens so if we click on this building here you'll see the executive here has various needs that need to be satisfied he wants luxury food he wants Intelli where he wants bio enhancers and he wants mobility so in order to satisfy those needs I have to produce

various production chains so if I click here you'll see workers operators executives and then ornaments so the executives want luxury food in order to create that luxury food I have to create soy beans which I can feed to cows then I can have meat and then I need to create wine which I can then use all of those ingredients to create luxury food now I'll show you that production chain over here so this is my winery my vineyard so this will grow wine for me this is my ranch which will grow cattle and I can harvest them for meat this is my soybean farm which I then feed to the cattle and then this here is my food design workshop that makes the luxury food for the executives and as you progress through the various tiers of citizens the production chains become more and more complex so I'll just go over here quickly and I will show you a smaller settlement so if I click on one of these buildings here you'll see this is a workers resident and he has very basic needs he needs organic food in his water and he needs an Information Center which is over here

now very easy to satisfy this currently the water isn't quite satisfied so I'll go sort that out actually where is my water farm I'll just try and find it I think it's over here somewhere

here's one here so this is a

desalination plant this produces water for me I've expanded it to three modules so it looks like and here's another one over here so it looks like I'm gonna have to actually build another one so this is a good time to show you how building works basically there are certain items in the game and this is slightly different to the previous game as well if I go to the workers section here you'll see water now desalinization plants can only be built on the coast and they can only be built in specific regions which are highlighted by this sort of weird grey mesh that you can almost see I'll try and find a better area for you there you go you can see it more clearly there now in the previous game it didn't work like that you could build any coastal structures anywhere on the coast you wanted and honestly that was a lot better than this game I find the idea of having to manage what you put where kind of annoying quite frankly and it limits you in terms of what you can produce this slot can be used for various other things but right now I'm going to have to use it for water so I understand it adds to the

sense of management and it may be there for a balance reason but right now I prefer the old system so I'm just going to put that one down there and you can see it's got one module attached to it if I want to expand that I can click on the filter unit here and I can add additional ones in these sections as you can see now I'm just going to do that for the sake of making sure that that need is satisfied and I need to connect it to a road in order to power it that's essentially how it works very similar to other building games so I'm just going to connect it to a road there and that's now powered and you can see it's

creating +8 water per tick or turn now there are no turns in this game it's real-time but there is some kind of tick system and every second or so you'll get a certain amount of goods so now if we go click on one of those residents we should have satisfied their water need and what that means is that we can then upgrade him once all of his needs are met we can upgrade him to the next level of citizen now the problem is I

currently am NOT able to do that and the reason for it if I hover over this upgrade button is there's a not enough buildings of this type and that means I don't have enough worker buildings to upgrade to the next tier so what I'm gonna do is build some buildings and what I should do actually is show you from the proper menu so I'll go over to workers tab here and I'll click on a residence and I'll plop that down and you can drag them out I tend to drag out in a grid of six and I'll just add some more workers which I've done there and I will connect all of those via roads they need to be connected via roads for power ok so that's done now you can see over the top of each building I have all these flashing green arrows so what I can do now is I can manually select them and upgrade them by pressing that button or I can come down here to this tool and I can drag out a various area of

building that I want to upgrade so let's upgrade these ones over here and you can see they've been upgraded

now we'll have operators and in the next stages executives and so on and so on and you can see they have different needs so they want vitamin drinks rejuvenate as neuro implant and security now this is a good time to go to the Arctic because neuro implants I am NOT able to produce in this region so in order to do that what I have to do is go to the region mountain so initially the way this works is the overall goal all of the game as I can understand it is the earth doesn't have enough means to power itself we don't have enough energy and so the goal is we have to go to the moon and we have to build fusion reactors on the moon to power things on earth but there are a terrorist

organization who's trying to stop us from do that doing that sorry so that's essentially the premise of the game so once you've sort of opened up this initial temperate region and completed some of the goals that they offer you you then move on to the Arctic region and once you've done that you then move on to the lunar region but you have to upgrade the spaceports in each region to be able to get to the moon in the first place so I'm just going to jump into the Arctic region because you can see here actually before we jump in there you can see this little icon here it's a neural implant shortage now I can't produce neural implants in Cape amber so what I have to do is go to this region in the Arctic where I can produce those Goods produce them and then ship them to these people via a trade route which I'll show you once we've solved the problem so this is the Arctic region now there are gameplay differences between the regions so in the Arctic region the way things work is when I select a building you can see this red halo around the building and you'll also see some screen tearing when I move the mouse occasionally I don't know what that issue is I'm not sure why it's there I have vsync turned on but I'm getting screen tearing nonetheless anyway you can see these red halos now these are areas of heat now the premises is that in the Arctic regions essentially the Arctic region in this game is man-made this is far into the future once the ice caps have melted and the earth is primarily flooded and so with as a species we're trying to solve some of these ecological problems by freezing the regions up north

so we're artificially doing this and so there are these people who are

protecting this region and we have to try and work within their limits to to build our civilization and our

cooperation so in this case what we have to do is we have to utilize the heat that's produced by our factories to heat the surrounding population so it means that you end up having to build around factories more so than in the temperate regions where you can build all of your residential areas in one place and then build all of your manufacturing industry in another place so it slightly changes things up it forces you to play a little differently for example here I built a farmer pharmaceutical lab lab and I was able to then build next to it because it produces heat if you build housing outside of the heat radius then the people in those buildings will freeze to death and you'll lose citizens and therefore income now I should talk about income while I'm here you can see up in the top left we have credits and next that we have current credit balance now this is very important essentially how you earn money in this game is you build structures for people to live in the more people the more tax therefore the more money but you also have to balance that with various structures because each structure has an operating cost for example here it says maintenance is this many credits it requires this much workforce it requires this much

electricity and it requires this many trucks so this is where you start to have to balance things and as you can see I have several facilities up here that are actually turned off there's a pause icon over the top of them and if I turn these on it will cost me

significant amount of credits and maintenance and you'll see these numbers up the top here go down now they turned off at the rip at the moment because I don't have a reliable source of diamonds and therefore there's no point running this Factory and spending a bunch of money so you can go in and hit the pause button on each of these buildings as you can see here and stop them from running.