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ARK Survival Evolved - Full PC Game Download - Torrent

ARK Survival Evolved - Full PC Game Download - Torrent

ARK Survival Evolved - Full PC Game Download - Torrent

ARK Survival Evolved - Full PC Game Download - Torrent
OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-2400/AMD FX-8320
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA or AMD Card with 2 GB VRAM
Storage: 37 GB available space

hey how's it going guys and welcome to another Ark survival evolved review since I first covered this game about five months ago it was still in early access and quite a lot has changed since then adding in more content addressing some criticisms but also at the same time warranting some new ones the footage you were watching has been captured from both the PC and Xbox one gameplay so if you notice any discrepancies between visual quality and performance it's because I'm switching between platforms anyway without further ado let's get into it

starting off with visuals Ark is something that I have mixed emotions about the art design looks phenomenal however constant screen tearing and until recently a maximum resolution of 480 P on the Xbox one really hindered my opinion of the title that said lately the developers have made efforts to correct this the Xbox one has its max resolution up scaled and increased to 720p which well not exactly modern is still in HD and is a noticeable

improvement and take you into

consideration just how resource taxing this game is it's nothing short of absolutely remarkable on the PC the grass is a little bit greener with about 4 gigabytes of ddr4 the game on high settings run at 1080p and it looked really good but screen tearing and FPS stutters held it back from true

greatness and if you're able to achieve them maximum quote-unquote epic settings look absolutely amazing however if you are able to get this game to run on epic settings on a PC then well NASA called in with their damn computers back moving on in case I haven't provided enough context yet art is a major resource hog which is one of the reasons for its visual limitations among other issues to put it lightly arts performance and optimization are about as well done as a rare steak on the GTX 970 with the quad core i5 I struggle told anything about 50 FPS on relatively high settings and according to forms I'm pretty lucky you could imagine the issues being held on the Xbox one which often hovers between 20 to 25 frames when you're not within a base or having a raid and as you can imagine one of the greatest experiences you'll have on arc massive battles with dozens of players and huge prehistoric Giants is also going to make the game lag a lot and if you're a truly major battle expect no more than 20 frames a second on

i NPC and somewhere around five to seven on the Xbox one I really wish I was joking here now the initial servers were initially plagued with really bad optimization and rubber bands all over the place however since my last review they have improved in connection quality quite noticeably but as the ping will tell you there's still quite a ways from perfect

- and these technical issues are a real shame because when art is running well and looking good it is one of the most enjoyable games that you will get to play the gameplay itself can best be described as a combination between Daisy and rust with some dinosaurs thrown in the middle of the place in that you team up with people build basins craft and acquire and store items you can try to forcibly attack people and take their stuff but you can also enlist the help of literally dozens of various Jurassic creatures that will help you gather materials or provide transportation some can even be used as elements in PvP and raids and others just look plain cute now it should be noted that Ark is best played with other players a group of friends or as the game likes to call it a try because Ark is a very difficult game to tackle alone take for instance taming in order to make a dinosaur your pet be able to ride and use it all around you are going to first need to tame it which can be a very long and drawn-out process you'll need to find the dinosaur you're looking for in the wild and not have it kill you you'll need to knock it out something that demands a lot of coordination as you'll need to pepper it with literally hundreds of tranquilizer darts and then keep it knocked out and keep it fed from anywhere between five minutes to I've been a part of that taming efforts that have lasted 12 hours depending on what you're trying to tame and going through that process taming a dinosaur is just one of the reasons you're going to need help now don't get me wrong it's very possible to thrive in Ark by yourself and well things like taming will require a lot more effort on your part you can still always trade people for their things and despite how much Ark may encourage PvP Trading is actually quite common even on the most ruthless of servers you'll find that each server has its little own personal micro economy so for instance a material like metal for example may be worth a little bit more on one server than it is on another and it's really amazing

combat is insanely fun in the early game you'll attack and defend wooden huts with your tribe using Spears and bows and we get further in the game massive sieges and engage

will erupt with tribes trying to establish air superiority over one another trying to deploy their dinosaurs like tanks and outflank and envelop each other coordinating battles in massive 20-man team speaks it is a hell of a lot of fun now Ark does have a single-player mode as well as a PvE mode where fighting other players is disabled but it's still technically multiplayer and I can definitely find fun with those they don't really give the game the same justice as PvP servers where you'll get into those battles and trade deals with other players so what else does Ark offer in terms of content well there are three official Maps the island the center and scorched earth now scorched earth is actually a twenty dollar DLC so I'm gonna leave this one out of the review is I'm focusing on the base game here there are also some modded maps they can download on the PC if you've got one of those but again focus on the base game the island and the center which are two dramatically different maps in the way that you play them for instance again on the center I talked about an example including this earlier metal spawns aren't really there a lot you're not going to find a lot of metal and as a result metal is traded for more you know it's a bit more of an incentive to get raided if you have a lot of metal seeing how hard it is to get people are gonna want to attack you and take it from you if you have a full metal base you're generally going to be a bit more of a powerful of a player

whereas if you look again on the island where metal is in relative abundance it's not going to be traded for as much you're not going to be rated just because you have metal because there's a lot of it and people with metal bases generally aren't that unique because again it's really easy to get and things like that differences in between resources as well as geographic

diversity are the biggest contrast between the maps that you'll play and it's really a fun experience after you play a little bit on the island and eventually maybe your tribe gets wiped or defeated in the battle or you feel like you've generally conquered it you can hop onto the center map which really is an experience in its own right and it's something different and that's what keeps you playing the game as a whole art is a game that offers some of the most enjoyable gameplay that you will ever experience however consistent performance bugs and the resulting visual issues limited from achieving absolute perfection

altogether I would give Ark and eight the game point is very strong and enjoyable.