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Assassin's Creed 1 Full PC Game Download - Torrent

Assassin's Creed 1 Full PC Game Download - Torrent

Assassin's Creed 1 Full PC Game Download - Torrent

Assassin's Creed 1 Full PC Game Download - Torrent

Assassin's creed is one of the biggest video game franchises

out there and while everybody's eagerly anticipating valhalla

i realized that i have not kept up with the series over the years

and seeing as all the games have been on sale very cheaply recently on pc i decided to

go back and fill some of the holes in my collection and try to play through the games in order starting with assassin's creed 1. is assassin's creed 1 still worth playing

over 12 years after it came out how was the pc version

and what's it all about i'm gonna try and answer all those questions in this review in assassin's creed you play as two characters really you play as desmond who is just this typical modern day bartender who gets basically abducted and

forced into this scientific experiment on the bright side you have kristen bell by your side anyway the scientists have figured out that

memories of past events are actually stored

and passed down through our dna so you're stuck sitting in this machine while these researchers try and pull information

out of your dna about your ancestor who is a 12th century assassin enter the main character altair he's a little bit headstrong he gets himself into some trouble

and he has to then redeem himself with his faction

and to do this you are tasked with assassinating nine different men to assassinate these men will result in saving many hundreds or thousands of innocent lives

so you are an altruistic assassin basically you're going to be exploring three different cities in the middle east you're going to start in damascus you're going to go to acre and jerusalem and each city is very large and expansive and you actually

are able to run about these cities climbing up great buildings doing all sorts of

hardcore parkour hardcore parkour going on side missions getting into tons of fights

and ultimately trying to locate and assassinate these nine important men to locate the men you'll have to do a series of side quests

and in order to find those side quests you have to explore the city and you have to

locate different vantage points so this means climbing up a tall buildings to get a good view of the area around you this will then open up new locations on your map with different objectives

these objectives may include eavesdropping on conversations to get information

or interrogating somebody or doing favors for other assassins who will then in turn give you

information and exchange really a whole variety of things you'll also come across

Assassin's Creed 1 Full PC Game Download - Torrent

citizens in peril who will be harassed by guards and things

and you can go save them by killing off all the guards who are

going to kill the innocent person and this will then reward you

with kind of street cred if you will you'll have

vigilantes come to your aid when they see you around when they see you getting attacked by guards

there are lots of side missions here but if you do at least three of the prominent ones

that will give you enough information to then locate your main target and this will be a little bit of a more challenging assassination than just killing one of the common guards on the street as you go on

you uncover more and more secrets about these people that you're

going up against and altair really starts to question

what links all of these people together what are their true motives why do they believe the things that they do because they all seem to be doing what they believe to be right i really enjoyed the parallel stories between 12th century altair and the assassins and kind of learning more about

the templars who are the enemies of the assassins

and then modern-day desmond too who are these people who

are holding him captive and why do they want information on the assassins what's going on as you progress through the game you uncover more and more information

in both timelines one thing i remember about this game from back in the day because i played this on that 360 way back when but i never finished the game i remember thinking that it was a little bit repetitive you're going on many of the same types of missions over and over again

throughout the course of the game but i didn't so much feel that way this time around

i felt really interested in the story and

in finding out what happened and really the core of the game

is very enjoyable in itself it's still really fun

running around rooftops in the city and fighting off guards and saving people in trouble

and and sneaking around and doing all these different sorts of things that you find yourself doing over and over again it's a really enjoyable experience even if it could be a little bit repetitive to me it stayed fun and interesting to the end

where i really got a lot of enjoyment out of the revelations of the story as well

of course this is helped along by the sound and the voice acting they have some great voice talent in the game of course i mentioned kristen bell earlier

the voice of desmond is played by nolan north who who plays

nathan drake in the uncharted games why is he always yelling at you it's his machine his theories he's not the one who built it

who did you no

abstergo has a team of engineers really a tremendous voice cast here in the game there are all kinds of other nice little touches as well if you're doing some sort of

high profile things you're you're going to hear people

get suspicious and say things like why is he doing that

just little things it adds a little bit of humor and just

reality as you would expect somebody to be a little bit

weirded out by some of your actions that brings me to another little aspect of the game that that was

really impressive and really stood out is that it makes you think about your actions

and you know the way you're behaving in public and who's seeing you and the game separates kind of high profile actions

versus low profile actions and of course you can

walk slowly walk in groups of people to stay

unnoticed but if you're running around and jumping around and climbing buildings and doing

just weird out of the ordinary stuff you're gonna gain

attention of people you don't want noticing you

at the same time you really have a lot of leeway you have a lot of freedom as to how you

choose to play do you want to sneak around and play it safe

or do you just want to run around and you want to engage in combat with every bad guy you see

it's totally up to you as i went on i got a little bit more comfortable with the combat

and i got a little bit more reckless you could say

and just say i can kill every guard in the city if i want to

you really have a lot of freedom though which is very cool the graphics for a 12 plus year old game they look pretty good

i will say that the close-ups of the characters faces can look a little bit scary

overall though the cities look great the environments look great and if you're not zooming in too close

to the character faces everything looks really good today

as for the length of the game you can probably breeze through it between 10 and 15 hours if you mostly stick to the story content but you can definitely prolong it if you choose to try and go on all those side missions and try and find all the collectible items and all that

you can definitely get a lot more time out of it as for me i did some of the side missions i always had a great time rescuing those citizens in peril especially i usually would try to do that

but as it went on i did more and more of the minimum to just try and progress the story i wanted to get through the end and see what happened

and then move on to assassin's creed 2.

i will tell you right now

there's a bit of a cliffhanger ending that'll leave you

definitely wanting to play assassin's creed 2. definitely an enjoyable experience

today i would say it surpassed my expectations because like i say i played it

more than a decade ago and i never finished it because i

got a little part of it or something i don't know i was definitely glad i revisited it

finished it and am now on this journey to play the rest of the assassin's creed games in order

one thing i didn't mention is that the pc version

is not the best it is not

optimized well for pc i was playing with an xbox controller

you're going to want to manually map all of the buttons and they don't make this all that easy it's a little bit confusing if you don't

first of all understand the mechanics of the game because you're just starting it you're not gonna know what all these different button things

actually mean and what is the best button scheme to use

the buttons are marked as like button zero button one button

two and i'm like what are these i don't know and furthermore

it doesn't seem to recognize left and right triggers

i had to get a little bit creative here the d-pad is marked as

hat buttons so just some annoyances there but

i ultimately came up with a scheme that worked for me

exiting the game on pc is a pain as well you have to go through like five or six screens just to exit to windows it's annoying it's badly optimized for pc

but all that being said it's still a great game still very playable you just have to

work around a few annoyances if you still have a 360 or ps3 lying around you might want to

pick it up on one of those consoles but either way

it was a very enjoyable experience i'm glad i did it and i'd highly recommend it to you too especially if you can get it on sale i know

all the assassin's creed games have been on sale recently on

you play on steam on humble bundle go check it out just find the best price i think you'll enjoy yourself definitely a good starting place in the series i will get around to reviewing the other games as i

can anyways i hope you enjoyed this video hope it was

helpful or informative enjoyable something like that

if it was i hope you'll hit that subscribe button and give it a like leave me a comment let me know what you think

because i desperately need validation sometimes

anyways thanks so much you have a great the day I will see you next time.