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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Full PC Game Download

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Full PC Game Download

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Full PC Game Download

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Full PC Game Download

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: Intel or AMD Dual Core CPU
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA or AMD Card with 256 MB VRAM
Storage: 5 GB available space

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood has 
everything going against it it was developed in one year instead of two continues a game that was conclusive enough to not require another sequel and only takes place in the city of Rome as opposed to the multiple cities in its predecessors is that a rushed solas cash grab or is it a genuinely compelling experience the game starts with ezio auditore trying to uncover the secrets of the apple of eden and Vatican but before being able to sell down to make his discoveries his villa is attacked and conquered and he is forced to leave it swearing vengeance upon the attacking borja the game's story is the easiest to following the entire series not only is it co still a charmer but the events taking place are genuinely memorable from finding out who is betraying the Brotherhood to participating in a decadent banquet it's impossible to completely forget the story given all the cool stuff that happens in it unfortunately the present timeline which contextualizes wire in Renaissance Italy being awesome is somehow even more preposterous than in the last game frankly it's devolved into utter

nonsense but with the exception of the games beginning and ending its

thankfully ignora balazs always travel is exciting thanks to freeform movement but Brotherhood also brings localized fast travel which allows you to

instantly go from one corner of the map to the opposite side without having to walk off away given that the action takes place in Rome only you'll

appreciate the system secondary missions are actually tied into the main story this time and while they remain optional this contextualize ation makes them feel like important tasks rather than filler a standout among them is da Vinci's machines after all what's more awesome than driving a medieval tank all

missions also have secondary objectives that add a bit of welcome challenge to the mix even if these requirements can range from reasonable

to outright insane you are building a brotherhood and as such you must recruit certain citizens to join the fight this is done in the same way of saving innocence in the first game of the series ie by killing all the guards surrounding them and then talking to him or her the recruits can complete
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Full PC Game Download

contracts that earns them experience in upgrades and some money for you but you can also call them if you're in a tight spot or just can't be bothered to kill that one guard yourself the contract system is a bit primitive as all the assassins need is numbers and experience to complete an assignment but the anticipation of finding out how the job went is truly nerve-wracking to the point where it feels like a game in itself the series a weak point combat has finally been addressed instead of simply waiting for the right opportunity to counter each and every enemy now delivering a proper counter means that you can start an execution streak whereby enemies you target after a successful counter can be instantly killed but you have to counter any enemy that tries to hit you lest you want your spree to end but there are also some new toys to play with the pistol from the last game is back but now you also have a crossbow for enemies that are simply too far away combine that with the ability to call in fellow assassins at any time and the flexibility you are afforded means fights are always

exciting the city building has also been overhauled given that your villa is up in flames you decide to buy properties in Rome itself however since the borja owned it and don't feel too generous you must kill a captain and destroy the board jet our he guarded in order to clear the area of any borja influence in order to buy shots once bought these off for rent and to pick up the money you simply need to go to the nearest bank purchasing better armor and weapons is still an option but given the efforts necessary to buy the best ones at shops you're far better off simply doing the platforming focus side missions that offer the best armor and weapons there is also a cat and mouse style

multiplayer available but unfortunately next to no one is playing it fine server with enough players is truly a miracle which is a shame since it's a lot of fun there is little as satisfying as taking out another assassin then slipping in the crowd or fooling another player into taking out a civilian that looks just like you the perks you unlock like disguising yourself make things even better but again the lack of players means you might not even get to experience the pleasure visually the game is a feast for the senses it looks amazing and run silky smooth Vulpin is still somewhat present sound too is great particularly the music but most importantly assassin's creed brotherhood specie version finally features correct key prompts it's a small detail but it demonstrates that Ubisoft can listen and make good assassin's creed brotherhood is a triumph unlike any other yes the present timeline is still pure silliness but everything else is simply awesome even with the multiplayer currently on life support the single-player will still provide dozens of hours of

entertainment even if you're not that interested in the series it won't hurt to at least check brotherhood out.