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Assassin's Creed Liberation HD - Full PC Game Download

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD - Full PC Game Download

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD - Full PC Game Download

Assassin's Creed Liberation HD - Full PC Game Download

Hi everyone this is Afaq from Sciencetechhealth gaming - today I bring you the Assassin's Creed liberation a remake of an offshoot Assassin's Creed game this was born on the Vita and is now legal on the next-gen systems and PC let's see if the unique character and weapons change up makes this game like tank girl which is a cult classic with an eye towards subtle imagery or if it makes it like the new Wonder Woman movie that we all hope doesn't ever get made because it'll just plain fucking suck up first is graphics Assassin's Creed Black Flag really raised the bar in the graphics department and even though I noticed

Ubisoft was smart enough to put the letters HD in the title so that no one made a mistake that this was an actual sequel or should be held up to the same standards the fact remains that this comes after Black Flag and like it or not it's going to be rated against it somewhat when I turned the game on I found myself pleasantly surprised it wasn't the same thing as the time I found out my girlfriend wasn't a man but it was enough to make me feel like we were headed in the right direction the texture work seemed adequate too great everything looked in place and god damned if the guys do be soft finally went to an OP trician to find out why they had been color blind up until this point they say that we overlooked the faults of those we fall in love with and only notice them later it took

approximately 11 minutes for me to start noticing the queer way in which the game handles everything drying at times was atrocious with Lego style building blocks slowly fading into complex festoon colorful areas that would have been really impressive if I hadn't noticed them draw in 10 feet from my face like God was slow that day

characters faces and bodies look fairly good but the textures for some areas apparently got passed up a grade simply because no one wanted to point out just how bad they were blurred slick-looking surfaces with almost no detail pop up like a game of notice something terrible whack Amole at least the game ran at a fair clip with no real drops and framerate or anything like that but even a guy on a unicycle can probably carry ten pounds extra before his balls start to ache it's not like the graphics engine is really being pushed that far sound music and voice well the AC games have never really been a slouch in these departments and long story short the sound is all the mixings you'd expect with the clash of steel sword sounding exactly like what you would want or expect as well as the occasional gunshot ringing off whenever one of the enemies decided to shoot a dog because they had no souls and the music was good but there did indeed seem to be far less of the game is shorter so maybe that's why but I did notice that there weren't as many sweeping orchestral pieces that I'm accustomed to and with black flags amazing sea chanteys still reminding me of bone riddling scurvy this was fairly short from the mark of the games that have come before it
Assassin's Creed Liberation HD - Full PC Game Download

voices were good movie soft nose oh shit this is one of the places the ec games always seem to shine and it's most likely because it would be soft is such a massive multicultural company that they can get actual native tongue speakers in their games which is great and really lends to a sense of

atmosphere however there were a couple of times where things just seemed a bit odd

some random NPCs and other smaller bit characters didn't have the same

attention to detail that I expected still overall it was fine storing gameplay and AC Creed liberation you play a Volyn d something-something the first female protagonist in the game and a fairly cool and interesting character to say the least in a somewhat

interesting tale that tries to explore heavy elements like slavery and women's rights

I say tries to because you sure get the feeling that this is what they wanted to do if you remove the scene of John McClane landing and meeting his wife in the first die hard the movie would basically be about a random cop that went into a homicidal rampage and killed all the guards during a Christmas party just because he was looking for the first pair of hitting shoes that's the way the story is delivered in liberation and bounces around from bit to bit with the carefree attitude of children stomping on bugs one plot point down stomp another one down stomp another one down stomp all the while not giving a hairy shit about the devastation left behind halfway through the game I totally gave up and ever understanding why the protagonist was ultimately the way she was because Ubisoft made it fairly clear they just weren't gonna fucking enlighten me

now when it comes to gameplay the gameplay is indeed standard fare and I admit that it carries its heritage from a handheld system into the more powerful environment well at times it does move the story on a bit quicker it is also a bit more condensed and I'm totally okay with that it introduces a new very interesting weapon if only to completely negate its usefulness by making it only really work like 25% of the time taking back almost all your candy after handing you a bucket the developers seemed dead set on comparisons to US government officials when dealing with American natives during the trip west god damned if I wasn't pissed at all times I couldn't use a particular thing when it made sense that sort of goes throughout the game

the game still has a good deal of side missions though those are usually truncated like all the developers had a bad accident 80% of the way through creating the site content the bosses just shrugged and said it's good enough for us in French accents also combat is completely intact that was the one thing that the developers kept in and didn't really touch one thing I did love well actually liked it and disliked it was the way your protagonist could dress up in different clothes and perform certain actions that sounds hot and dirty and in a way it is if you have assassins garb on you can do different things then if you have the slave garb on or lady clothing options which sounds insanely cool however some dumb design decisions neuters the coolness fairly quickly by either forcing you to use one outfit for a mission with no flexibility or the insanely stupid idea of removing large swathes of actions depending on the garb you're wearing I get that a slave may not walk into a house party all sub bitches let's fucking do this but removing the ability to fucking jump while wearing one of the outfits is next level stupid this is the kind of thing that somehow gets some robes on

submarines the AI in the game is a bit like a bit to our program always watching always talking to others around it to get the best speed and strategy and then occasionally just losing its fucking mind and forgetting where it is and that it was installed in the first place enemies find you and attack with grace then turn around and wander into walls as if someone effectively

unplugged their little digital minds from their heads it's the equivalent of a co-worker after making a trip to Colorado to celebrate pop being

legalized that makes sense then they don't so when you get with Assassin's Creed liberation you get 10 to 12 hours of constant up and down we reach good decision in the development of the game is then brought back down to earth like seeing a British fashion model smile you get some new stuff to fool around with and a couple new systems to play with but during the game you will spend much of your time not asking what you can do with them but why the fuck you can't do something totally expected with them I write games on a by weight for sale rent or don't touch don't talk about it don't even think about it radiant scale this is a wait for a sale if you get past the Jeremy Clarkson AI if you get past the haphazard story and if you get past the neener neener style of overall game design you have 10 to 12 hours of AC Creed fund where the combat and stealth still works well and the new systems will at least allow you to get an idea of what is in store for the future great but you won't get syphilis from it and you might enjoy it a bit thanks for listening if you liked the video hit like if you disliked it dislike if you have a comment throw it in here and if you have a question do the same and spreading the word is never

underappreciated I'm not saying all I answer those but most like love you're rolling around in nicotine patches with no shirt on I might actually get to them someday peace out bitches.