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Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Full PC Game Download Torrent

OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5 2400 @3.1 GHz or AMD FX 6300 @3.8 GHz – Ryzen 3 – 1200
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA or AMD Card with 2 GB VRAM
Storage: 63 GB available space

we're here with yet another episode of before you buy that sure we'll give you some straight-up gameplay and our first impressions of the latest games

releasing as usual it's me Jacob L Dino and today we're talking about Assassin's Creed Odyssey this is a massive game man it's off the tail of Assassin's Creed origins which for context as much as it was very different I liked it and I grew to enjoy it even more after I finished it

long story short though this is more AC origins but it is hugely overwhelming and feels even more like this like full bodied RPG to really sink your teeth into for hours and hours and hours it doesn't fix many of the issues I had with the previous game but it gives you a gorgeous new world to explore things to grind towards and people to kill I'll get to that let's start off with this story a very different one here the current time period animus stuff starts off extremely light and its really only there for you if you really want to pursue it more this is the lightest that has been an assassin's Creed game definitely and I don't know people go both ways on this i like the current day stuff i want more of that and i'm getting less and less of it but i feel like i'm a dying breed of that type of fan this game is all about the past deep into bc territory in ancient greece you choose between Cassandra and Alexios they're mostly interchangeable

characters except for a few little tweaks here and there but honestly I went with Cassandra because I couldn't stand

Alexios his awful sounding voice acting I heard it during a twitch stream and I was like no her voice is a little corny too but not as bad just a personal preference thing I don't know regardless of who you choose you are a Spartan descendent of Leonidas who lives as an outcast mercenary just trying to make a buck until of course you're thrust into a way bigger adventure in a big world it is a pretty slow start even once you get past the roughly three-hour opening before the credits and it takes a while even after that before you really get to your core mission partly because the game is really lengthy but also because you're out in a big world with tons of things to do and get distracted by now origins previously tried to replicate the compelling interesting and unique side quests of The Witcher 3

and honestly goes all-in on that coming even closer to it your interest will be piqued for quite a long time and see because there are just so many

interesting diversions out there there are still of course like you know cookie cutter things but there are a lot more interesting side stories and character quests that seem like they're worth checking out some even tie into the overall narrative to which I appreciate but even when they don't you just get to meet interesting characters in weird scenarios and the game seems to do a good job of thinking outside the box for some of this stuff now it does feel a bit more like a traditional Western RPG at times like witch or Skyrim when you're roaming through the woods on horseback

some deers run by a morning fog is rolling in and you'll find a secret cave with treasure
Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Full PC Game Download Torrent

yeah the vibe and atmosphere hits just right and it feels like a completely different game not an assassin's Creed game I like those moments a lot just because they surprised me I did not expect that going into this granted most of the time you're still hiding in bushes and stabbing dudes and picking out outposts and climbing things so I really hope you're not sick of that because there is a lot of that and tons of things to grind for in this game if you thought origins colored loot system was big this is next-level stuff you are constantly bombarded with new and unique items with different looks and stats and you can even always hang on to those older ones by upgrading them and engraving them at a blacksmith it feels like I'm never getting used to one equipment set because I always get a new one every 20 minutes but I still really like being able to invest money and resources into older weapons to make them better and keep them for longer it's actually a surprisingly addictive gameplay system for me now first hunting does feel like it's a lower priority than in previous games but it's just integrated slightly differently there are still plenty of animals to kill and places to raid and treasures to discover all for your benefit and the game does a good job of keeping you just like I said consistently grinding the game does feel a little bit too grindy at times but it's different for everyone some people hear that and they think that's great other folks not so much I'll leave it at that it does get better as it goes Oh overall and you're looking at like 30 plus hours easily in this world speaking of the world though like I said it's massive something about at this time with added verticality makes it feel absolutely insane another key strengths though of these new Assassin's Creed games is the environmental variety here you get tropical islands hotter climates then grasslands and chilly fall mountains and a few other things in between what I also really like though is that you get cultural differences exploring is even more fun because you come across completely different types of people buildings and systems it's just impressive to say the least you see a lot because not only do you wander on horseback but you're also sailing the open seas the game is really that big naval combat is somewhat similar to a sea rogue and black flag which I said I'm hard fan of those games I really appreciated I immediately felt like I was coming home after spending hundreds of hours in those games

it controls similarly but it is

simplifying a little bit you also don't have complete freedom to stop and jump out wherever all of the time the whole boat thing is a good mechanic where I guess for everything else comes with some compromises that had to be made but of course you're really just killing them dudes and I haven't even brought that up yet the combat is still like 60 70 percent the same here and I'm still not crazy about the loose feel and further around camera angle it's still just not quite my thing weapon types all feel and play differently but I'm still not a hundred percent on it I appreciate when it's challenging though because it does get there and I do like that what I don't like is the new emphasis on parries this is a personal preference of course but I'm not a fan of the slamming of the to trigger buttons to do a parry move that has a surprisingly lengthy window I say that but on the flip side the actual button press doesn't really feel that good there's like a slight milliseconds delay that makes it feel a tad bit off and you have to get used to it that's fine but like it didn't feel like something I needed to get good at it just feels like something where I personally just didn't jive with a design choice it just feels kind of lower quality and I wasn't into it it's not completely different than how it worked in origins but I just prefer the way it felt in origins that's the downside really what I do like are the added moves and abilities there is still like a three style skill tree to dump skill points into but they unlock complete mapable abilities that are kind of awesome some make the game feel way more arcade style and kind of

unrealistic but I don't really care you get over it there's a move to send like a charge arrow shot or a three arrow shot an awesomely satisfying Spartan kick

there's a - and almost kind of like throw teleport things similar to shadow of war and a bunch more as much

I'm still not 100% into the combat these abilities really do make like a hell of a difference it just feels like there's just more to all of it that's really the main theme of Odyssey though more of everything the game feels unfocused at first and it frustrated me but trust me it picks up and remains fairly

consistently fun especially once you realize the decisions you make in conversation and dialogue actually change things in the world in store it's not always huge but the game actually makes good on some decisions in ways I wasn't expecting so many games throw around choice and consequences but not all of them actually make good on it it's not a game changer or anything maybe my expectations were low but I enjoyed seeing some little changes here and there props to them for that I mean graphics wise it looks great characters are detailed the open seas look gorgeous and the sunsets are almost as good as the witcher's which are my personal favorites I got my hands on the Xbox one X version and considering origins got a nice treatment with that version I really found honestly to be pretty rough in the framerate department at times it's never really consistent and it was sad to see not game breaking

deal-breaker territory but still I hope it gets cleared up in like a patch or something basically if you liked origins you'll find more to like here if you've never played one of these games or if you haven't played one in a very long time

this is a pretty great fairly standalone adventure to jump into it's just like a big old action adventure RPG it has its issues but it makes up for that in its charm and its massive size it's really just an impressive feat worth witnessing but I'm also just fascinated by a game design that's just me if you're not into Assassin's Creed games I think you'll still not be into Assassin's Creed games but I like them I have my personal problems with them but I play them all and I think Odyssey is a good one but that is of course a before you buy you know how it goes down by now I give you some pros and cons and some personal opinion and now we definitely want to hear yours maybe you bought the special edition that gives you earlier access to the game maybe you're waiting for Friday for the full release or maybe you're not even playing it at all

whoever you are I definitely still want to hear from you down in the comments what you think about this one do you think the game is forgetting its roots do you think it's becoming too different do you think it's having an identity crisis or are you just absolutely loving it or are you somewhere in between let's talk about this I'll be down in the comments but you can also find me on Twitter Facebook and Instagram

and Shake Valentino as well as the official game ranks discord discord GG / game rings but as always if you liked this video and learned a thing or two clicking the like button helps us out a ton and we really appreciate it.