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Assassin's Creed Origins Full PC Game Download - Torrent

Assassin's Creed Origins Full PC Game Download - Torrent

Assassin's Creed Origins Full PC Game Download - Torrent

OS: Windows 7/8/10 64-bit
Processor: Intel Core i5-2500 @2.5 GHz or AMD FX-6350 @3.9 GHz
Memory: 6GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA | AMD Card 2 GB VRAM
Storage: 57 GB

it's up everybody this is Carrick with AC gene as always it's my continuing mission to bring you reviews that aren't two minutes long or filled with

sponsored bullcrap what's had more chances than Social Security more collectibles than Nicolas Cage that's right it's assassin's creed that venerable series of assassin versus templar titles that has brought us more than ten games it might as well be Madden catch the ball or get shivved edition by now let's see if origins tells the tale of the creation of the two orders well or if it's just Dumb and Dumber the game as always you liked the video maybe subscribe so here's my review for Assassin's Creed origins the birth of Chuck Norris Prince of Persia 8 the Egyptian mean and the excellence of higher bow hyenas graphics are at first really regardless if you're on your ps4 the PC or the Xbox one the attention to complexity and origins is actually hard to miss and even harder to come to grips with it first when most folks think of a game set in the Middle East they think of pyramids maybe riding on the head of a sphinx and then that's about it but Ubisoft's attention to detail and making a breathtaking and truly massive world is one of the highlights of this title from shifting dunes with sand whipping across to the occasional seagoing battles with this translucence of thin green light that passes through the tops of the waves

origins is a looker it's not only the fact that it offers this massive land to traverse it's in the define differences of their locations and how they meld into one overall for example some of the deserts are so long that you can end up having hallucinations if you stay in the Sun for too long and you might go from there and enter a thick Oasis and it's buildings and inhabitants reflecting that higher quality of life through cultivated herds of animals and masses of small fishing vessels and spots near the tributary or the lake and while Assassin's Creed's always been about the vertical it's softer use on origins works wonders where there are some massively tall buildings and not a small number of historical monuments to climb it's how they all fit together that works so well here this is a land that is far more seamless than most that have come before it in the series and you can find yourself traversing massive fields climb in a guard tower skirting along its edge and then climb in a massive sheer face up onto the enemy's

stronghold and then finding yourself dropping into a lush courtyard all in the same minute and while this is done in some past titles at least to some point the complexity in just overall level of detail in what's going on in origins is so dramatically increased that it

time's it seems like it might be the first time you've done it now jump into animation for a second much has been said about the new fighting system and I will get to it more in the gameplay but I do have to say that parry blocking dodging and so forth have a speed to them that's never really existed in the Assassin's Creed titles and the

animation of the lead character lends a weight and feel to the game that works incredibly well even at that increased speed each weapon has its own unique feel and weight to them as well from the quick twitch multi era shooting bows to the bigger predator bows with longer pull back in an almost grunting

straight-up kind of effort from the character's physique and there's all these little elements like how arrows move more and more in the quiver as their numbers dwindle or the particulate of sand that not only spills around a horse's legs as you go across the desert but it actually does so according to the anatomy coming off at an angle and filtering around the fore leg in the knee also Bravo to Ubisoft for an insane draw distance on many of the items and an improved overall graphics model which it doesn't destroy pop in but it does stop a good deal of that flickering that we see in some games when moving slowly where rough calculations cause shadows to flicker even sometimes if you were stopped that ugly look is almost gone here now popping itself still does happen especially when you ride super faster sprint through some of the more incredibly lush areas this is something different this is just that shadow flicker that would occur when you were looking at something far away sadly that does not mean everything is perfect here the game does drop frames from time to time and well not egregious while sprinting into an incredibly dense area you can sometimes feel the groan of the systems as trying to draw 45 hyenas 18 buildings 200 NPCs an assassin who had one bad thing happened to him so they decided to absolutely crater the entire land in a search for vengeance

supposedly another patch is planned for just after launch that might clean this up a bit it never really detracts from the gameplay but occasionally it occurs and it's certainly noticeable when it comes to true performance the ps4 Pro at 1080p seems to take the cake with very few FPS drops and that's mimicked across the ps4 normal at 4k checkerboard on the pro it stays firm but it does have a couple drops from time to time

especially when lie in the bird around now the PC version should be doable at 1080p 60fps if you have a current or last generation processor and at least a 10

seventy one thing to remember is that Ubisoft does plan ahead for a lot of their graphical effects so you probably won't be able to set things at uber level as a package I really liked origins even better than the cluttered world of syndicate you guys know how much I like that it makes the wide open areas of Assassin's Creed 3 sort of appear like nothing more than a boring simulator now it's not gonna be for everyone but its diverse locations and just incredible swath of different areas to engage in really made the world interesting to me and I loved some of the improvements on animations and different characters as well sound music and voice all in there they are I guess you can copy this then too late don't want it go ahead take it

no well done my friend
Assassin's Creed Origins Full PC Game Download - Torrent

our hero returns in brought joy to Siva I should get to Alexandria

I need to see aya don't be in too much of a hurry humor will always need its magic

and of course let's do sound first this is excellent and it's not just that whip and a 45 pound hammer into someone's skull sounds like an audio engineer had a field day and someone's pumpkin patch its channel separation that is

incredibly wide and mixed with options for low and high dynamic sound

production and you really do have this interesting an incredibly useful soundscape I can't count the times I came into a swampy area and heard the far-off splashes of hippos tear-assing through the local villagers prompted me to run and save them or the scuffle of feet of an enemy as he tried to get behind me in an attack in an enclosed area the number of times the audio actually saved me in Origins was incredibly high especially the way the new battle system worked and the new lethality there the sound definitely helped and of course that brings us to voice Bravo to Ubisoft for at least for the most part trying to give the flavour of accent to their characters finally you know how it is past games it wasn't surprising to find some character deep from South America sounding like he came from London or Middle Eastern Lords getting hot and heavy in a cutscene as they prep to kill someone and sounding far more like a bad guy from a Star Wars movie here in origins many of the locals and your character and those that you meet all have accents that at least come far closer to resembling those that you would find in the area and it does a tremendous job solidifying the location in your ear then say some titles prior one thing I did notice is that the writing continues to be are more modern than it actually feels like it should be and yes I get it you don't want gamers to play through an entire adventure like they were reading 1001 nights but seeing odd slang become the norm is just weird and hearing some character say was creeped out just seemed like it didn't fit it's a small quibble but it was noticeable for me and of course that brings us to music what can I say when it plays it's absolutely excellent has a wide variety of native tones and instruments and you get a soundtrack that sounds Aero appropriate but also subtly different and the fade in system here whether it be a bit of lonely strings as you flit from Bush to Bush on your Trek to single-handedly remove all life from a local area or if you're just riding your horse along the dunes and find a small outpost and horns creep up on you as you discover it's not just an outpost but some massive enemy

stronghold it's

unstuff I love how they also mend in current day sounds and synths layered on top of those moments in the game offering an interesting feel of past and present coming together it also gets out of the way very often in fact to me maybe too often depending on how you explore there can be long periods of time where there just isn't that much music and it's just the lonely you in the landscape and not really any accompanying music until maybe a stinger comes up because a hyena pack found you or a garden a tower caught your movement now I love systems and music that does this but at times it actually felt a bit less interesting as a trip overall I would say good music with a couple quibbles here and there and of course that brings us to gameplay and a bit about the story you play mostly as the Magi Bay ACK and the game wastes no time literally throwing you into a story as he seeks vengeance for a Sun death and then promptly loses its mind loosely based around finding those responsible this is the first AC game since Ubisoft announced that they were gonna try to focus more on the player as the story crater and not the story in the game itself and I can say that seems like a wicked understatement you'd have a better chance of sitting down with an abacus and suddenly understanding Jacobson's conjecture than what's going on here at some point I'm pretty sure it involved a celestial ovary in the bad guys from The Lion King but that might have just been the 17 epi pens I freebase whenever cutscene boringly started they act just isn't that interesting as a character nor is his motivation and their attempt at a couple twists both mid-game and nearing the end didn't actually do it for me well the very ending made me go hmm most of the time I was just saying okay now as Bay ik it's your job to burn bash blood and cut clubs slash slice skewer punch and pierce enemies until they're dead in the time hotter and fashion of sneaking behind them and introducing their sweetmeats to the open air now as you level up you gain ability points that can be used in the skill trees for hunter warrior or seer with hunter and where you're having the typical ranged in tank style skills that are useful like shooting or holding more arrows leaping off buildings enabled a

slow-motion or range shot or even have more attacks in a combo or special shield braking maneuvers when battling some of the big in heavies and those are all like I said useful as you climb up the wrong a dead bodies you leave behind you like a damned pyramid making ramp the last in to me the most interesting is seer now this is sort of a mix with my favorite the ability to tame animals and have them fight by your side you can also turn enemies against themselves with a mysterious concoction I can only assume as one part

assaults one part meth and my favorite the ability to buy war chariots because as we all know to horses pulling a battering ram made a wooden steel is just screaming stealth but sometimes you got to go loud and that brings us to battle and the much-coveted improvements and there are some first I have to say the speed is increased and as a whole you just feel overall faster and smoother with the ability to dodge three times around the battlefield before needing a moment for that to refresh and I like it dashes can be combined with attack buttons to do an assortment of moves and of course you can buy skills like parry which leaves enemies open for attacks or just whittle away at them with strikes or perhaps use your adrenaline based moves which are based on the weapon type and do various things depending on that weapon type like make you move and dodge even faster hit harder become somewhat immune to incoming damage for a second so forth now battles sort of the lock-on and circle around kind of battle systems we've seen before you can use keys to switch to different enemies or the right thumbstick if you're using a controller also let's be honest Assassin's Creed games have always had an issue where somehow the bad guys always hire the most cowardly dudes who spend more time crapping themselves silly and tell there's an opening leaving this odd pace to combat where five guys would come into battle and each would attack separately like a Mortal Kombat

leaderboard and you're gonna find yourself being attacked from two to three different directions from

different enemies all the time here it is the new norm now you'll walk on you perform your moves and of course you hope to kill the enemy you build that adrenal meter which then works for any weapon that you have so that means that you can actually build it with your sword and switch out to the mace and use that special power with the mace which actually really liked as an option sadly despite all those things it never comes together it goes from fun to infuriating back to fun again so often that it's crazy the battle systems just too loose and well it does open up combat it also shows you a number of its weaknesses for example everyone can dodge including enemies but it seems like you're the only one who has a set number of times you can do it before there's a weird hesitation as you sort of rebuild that meter with enemies from hyenas to hysterical best friends and fisticuff battles dodging hundreds of times resulting in this odd chasing way of playing the game and switching from photo to photo foe is never as seamless as it actually says it's gonna be it's based on position and not range which would be okay if it didn't then suddenly seem to be about range and not position switching enemies was

a crapshoot also the enemies now will chase you for goddamned ever no kidding forever seriously forever see a bandit in the desert and they they can chase you halfway across the desert and into the next town now that's not so bad with bandits but when it turns out to be the militia they have a tendency to draw other militia with them and you're running through a city chased by 12 enemies all somehow endowed with the ability to see through walls and that can also be a bit frustrating I also loved their increased range of

perception on all difficulties by the way these guys are highly-trained eagle-eyed killers and if you come out of a bush to aim a bow and you're anywhere in forward line-of-sight from them expect them to see you instantly but let's be honest if an armored head and torso just magically popped out of a huckleberry bush you probably notice it anyway I would say this I really enjoyed the new fighting system at times Intel I didn't now of course it's time to talk about collectables and there are almost none that's right there are almost no collectibles there are craftable 's but the side missions that most Ubisoft games seems so enamored with its borderline stalkerish are actually noticeably absent that means no flying shanties are strangely placed feathers instead almost everything you do is connected to a quest and while some of those will have you gathering items make no mistake the majority have some kind of quest element to them at their target like saving folk some alligator attacks rescuing kidnap villagers and more side quests unlock both via a secretive group that gives you a spot in a local town and unlocks some of them as well as resident ones that pop up is you travel around all with a verbal component like he's dropping in on conversations it's actually a good improvement while the map miss is not wholly removed from origins it's actually a good sight less than the prior games one place you do see repetition is where you find tombs now there are a ton of these and you go inside and you find that it's got a couple treasures inside that you seem to always need to find and you need to work your way through that tomb and the same thing can happen in many of the

different enemy strongholds so what's replaced it well

crafting but crafting was already in some of these games it's the same here you find some animals or send your bird out to mark an animal and it allows you to hunt down the creatures and kill them to craft things like aero and upgrade your items you can also break down any of the loot you find into various elements as well which runs from swords to two-handed swords blunt in a series of bow types one thing that I absolutely liked is a system

for you to not really worry about the clothing you're wearing as the

breastplate and it's level as well as your shield actually adjust your armor and those are upgraded using crafting so if you want to just run around wearing a bath towel you can go for it that is actually carried into the weapons system as well every weapon can be upgraded to your current level or you can just find and buy new ones so if you like a particular one you can upgrade it as you level up as well though it is pretty costly now when it comes to game size and length the game is stunningly huge as a location and the appearance of one huge land is magnified by the excellent work I already talked about between the locations and how it smoothly

transitions from place to place to place however if you're just in it for the story the game is actually not

incredibly long it's sort of like syndicate there's an absolute boatload of things to do but the main story is just a little over 20 hours doing every side mission is gonna easily double that though especially if you don't

synchronize or used fast travel now lastly there are some minigames there's a naval component but it's not as in-depth as Black Flag and there's another minigame which is chariot racing which is basically faster than the fragile six without Vin Diesel mumbling it's all about family

imagine racing around dirt filled tracks with four scared horses pulling chariots with the structural capacity of a Faberge egg that's about what you have it can be fun if you like that kind of thing or not

if you don't and that's the thing about origins there's a lot of give-and-take here and a lot of changes but one thing absolutely hampered my enjoyment it's the repetition now it's not based on the collectables but it's continued on the Club Med like enemies the settlements and the guard houses that positively choke the environment with each offering a kill the captain and find some treasure kind of shakedown list and it continues over and over and over lastly bugs yeah the game has them is it unity no no games unity the only game that would come close to being unity is a game that was created just for bugginess but you will see a huge number of oddities like path a nod collision detection and a number of animation blending errors for example I had one air that required me to leave the game and reload because my assassin the killer killer stalker the knight couldn't get off the friggin buildings edge it just kept smashing his shins like he was atoning for all the killing and of course that brings us to fun factor this one's a bit different I love the deeper emphasis on travel I love the number of quests and the open-ended feel of the game at the same time for many of us story does matter at least a

little bit and I can't help but feel that the story is easily the weakest here of any AC game prior almost nonsensical and when you get to the end game there's a couple moments where I'm sure some people are just gonna be like um I'm sorry what

also the combat even fully loaded with most of the skills it never felt as fluid as I think Ubisoft wanted it to using stealth to level the playing fields vital and with some of the skills allowing you to see enemy paths and so forth it can mitigate that weirdness to a particular level but the hyper aggressive bad guy is mixed with just the way the game works

overall I don't think a ton of people are gonna really enjoy this change without a couple patches to fix some of that now this game also has the

microtransactions that we've expected since Black Flag and has been in all of them which are the typical

microtransactions that do speed up for people who maybe don't have the time others do.