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Assassin's Creed Revelations - Gold Edition PC Game Download

Assassin's Creed Revelations - Gold Edition PC Game Download

Assassin's Creed Revelations - Gold Edition PC Game Download

Assassin's Creed Revelations - Gold Edition PC Game Download

You know that a series has gotten huge when there start to be a smaller series inside of the larger one like the Captain America trilogy in the MCU or the many thousands of Mario sports spin-offs or in this case the Ezio trilogy that sits nestled in between Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed 3 the protagonist from the second
Assassin's Creed game Ezio Auditore was so dope that he got two more games before the series moved on to the next number creating a neat little trilogy packaged with in the hundreds and hundreds of Assassin's Creed games that exist but the third Ezio game Assassin's Creed Revelations is the end of his trilogy and it's at its best when it feels conclusive so let's take another stab filled journey back in time and complete Assassin's Creed Revelations.

hey everyone and welcome to an all-new episode of the completionist where we don't just beat the games we complete them now I know there are a seemingly endless number of games in the Assassin's Creed franchise and that the last few installments have been a major shake-up to the whole formula but it's interesting to look back at the earlier games and see the little ways that they tried to differentiate themselves within the set structure and style of the series but people we latched on to one specific character and that my friends is Ezio they loved him so much.

They made him 3-game through the content now I'll be honest with you that I'm a little worried about this game getting lost in the sea of Assassin's Creed games or that there won't be anything interesting or unique enough for me to latch on to especially since I've played so many of the installments after and before this well revelations feel like an essential part of the big picture or is just one small stepping stone for Ubisoft quest for world domination honestly I have no idea but even the worst of these games is super playable so I'd be lying to say that I wasn't looking forward to this trip at least one time through the Assassin's Creed series is hugely influential and while that all started with Alta air in the original game it was Assassin's Creed 2 that really took the series to the next level fans connected with the character of Ezio and the sequels streamlined a lot of the game's ideas while also adding a bunch of cool new weapons and abilities Assassin's Creed Brotherhood then moved that story forward but as the last installment in the trilogy.

Assassin's Creed Revelations has a truly weird place in the larger picture it's the end of something but also just another stepping stone before the series jumps to a new time period and while it was immediately apparent that a huge part of the appeal of these games was going to be getting to experience new time periods Ubisoft couldn't resist continuing Ezio story with two

follow-ups before eventually jumping to the confusingly titled Assassin's Creed 3 although the naming conventions for the series would continue to be only slightly less weird than the ones for The Fast and the Furious films it kind of felt like they were stalling before moving the series forward but taken as their own trilogy and removed from the context of the rest the series the ezio games tell a really great character-driven story and it's awesome to play as a character throughout the span of his life and watch him aged across several games,

They're even bundled together in the Ezio collection on PlayStation 4 which is how I'll be playing it Assassin's Creed Revelations picks up where the previous game Brotherhood left off with Ezio and Alta Aires present-day ancestor Desmond trapped in a coma this means he has to use the animus which is the creepy sci-fi device used in all the games to help Desmond access his ancestors memories and put his broken brain back together he also needs to collect new memories of all tierre tying the first game into the Ezio adventures in the NCO segments of the story are aging but still dashing Italian murder hero finds himself in Constantinople he also finds himself in some of all tires old stomping grounds like Messiah from the first game and then he you know assassinates people taking the action out of Italy is great and it helps Revelations stand out because all tires there it feels like a very special crossover episode and would be a very neat way to wrap things up except of course that there are going to be 300 more games after this Assassin's Creed Revelations doesn't try to reinvent the wheel or the hidden blade for that matter in fact it's the first game at this point in the series that doesn't feel like it's really bothering to contribute new ideas it's there to draw on what's come before and so Ezio altai air and even Desmond do the things that they've been so great at doing up to this point stab people climb buildings collect treasure and in the case of Desmond have some absolutely wild dreams the combat and parkour all feels pretty much exactly the same as it has before this if you're into the basic mechanics of the Assassin's Creed games they're all here you can slit throats from the shadows fight by countering enemy moves and dive into terrifyingly shallow bales of hay the only things that are really new are the den defenses after capturing territory from the evil Templars who are the villains and pretty much all of these games.

They'll send guys to capture them back you've got to defend your territory and what's basically a tower defense minigame but everything else is pretty typical Assassin's Creed Anakin's like many of the games in the Assassin's Creed series Revelations feels very much designed with completion in mind there are a jillion things to collect just like always and some cool hidden challenges to find but it should be just as doable as the others were and hopefully without the technical setbacks and glitches that I dealt with in the first one so if you allow me to return to my hastily formed fast and furious metaphor the first game is the fast and the furious it lays the ground rules it stars a bald guy who doesn't like talking that much etc assassin's creed 2 is too fast too furious to assassin's to creat if you will.
Assassin's Creed Revelations - Gold Edition PC Game Download

Brotherhood is Tokyo Drift because why not and revelations is the confusingly titled fast and furious which is somehow the fourth installment of that series Ben Diesel is back or in this case all Thai air and is mostly just there to wrap things up before the series tries to Rieman itself it's a perfect metaphor and I stand by it.

when you're putting out a new installment of a series every single year it's important to find something that makes each game feel fresh and stand out from the others but the transitional place that revelation holds in the series actually turns out to be its biggest weakness and its biggest strength now I love when games try something new but Assassin's Creed Revelations is consistently at its strongest when leaning into its place at the end of a trilogy and trusting itself to deliver a fun Assassin's Creed experience without being responsible for introducing a bunch of new idea.

It's the ending of something and it's at its best when it really feels that way this is clearest in the story which is honestly pretty dope playing us an older Ezio lends some extra weight to the proceedings because this guy has seen and done a lot in his life and killed just so many people while doing it but the Ezio and alte air segments of the game show a real respect for the past which is good for a series that's so focused on history although there are a million more lead assassin characters in this series now at the time of Revelations it was just the three SEO altai air and Desmond so it only makes sense that the story in this game is very much about bringing those three characters together to wrap up this stage of the story the only one of those characters that kind of falters with is Desmond because it's not an ending he's in the next game which means that his stuff feels the most in essential the way that his fragmented mind is visualized is very cool though with an island that he can use to access memories and you can do the five Desmond missions pretty much.

whenever you want though there is a recommended order these sequences are in first-person and use a mechanic that involves placing blocks you can walk on the same goes for the DLC The Lost Archive which is basically an additional desmond adventure it's kind of a neat puzzle mechanic but it feels weirdly out of place in the rest of the game it's a good idea that isn't committed to and further contributes to Desmond's bits feeling kind of like a filler to even unlock these missions though you have to collect animus fragments as Ezio but you only need about a third of them to get the Desmond sequences which is fine because I'm definitely gonna swipe all 100 of those bad boys the Assassin's Creed games have always involve the lots of collecting that does not change here but as with all the other games the map is hugely useful for letting you know where everything is and once you get fifty of the fragments the other fifty appear on your map which feels like a huge relief once.

it happens it makes the process easier as the game goes on as it should there are also books you can buy that eventually get you a trophy and memoir pages that unlock a secret tomb hiding a super dope set of armor there are dozens of weapons to be used throughout the game but many of them are disposable you do get some neat special ones like ulti air sword but honestly combat feels pretty similar no matter what you're using the combat and parkour feel basically like they do in the previous two games and you know what that's good the collecting feels basically the same - while the style eventually got stale to the point that Ubisoft would totally change it for the most recent games it wasn't there yet in Revelations and besides it's weird to go changing stuff in the last installment of a trilogy that consistency is where Assassin's Creed Revelations really shines the biggest new addition to the series is also probably the game's weakest element the den defenses Assassin's Creed Revelations feature something called the Mediterranean defense game where you can seize territory from the Templars and try to hold on to them you trained assassins and then send them on missions and it's a neat little distraction to the main attraction that are stabbing thousands of guards in the neck but sometimes the Templars try to get their territory back and then you have to defend it in what's basically a tower defense minigame and although I don't have anything against minigames I want them all to feel like a natural extension of the games world whereas this one just feels kind of generic and not Assassin's Creed II enough but fortunately.

 if you manage your territories you won't have to do these den defenses too often you have to do a couple for the sake of getting a trophy but not enough that it hugely detracts from the game still it kind of sticks out like a sore thumb because it's the biggest thing that's new and the weakest part of the game but once you get back to old fashioned assassin activities like sneaking through shadows and stabbing two dudes at the same time it all just feels right and once the story can really get to the business of resolving things for Ezio and Altair I was totally wrapped up in it it got me thinking about the games that belong to a long series like this one since all the Assassin's Creed games came out pretty cool together.

Iit's a series with a lot of history but not one that goes particularly far back so there's no real nostalgia to lean on and each game needs to strike a balance between innovation and giving the fans what they want when in Brotherhood and revelations came out back in the day I was actually a little bummed because I just wanted to be soft to hurry up and give me my new time periods it seemed like the whole point of the series was to drastically change up the setting each time but there's something to be said for what a

consistent product Ubisoft was putting out at the time diminishing returns hadn't quite set in yet and revelations puts less energy into driving the franchise forward and more into just being like a good video game and more than that a good resolution to the historical story had been telling and that's more important cuz like sure everyone loves the high-speed car heists of Fast Five or the inexplicably named the fate of the furious but some of us yearn for the days of simple movies about drag racing

a good assassin never leaves any loose ends the same is true of a good completionist in assassin's creed revelations is an extremely meticulous game it may not be the most fresh and exciting Assassin's Creed game but it's thoughtful and well made with tons of attention to detail there are four guilds with a series of challenges that require you to use your weapons and gadgets in a certain way

several of the trophies also require you to accomplish especially assassin desk feats and the game is good at
encouraging you to use all the tools at your disposal you can craft bombs of which there are a whole bunch of different types there's even a set of specific bomb challenges to complete though they mostly feel like a tutorial for the various types of bombs and while the game offers you multitudinous methods a murderer it also pays special attention to making traversal a fun experience it's one of the things that initially mean this series feels so exciting the feeling of darting from rooftop to rooftop or climbing to the top of towers so while there's still plenty of climbing you also get to let loose with a hooked blade for writing zip lines plus even a parachute for one of the trophies I even had to parachute on to a zipline which is something that I will definitely never do in real life sounds way too hard but something that isn't too difficult to do is completing this game if you match the game's detail-oriented approach you can pretty quickly check things off of your list plenty of trophies fell into my lap as I played and do the cleanup with a map after I finished the story was pretty simple because the game lays everything out for you in fact it even gives you optional objectives in each mission so that you can get a hundred percent synchronization and fortunately there's only one optional objective per section in some of the later games this mechanic can get a little out of control but here it was pretty manageable so I obviously did all those on my run through the story because it involves the words a hundred percent and you know I can't resist plus it saves a lot of trouble later on and then you can explore the world and collect the last little bits and pieces appreciating all the little details these games have to offer along the way this series is like catnip for history buffs and with good reason and yeah lots of liberties are obviously taken with the events that happen in this

you can tell that lots of research is always involved to make the time period feel lived in and natural and although revelations mostly takes you to the types of environments you've already seen if you've played the other games there are always cool little bits of texture and the game looks pretty good with a ps4 to it obviously can't stack up to some of the later games in the series it still looks really pretty you can really count each of the gray hairs and Ezio's beard you know these are definitely a type of games that benefit from increasingly dope visuals you can't buy into existing in a radically different time and place if the sights and sounds aren't up to snuff it's just like the seventh fast in the Furious movie after they named Furious 7.

while watching Ezio age and live out his entire life is the real reward for this game it also manages to offer you plenty of stuff in exchange for your efforts there are the desmond challenges that unlock as you get your first 30 enemies fragments there's also the hagia sophia challenge level which is sort of a reward for finding all the memoir pages and it's pretty cool too with some fun platforming sections but at the end of it is a shock Pasha's armor which is easily the best armor in the game so that's nice you also get a dope new weapon for completing all three sets of challenges at each of the guilds and in the game with this much Stabbin it's always nice to have a shiny new set of stabbing utensils the game also

consistently throws little bonuses at you for getting 100% sync on your missions which is always appreciated and if you get a hundred percent on all of them you get some dope new robes that belonged to all tierre unfortunately there are some items that can only be unlocked by using Ubisoft's you play service which is kind of annoying there's also a bunch of stuff that unlocks for the multiplayer mode which I haven't even mentioned because well it's not even a thing anymore in this version of the game it's fine we're moving on and pretending that Ubisoft never tried to turn Assassin's Creed into a multiplayer game.

Assassin's Creed Revelations delivers if you've played the first three games before this you're here for the story and you want to experience the expansive world while I played Assassin's Creed Revelations there were 10 deaths or excuse me D synchronizations 100 animus fragments collected 50 won trophies unlocked 34 hours of total playtime and a whopping 9 Fast and the Furious movies if you count future Best Picture winner fast and furious presents hobbs and cha all told assassin's creed revelations is exactly the game it needs to be for the place it holds in the franchise some new stuff like the den defenses doesn't quite stick but if you like these games and played the three before this there's really no reason not to play this one it gives a fan favorite character in epic send-off and plays exactly the way an assassin's Creed game from 2011 should play even though the series has moved on Assassin's Creed Revelations was definitely a major stop on that journey as opposed to the Fiddler's I once took it for so there we have it I don't think I would have call assassin's Creed Revelations my favorite in the series but it definitely is one of the better ones some of the other time periods are more interesting or have catch your hooks like pirates or ancient Egypt but this game is the only one that has to close out an entire trilogy that said I don't know if it'd be bothered to get all the achievements just because I'd rather do stuff with more tangible rewards and life is too short for tower defense minigames so with that of my guys I give this game my completionist rating of finish it that's all top me up today guys so please as always let me know what about today's episode somewhere on the internet.