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Assassin's Creed Rogue - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Assassin's Creed Rogue - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Assassin's Creed Rogue - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Assassin's Creed Rogue - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Today I'm gonna bring you the review for Assassin's Creed rogue what we have here is a game released only for PC and last gen systems that follows the life of shape Patrick Cormac Shaye is a different beast and the game has made no bones about the fact that he's the assassin who's found a new calling and begun to hunt down others using the skills taught to him by their most elite of leaders which includes a terribly voice-acted bar winch slash housekeeper the dude Thunder from killer instinct and your own brother who when teamed up with Shay makes the player constantly think that the game is a fantasy version of The Boondock Saints with the handguns replaced by airsoft rifles and scimitars but as Assassin's Creed rogue a failure like Revenge of the Sith starring a character that switched sides slaughtering old friends left and right for is Assassin's Creed rogue more like takin a story about a man with a particular set of skills,

That find out he has a job to do and sets out to do them regardless of who and what gets in his way even if it's a fucking iceberg or the game itself also why is this only coming out on past gen systems and the PC it's the true sequel and bridge game for the Assassin's Creed trilogy I just don't get it anyway whatever so let's check the game out and see remember this reviews caffeinated to the gills which means no pauses or pillow talk for the pampered crowd pure speed and info all the way through let's do this.

Graphics are up first for the past gen game this doesn't actually look that bad characters textures and animations are all about what you would expect from a past gen game and everyone looks the part even if some of them don't sound like it but we'll get to that in a moment the world is a mix of the typical tropical locations you've come to expect in addition to the deep Atlanta canned the ice wind and rain that traveling to that extreme can provide the weather effects and new location types are done really well though icy areas can be a bit blown out contrast wise and do the new texture types you can end up thinking you can climb a location that you actually can't,

but let's be honest it wouldn't be an assassin's Creed game if you didn't spend a small amount of time playing hide the sausage with a poorly textured wall anyway although all the graphics were good though and the framerate didn't seem to miss a beat ship battles were fast and furious and though the game doesn't offer any measurable improvement to black flakes graphics engine.

it doesn't take a step back though it can be a bit wonky to feel like you're in Jamaica Mon in one moment and then fighting icebergs ten seconds later and in danger of turning into ash a sickle but whatever.

lastly one place the game does take a hit is the shadows that flicker and slide all over the characters faces like the sun's change in position every 13 seconds or you play in Skyrim it's all kinds of odd looking in ruins moments from time to time within the game especially during cutscenes sound music and voice.

The sound is once again phenomenon the excellent ship-to-ship and hand to hand sound effects from the previous games have made it here guns still sound a bit poppy for me and the new airgun you get at the starting of the game does in fact sound just like an airgun which is weak and underpowered but what it lacks for in the overall oomph it makes up for in the effect when you shoot somebody with a berserk dart and watch them wail a their old friends like a polar bear plane with Alaskan trash cans music the music here was good if not excellent I think I did pick up on a few new sea chanteys within the game and I'm always for that the music was atmospheric when it needed to be and then when it didn't it sort of shrunk down to being barely noticeable sadly,

it was actually somewhat forgettable and there wasn't a single track that grabbed me or had me wishing I had the soundtrack but this game also didn't have as many stirring moments as past games it's a different style of Assassin's Creed game and in a way that requires a different thought process and approach for the music the sense of wonder isn't here as much as the sense of duty and treachery which means the soaring discovery tracks of past games have sometimes been replaced by the more earthy feeling and vibe to the overall music voice funny I thought rich men wanted them to be a place of profit I am NOT a rich man master colemak money is a means to an end not an end in and of itself says you I think it's a fine enjoy pairing dead rachel and captain really hit and miss the main characters are fine but one of the teachers at the starting of the game not only sounds out of place her lives are just plain bad and then later on one of your first mate sounds like a cross between a movie trailer announcer and someone who just came from their first acting lesson and they didn't do well strangely that character actually got better the farther along the game went but the others didn't almost all the side characters you meet both new and old are done very well and their parts filled and complete with some of the empty story pieces that fans of yearning for for quite a while the game really does do a good job of mending in all these different parts of the Assassin's Creed games of the past.
Assassin's Creed Rogue - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Then there's the cream of the crop a noxious and infuriating character in the real world who is the combination of a bully older sibling and know-it-all and the laziest human known to all man wrapped up into one no sirs and ma'ams this isn't khloe kardashian it is a security contractor that works on the computers at the main office when you're in the animus and to say that they're annoying is like saying salt poured under your eyelids would be slightly distracting during a pilot's license desk I have rarely hated a character as much as I hated this one gameplay let's be honest the overall gameplay is identical to Black Flag except they didn't include the underwater diving bits and that might be because it's set in the areas where it's fucking frozen and diving into a buck a snake it isn't that smart to begin with let alone stayin underwater for very long you do have a couple new weapons including a sweet air gun that shoots darts that can drive people berserk and put them to sleep actually that's a lie make some sort of nap and during that time you can snuff out their life like the Grim Reaper has a vendetta against them or you can leave them to wait naturally and possibly sneak up behind you and ship you without hesitation of their own so of course I killed everyone ineverything in fact my version of the game should just be called killers Creed.
But that's beside the point as always you're quickly the master of the season once again you have an insanely lengthy way to go about upgrading your ship as with Black Flag this is what a good deal of the meat of the game is for most players and if you like that sort of thing then there's an absolutely insane amount of sea combat to enjoy and I refuse to believe that most gamers don't start humming to themselves when their men begin singing one of those chanteys and the wind is whipping the sails a full mask it's a very tangible and unique feeling and to see its return here from Black Flag is a real boon and I'm really excited that it's back however they haven't forgotten the thing that made Assassin's Creed so popular in the first place and that's Tomb Raider like running around in random shit to collect the world on the map looks like a bunch of kids threw wedding confetti and shredded crayons at the map again there is shit everywhere and though I found those locations vastly more interesting than black flags the issue here is that sometimes it's difficult to tell where you can climb due to the snow texture issue rearing its head up like frustration whack-a-mole as well as the one thing Assassin's Creed games are known for and that's locking off their content based on how far you are in the story I mean I can't go into a fucking bar because I haven't played a particular part of the story bullshit.

what are the bartenders have some kind of level 
acquirement system as their drinks are so powerful they can kill the weak I mean I get the idea of locking off major things but locking off the bar just seems unrealistic and overly taxing on the game player in this kind of shit happen to everywhere I went which is sort of a stone-cold bitch in a game about freewill and travelling everywhere you want as you continue the story you also level up and craft and pillage and bake your way to success actually there's no bacon but everything else there occurs this is one of the closest true sequels to an assassin's Creed game I think we've ever got it doesn't stray from the titles it is really directly in line and offers an insane number of interactions with characters that have become Assassin's Creed cannon from the games before it the real changes here are the fact that the assassins will use the skills you've had in the past games against you leaping out of the bushes or from on high to do their damages to treat you like that one last nail and the board that won't go down this changes up the gameplay a good deal and really does make the overall world very interesting to see and explore it's from the other side of the fence there's a tangible sense of tenseness when facing off some of the enemies which have never really occurred in the Assassin's Creed games especially for me and waiting out stalkers as you listen to their insane whispers to try to locate them before they leap out just like you would have done years before is truly excellent fun however there are some problems here one is that the game decides to interrupt you with a tutorial every six seconds and if you die during a mission expect to see that tutorial like 56 times that's more times than I ever want to see my own wife let alone a game tell me how to use firecrackers and the game doesn't give a shit.

if you're in the middle of a jump or battle or sex or snorting whale blubber from an 
overweight prostitutes but it just slides in interjects itself and interrupts whatever you're doing with the tutorial this resulted in a good number of deaths on my part astute auras would occur while I was in mid action leaving me at the whim of a broken combo or being just simply lost in the six-man fight with low-level ninjas who really didn't like me that much it was insanely frustrating the game does go out of its way at times to make you not like it but that's okay because there's one thing about this game that it's gotten spades and that's the story.

It is a true highlight here and without giving any spoilers I can simply say this is probably the most interesting story of all the Assassin's Creed games and shame maybe the most interesting character in my honest opinion the turning point for che is a moment that 
any of us have seen similarities to in other games including other Assassin's Creed games and always questioned why someone who is a good guy would continue on that path che doesn't and it's that move that turns the entire game on its head and really does change overall mood and feel of the game che does what many gamers have wanted to do for a great deal of time he puts down the sword for a moment looks at his comrades and says yo Dawgs what the fuck are we even doing right now it's that moment of clarity that really makes you begin to understand that you're playing a different type of game here sadly the outside story that involves a virus and the computers of the systems you're using to explore Shea's life is this throwaway as humanly possible and has one of the most obnoxiously not easy to like characters I have ever had the displeasure of having to experience which I already described them before.

it's not overt it's just grading and doesn't fit what's occurring and overall that story is just throw away so what does Assassin's Creed rogue do right graphically it's equal to Black Flag for the same system it's just really good the areas are unique and interesting and the overall world is more interesting than even Black Flag was because it mixes two types of world together the ice and snow and the Jamaica one the story is insanely interesting now again that's in my honest opinion maybe not everybody will agree with that but the mix of the Assassin's attacking you and using your skills as well as the story moment where you sort of put down your sword and say what the fuck are we doing great points.

The gameplay switch ups don't alienate you even though there is a switch up there you sort of understand what the enemy can do and you become sort of a person who asked to create defences around them it's really well done the same crafting and upgrading as was in Black Flag which is good there's a ton there a ton of hunting and crafting no baking,

unfortunately what does 
Assassin's Creed rogue do wrong the games timing for tutorials cutscenes and moments of dialogue simply could not be worse it couldn't be worse no matter what they did unless they just had the tutorials constantly playing and you never actually got to play the game a couple of main characters voices were fairly poor and lacked almost any emotion with their scene and anything outside of chez feels worthless and if it occurred it actually just felt like it was robbing time from the

part of the story so as you guys always know we're coming to the major time I rate games on a bye wait for a sale rent or hang it from the noose until it's dead dead dead this is a buy the game tells the story of characters that all Assassin's Creed fans want to know about it switches up the entire feeling of the Assassin's versus Templars was still telling a cohesive story it changes to a new location making for a couple

interesting gameplay challenges as well as working to keep the game fresh feeling after 30 plus hours so that's it folks you know I feel for this game I simply can't believe it's not coming out on all the systems at the exact same time especially is this game overlaps and connects so many of the previous games it just seems unfortunate and actually stupid to be honest but what do I know.