Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Full PC Game Download

Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Full PC Game Download

Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Full PC Game Download

Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Full PC Game Download

Assassin's Creed syndicate is arguably the most intriguing game of 2015 because last year it was all screwed up yeah so now this is Stephen W burns they gotta get it right question is have they stopped a game show this yeah kind of it's not as terrible right as as unity in terms of performance but it's still pretty bad in places yeah and the first two hours of among the worst I've ever played classic Assassin's Creed.

 If I was to make a top ten of the worst openers yeah the Assassin's Creed games probably have eight of them the original Assassin's Creed game is very boring Assassin's Creed 2 the original screen starts with all that sci-fi nonsense that you've never tipped off about and he start playing in syndicate has all the same problems as old Assassin's Creed's it also has the not being as fun yeah in terms of you know enjoying knockabout sensibilities which black flag did for all black flags faults you know it was fun you're a pirate about 9 or 10 hours in I think I've done loads of side quests and main story missions and stuff and London itself is really good they they know that kind of horrible gray yeah shit hole which London would imagine living here yeah at night when it's raining it looks incredible really atmospheric but it's just Assassin's Creed and I know people will go you know that's what I wanted but you know you actually want it to move forward you have to evolve otherwise.

What's the point and now we're after having played mgs 5 you know we've had I've not played which history but I'm a short by many people that it is amazing how it does narrative stuff and here's world building and all of that Mel Gasol 5 the way its mechanics all interlock a proper clockwork like some something a gear drive something else drives something else yeah whereas Assassin's Creed syndicate much like all the other assassin's creed's feels like things happen but nothing really affects anything I like in a very elaborate set as an example the AI is terrible and enemy alert statuses they don't you know in a name just fighters clear delineated when they're gonna go up and through and they search for you and they have tactics and you know they are there just following scripts but the scripts are good here hey I can see you and you know if it's all your names yes alarm goes off yeah whatever hey if you go back behind the wall at yours mm I showed you that thing earlier where pathfinding is really bad yeah I got stuck on a table we get stuck in a table that happens a lot yeah but what I'm saying about the world being very stagey is that you can hang onto ledges and as usual,

assassinate guards and then pull them out and I did that and I realized as they threw the guard out of this building that it was about to land on a street urchin who's sweeping oh shit that's good you know imagine that in Ames yes game you throw a guard out it hits another guard or hits another element of the world the alarm goes off yes it would or someone tries to run off and then you've got that secondary gameplay or you have to try and get down and stop and doing it or you just say fuck it and get that out of the big game hey it landed on the the bear oh boy or whatever and he went mm-hmm and just kept sweeping for a little while and then it's almost the game went shit do something you got no answers like run around us and then the police came and I'm still hanging on the side his fucking building the police came and it went there's a dead geezer err no they left now I know police work in London is under the cosh well at least pretend to look yeah when this is the problem as the as the hours are going by I'm actually enjoying it a lot more and you know just climbed some poles and climbed Clem it's really cool and then you get down to street level and you like this game shouts really badly when you're walking around with anything is really bad popping general new image quality isn't very good at all yeah texture work isn't amazing I think popping is something we kind of moved away from as well I know there's many games that do do it a lot of games disguise it well they're popping you don't really notice it with Assassin's Creed from what little I've seen to be fair it's very aggressive or you can't help but notice it yeah and any time you're at street level especially in a crowded scene from The Strand for example I mean it's difficult to get down there you know as it is today so just there's a lot of people you can't get anywhere and everyone unlike real life when you turn the camera your head whole thing doesn't slow to a crawl and this is it I just.
Assassin's Creed Syndicate - Full PC Game Download

it does it what's a sanskrit does is they are terrible games essentially in terms of their mechanics they get their hooks in you with the world not necessarily the story but i like climbing they're incidental musical cues are pretty cool all of this and I'm playing it thinking I don't want to be playing this and I feel like you know what Assassin's Creed is hyper budget Naruto games despite the fact they extensively not get yeah but they like it because of the world and the character as Assassin's Creed.

And I've every type bugs out just laugh yeah I there was a but I'm hiding out on the best parts of the game there like hitman like mini hit my missions so you get into a building and you couldn't you sneak around you have to kill a foreman and rescues and child liking and children who are working in furnaces I'm fine with it but the game needs me to do it very anyone you need to sneak into a big asylum and yeah I'm standing there hiding by a wall whistling sometimes the AI comes when you whistle sometimes take two or three goes and then suddenly two guards who look like they're locked together come sliding around the corner legs apart at like if I don't even know how to fucking you just watch it I was gonna make a big lebowski reference but I'm not going to get to overall yeah but they just slide around the corner.

But now in Assassin's Creed you just go yeah yeah it kind of yeah and every time the game feels like it's gonna you're finally gonna get immersed you know you're finally gonna be in that world you're jumping off some poles we've got the zipline which is really cool nobody should jump you know sorry slide great distances and Batman style I hope you know grappling hook out every single time you're right on the verge it just goes right throw something ridiculous in and yeah the animation is terrible on almost everything you throw it if you're throwing those right in people's heads feels like you're throwing a jelly bean it they just got ah I fall over.

 And yeah I just there could be an amazing game in there if they had a Konami style here's eighty million you've got three years yeah no time there's no time but and it's easy to see why people defend assassins for years well I reviewed Black Flag and I said it succeeded despite itself but you just can't you know and because he is he is not fun I don't know is enjoyable to be in those worlds even if it's constantly around you that this is a video game yeah this is a bad one at that but you at some point you've just gotta say enough is enough like we how are we gonna get into 2020,

And be like yeah the ice still bad yeah I mean it's better than unity but still not exactly the polished experience that you may would have hoped for I think a lot of people will be surprised that after unity you you thought would have been really really solid and on the top end PC hopefully I mean because it was bad on PC last year even though yeah I really get what they were going for but yeah I mean I this is how bad I know it's gonna be I'm gonna say these things and in on various websites they get I'm like no I didn't see that I didn't see these things are fun but every time something's happened I just grabbed a screenshot or value every time I don't feel like I need to necessarily defend that criticism but with Assassin's Creed it's just like people will not believe you and they and this is what in the preview they're like strapped I do not believe that they would allow the staff in two years in a row but it has as a premium price product essentially you buy anything I mean they send it to me for free and you're still disappointed I'm still sitting there going you're joking so I see the overwhelming thing is disappointment right or you know reluctant discipline or a lactam but I expect a disappointment we still look it plays it plays very very much the same yes before and you know I remember reviewing Assassin's Creed Revelations and I was a young man then you know that was like 2011 yeah I would say I remember saying then you know what Assassin's Creed still kind of fun because that call loop of climbing around places is inherently fight with four years on but it doesn't work it just there's no stealth in the game that you're an assassin as I take out these people stealthily how yeah the options and so the overwhelming feeling is okay I'm learning to to live with the Assassin's Creed and like I say like Naruto games you just learn to live with the faults and just go on and play them and and just have a good laugh every time but of course the shame of that is this whole thing is that it could be phenomenal but it needs to go away and it won't because it makes too much money there you go Assassin's Creed syndicate.

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