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Assassin's Creed Unity Gold Edition - Full PC Game Download

Assassin's Creed Unity Gold Edition - Full PC Game Download

Assassin's Creed Unity Gold Edition - Full PC Game Download

Assassin's Creed Unity Gold Edition - Full PC Game Download

Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome my name is Afaq and I've been playing a little bit of Assassin's Creed unity ones I say a little bit actually quite a lot of Assassin's Creed unity and this is my fantastical review now I'm gonna briefly give you a little bit of a history on me in Assassin's Creed just so that you know that I am NOT pulling stuff out of my ass or making comparisons to stuff that I know nothing about I played one,

 Brotherhood Revelations a bit of three about eight hours of three then I gave up because Connor is just an absolute wanker and I can't stand him and black flag can wait not a wanker quite enjoy can wait so I've played all the major releases on all the major platforms it's all good I've really enjoyed it I really like the series I realize the franchise.

 I'm a big 
Assassin's Creed fan so you will be glad to know that I have been really enjoying Assassin's Creed unity it's just a solid Assassin's Creed game that's the best thing about it it is a solid Assassin's Creed game no they've tweaked things they always tweet stuff always always always what they've tweet for unity is the combat system they have added in extra customization by the way just probably go any further an insane amount of customization mental like properly mental i sat there looking at this menu and I was like holy what what is all of this you can you can change you your hood your chair you know your chest you'd like your body army you you risked army you you legs you belt you it it's just ridiculous there's like a million weapons a million guns a million other guns and a million types of armor and all of them are got different stats it's pretty it's pretty mad to be honest I like it I feel like maybe it's a little bit too much like I don't know whether I actually particularly care all that much about that much customization but it's a nice option to have and I know that a lot of people be like oh my god I can make him look however I like I like that aspect of it the weird sort of the distribution of stats.

 I'm not really sure about I don't know whether I like that or not but all in all a bit crazy but quite good I've also completely lost I was going to say yeah combat they change the combat they've switched it up a little bit.

it feels a lot better than it did in in three and in black flag and in fact it feels a damn sight better than they did in Revelations because revelations got a bit silly it kind of felt like the swords were holding we made out.

cardboard really solid cardboard but really light cardboard all the same xgo was like what 80 years old and he was still dancing about doing whatever the hell you like it felt a bit ridiculous unity however has added some like real weight to the weapons like when you smack someone with a sword you feel like you've smack someone with a sword and you don't just like sort of dance and prance about waving it around it actually feels like it's weighing you down which is really nice I like that I like that aspect of things if I'm having a fight with someone I wanted to feel like a fight to the death you know not like a children to play fight.

 I want someone to come out of this alive and someone else to be on the floor  
preferably with either no head or no god I'll take either a revelations didn't feel like that neither did three really and for my money black flag was getting there but not quite there unity feels property waiting it feels like you're actually holding a weapon which is really nice I really like that and the heavier the weapon you know actually as in they're heavier the weapon the heavier it feels so like the scimitar that I use most of the time I like that weapon I really enjoy using it it feels lighter when I'm using it then the bastard saw which I don't know why pronounce it like I always do I just like it for whatever reason if I'm using the bastard sword it really weighs you down like it feels like it weighs you down and I really like that it adds like an extra element to the combat the combat is not as easy as it used to be either it feels definitely more

challenging to me I don't know that's because I'm like out of practice but it definitely feels like there's there's less margin for error you know if you if you miss the parry if you miss the dodge it feels like there's an actual consequence to it whereas recovery time especially soft towards the start of the series was just instant I've been hit it's a matter of the guys know that this doesn't fill out this feels like you really don't want to get hit you also don't want to like get into the massive world ending fights either because there's a lot less standing around now the guards don't just down there watch you kill people one after the other if it was how they actually attempt to make some sort to kill you which is refreshing and nice and I like that because it's it I said before it's supposed to be Assassin's Creed.

it's not bloody Conan under barbarians Creed so no if you can avoid fighting it should reward you for doing that and punish you for getting caught by ten guards because if you get caught by ten guards you doing it wrong another thing they've tweaked which I really like is the freerunning system now the freerunning system has been in Assassin's Creed since what the first one obviously and it's nice you know it still feels good still feels fluid still very very well no not very.

mostly easy control there is still that really irritating thing and it pisses me off because it's been in this series since like the first game where occasionally you guy will just get stuck on a wall and I'll be like well that's all welfare that's it actually lot I can't go up down sideways nope I'm just gonna sit here and you'll just sit there thrashing the controller like what the fuck are you doing go over there's a Ledge right there and you won't do it and then because you'd have moved the analog stick slightly up by like some ends of a degree he'll do it because you know you hit the magic spot that's irritating that still happens that pisses me off I don't know if they'll ever alter that I get the horrible feeling it'll be in this franchise until either the franchise ends or I die I mean are those two I'll probably die first but all in all you know it's still good it still works 90% at the time.

And they've added something else into this one which is really good I mean in unity you get two free run down stuff which is really nice now the free run down it doesn't just work for on building sake at the top of the building you can run towards the edge and he all kind of like twists over the side and clamber down the side of the building and then jump on something onto the ground a it works really well it's a lot better than hanging off the edge and repeatedly hammering the well it'd be circle on my controller.

whatever your controller says n't it depending on what control you use hammering the button to drop it it's way better than that

Assassin's Creed Unity Gold Edition - Full PC Game Download

and also you can use that whilst you're running on the street now when you're running on the street and you use it it's really good because it like slides on the tables and vaults over counters and you can you know like jump between small gap

like fences and things you can jump through windows into cafes run through a cafe jump up your window it's really nice it adds a really nice extra element I really like it you know there's a definite improvement over the previous games in terms of I guess just mobility of your character it's a good addition it's really good now it's something that I have noticed in unity already is there they seem to be going down this really like mental path of sticking you in situations where you like what the hell is going on for start fairly early on you get some cropper Devil May Cry madness going on right it is just it's mantle I really like it.

similarly there's also a bit where you you not bare with me here you gonna think I'm making this up but I'm not it's in the game you can check for yourself you're minding your own business suddenly you get a call from the woman whose name I really should remember but I can't saying oh dear God look at all of this the Abstergo the Templars they are stunning for your position in this server cluster or some sort of technobabble.

quick you must find the portal you must find the portal to another word no he doesn't say that

you've got to go through like a rift in from your server that you're in actually in Paris because I call the people disappear and it goes all crazy and wavy when you got to go through this rift into another server that's mental right dazed it's just mental it feels mental it looks mental but it was interesting you go through the thing and in fact I dunno why am i should giving you a play-by-play of this cuz it's on the bloody screen right now but yeah go through the thing you end up like in the future kind of in the in the Animus in the in the simulation and like a bit further on in history and they're still trying to scan for you but they can only scan the core above ground apparently for this but I don't know why that happened or how it works but let's not argue about it go down into the Metro in Paris and you end up running through the metro and little trains and stuff and then to get out you know you've got to you've got to obviously climb up the Statue of Liberty and jump through the rift up there I haven't lost it is right that you just saw it on the screen is right there.

I'm not I'm not on the face it's like that's it it's weird but it's really good I really enjoyed those segments because it was like

it kind of takes you out of the comfort zone of being in this character's body in in this city in this time and it's like oh by the way and everything that you've got used to yeah no that's that's gone so where run for your life off you go I really like it adds a nice extra element to the game also it looks quite good as well the game does look good it's obviously held back by the fact that it's on the peasant station for but all in all they've done a good job the faces look good the animations are nice I like it I really do like the look of it I think they've done a really good job with Paris as well it feels like a proper living breathing city especially in the ability to run through like cafes and stuff really adds a lot to the game works really well also and this is gonna sound weird.

I enjoyed the coop mission I did know I didn't think I would enjoy this because I thought well there's gonna be some I'm gonna be paired up with some prick who's gonna run in and sound the alarm and we have to fight for hours and hours and it's gonna go wrong me and I have to do it again and I'll do it God I don't know maybe maybe I was just having like an old man moment but I was dreading trying this out actually I'll be perfectly honest I turned out to be that prick he just ran off and sounded the alarm because I kind of got to where we were supposed to go and was like now there's probably a really like stealthy way in here.

but I want to murder that guy so I did and then we had a massive fight I mean if it essentially just ran through the prison just murdering every guard we saw which was fun I'm sure I apologize if you watching Chaput I was paired with I realized that it was not helpful but it was fun the core mission was a lot of fun and I can say that actually you know there are missions where you obviously cannot be seen you know you've got to do things silently I can see that having like two other people with you three other people one other person with you for those missions would make them more enjoyable because I'm sure you can pull off some really crazy cool stuff the mission I did was very simple breaking to a prisoner breaking died out so I didn't really need to do any of the stealthy stuff but I can see it working well and I'm actually looking forward to doing more.

though now there are things that I don't like about the game I think the mini-map is way too cluttered I don't like the fact that you can't just get rid of certain icons and only look for other stuff I that's irritating to me I think it's way over the top and it's far far too cluttered I also don't particularly like the fact that you can just change out your equipment no matter where you are I that just seems a bit weird I don't know why they decided to do that I'd much prefer it and I know this is gonna sound strange if you actually had to go somewhere to change this stuff out because it makes more sense right it just makes more sense to me then oh I've just suddenly pulled like a massive axe are my ass and strapped it to my thigh you know I just don't like the way that that works another thing as well is that a couple of times I've come across people just tread milling just like walking on the spot that's irritating that's immersion braking you can see this guy here just like what is he doing you got stuck in his mate so he's walking endlessly and then there's this chap who I had to assassinate didn't bother to find out what his route was or trying you know find the best angle for killing him,

or try and do any sort of hidden sneaky assassination because when he just walked out in the spot aren't they opened so I shot him in the head that's you know it's immersion braking I don't like that kind of thing I don't know how easy will be to fix but I would appreciate it if they tried you know I'd say that all in all Assassin's Creed unity is a really enjoyable game.

The best things about it are down to the fact that it's an assassin's Creed game but also frankly the worst things about it are down to the fact that it's an assassin's Creed game stuff like the war running not working properly.

sometimes when you jump off stuff into a bale of hay from this hole of a church which is still ridiculous and it's still just seems so stupid to me you kind of like magically alter your trajectory in the air like you you look like you're gonna miss but then somehow you haven't missed even though a mere four feet away from the thing you're about to hit the floor but then you suddenly glided forward you know that kind of thing the warden on the spot think that's kind of been an issue I've noticed that in other Assassin's Creed games I don't know I can't I don't know how easy is to fix I think really though it's getting to a point where with unity I think I think they've packed in as much as they can pack in I'm not gonna lie I'm genuinely worried for D that the next Assassin's Creed game is just going to be a clusterfuck because we're kind of reaching the point.

 where yeah there's a lot of content there a lot of missions there's a lot of customization but a lot of it is the same like that there are there is a lot of content in this game days loads this there's all kinds of co-op missions there's loads of different story missions as loads of different side missions as assassination missions.