Batman Arkham knight - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Batman Arkham knight - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Batman Arkham knight - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Batman Arkham knight - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Hello right first things first sum the game even for an off for an Arkham game looks ridiculous
from what I've seen of it visually at least I mean just the rain on the cloak seems almost worth the price of

admission yeah does the overall game feel like a real next-gen scale-up yeah I think so like just the quality of the environment in terms of my lighting smoke detail they talk about how they build these handcrafted environments that Rocksteady and you really kind of feel that this time around I think that in terms of detail, it really feels like the new standard for open-world games often yeah and scale really helps as well like it feels like three Arkham City's bolted together so driving around it is just a really fun thing to do in and of itself I said it's a beautiful city and like no matter what kind of level you're on his goal of a sense of verticality yeah it looks phenomenal and it's great fun to just be in that environment yeah I mean the thing the the mantra with Arkham City at least as always kind of maybe not the biggest but definitely most details yes.
Batman Arkham knight - Full PC Game Download Torrent
if we really feel like they've actually might scale out at this time Lantern yeah completely like home each of the three islands feel like its own thing like this one that's almost like to buy buildings but it's being built on top of like the old city yeah absolutely so you got skyscrapers there and then you've got another region that includes like Chinatown more basic residential district and then there's another Island has a Wayne tower on it for example and it's yeah it's a really kind of good sense of variety there thanks so in terms of the escalation obviously one the main thing new things we've seen is this concept of dual play which is something like a fake co-op with yeah very sort of the members of that family helping you out at various times yeah um how does that feel how do that they exactly feed into the feel of the overall game I mean does it dilute the sense of being Batman,

At all it's actually one of my favourite things about the game but it's really only momentary and the grand scale of the grand scheme of things like there's once there's the longer sequence involves Robin and you
kind of going through this these hallways taking our enemies together and it feels great there's some a sequence before one of the fights where you and Robin team up where the two of them just sort of like kicking down a door at the same time hearing some enemies in those and then just go in and like kick the crap out of them pretty and that is such an amazing kind of like fist punching moment yeah it's like yeah it's it's really kind of brings it a nice energy in this abyss with Nightwing and Catwoman as well involved that I think it feels really good it's a really nice natural extension to their free flow combat as it is now yeah I suppose kind of narrative eat what nicely the bat we've seen the bat family before but they've always thought felt a bit sort of theoretical and can I cameo base before yeah is there a real sense of them all kind of it becoming a unit now yeah I think so yeah the Robins quite heavily integrate into the main story and Nightwing is basically attached to the penguin side-quests um so but still feels like he's part of that universe in a way that they weren't before they felt like DLC characters before yeah but yeah this time around

yeah they feel like part of a wider universe great as for that story though interesting point to note is that this is the first Rocksteady Arkham game not written by Paul Dini obviously Batman comics right and responsible for a lot the animated series yeah is that a problem at all um as I understand it Paul Dini was only like fo kind of one part of the storytelling Rocksteady like I think he had a role in the overall narrative and they've always had their own narrative designers there I don't know for him not working on it has affected it at all but the story certainly feels more uneven to me that I did in Arkham City the structure of it is really kind of odd and the Arkham Knight I don't think is a particularly compelling villain and I'm not that impressed by their inter they're they're the new depiction of the Scarecrow either I don't find him particularly compelling or scary right because it sends a bit of a shame because obviously given there was a hell of lot watt threads up in Arkham City especially towards the end, yeah I mean does it act as a satisfactory conclusion to that stuff yes and not all of our stuff is paid off in the main story either some of it is is side quest based a lot of the things leftover from Arkham City were I think yeah but um but yeah I certainly think that it brings brings the story round I just don't think it's that well told

generally speaking okay one I say last point what probably made your point we need to cover is goddamn out the bill right we know that's the thing we know this can be racing and driving and race puzzles and tank combat yeah how the hell does that fit into the current Batman situation well  I think the two pillars of Batman as they are now with a free-flow combat and the predator stuff which they've mastered and they're both at their best in this game better than they've ever been I think but the the Batmobile functions really well as a mode of transport just driving around RCM blowing through like stone pillars and causing damage and chasing people that's all very fun but when you get into the actual combat I think it's a it's a major misfire alright they've they've brought they've brought in all these automated tank sections when you're strafing in the Batmobile and shooting vehicles and it's a fine diversion at first but then it never really develops and there's an absolute a ton of it in the main story I'll go ahead it's very frustrating and even worse there's these tank stealth sections what those are two words that should never go together yeah where you have to like hide behind buildings and then sneak up behind a tank to take out and they are absolute they are horrendous.

It's a real surprise to me that like they built these amazing combat systems but then in this they've it really just doesn't stand up in the same way and it's it's it's the major thing that holding the game back from greatness, I think so how much of it is the exact you mentioned in terms of the two of the pillars is it big enough to be like a third pillar of the game yeah it almost feels like there's as much of it as there is story but the good thing is that once you finish the main story and you're mopping up the side quests you can just you don't have to do it right and so you don't have to think about again so I played 10 hours quest after me finishing the main story and I haven't done one of those sequences again I have the option to I really don't want to that sounds like a good fix kind of okay so one final point possibly most important one what's the final score for our five excellent okay um if you want more detail in the game which obviously I'm sure you do then the full written version of some review is on GamesRadar right now in the meantime for all other Arkham related stuff you might possibly want to know keep it onBatman Arkham Knight.

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