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Battle Field 3 - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Battle Field 3 - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Battle Field 3 - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Battle Field 3 - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Battlefield 3 came out nearly a decade ago almost 10 years that's incredible for a game to be that old and still be
pretty popular on social media on youtube
and of course, when people are playing the game servers are quite full more so now because of this epidemic and people having to stay home,

But again it's been popular for nearly the past decade one of the best battlefields if not the best battlefield ever made and to be honest battlefield 3 has been considered as a groundbreaking game and for the time incredible it's a game that I play a lot myself as well. 

To be honest battlefield 4 is the game I prefer but bf3 a game
you know I go back to every so often play for a couple of weeks and enjoy my time more recently it has been a little bit more than just a couple of weeks I've been playing it every single day.

Mostly infantry enjoying a few vehicles and for the most part gun master tum or domination I think the infantry in this game is incredibly addictive there's a lot that could be improved in it and even for a game 10 years ago there were some problems with battlefield 3.

I have more fun playing bf3 though than I do with battlefield 1 and battlefield 5 and there are some reasons for that in this video I'm going to spend about 5 minutes talking about why you should buy battlefield 3 and then another five minutes as to maybe why you shouldn't and there are of course some things with battlefield 3 that aren't perfect.

it would be unfair for me to just say the game was magnificent and look through these rose-tinted spectacles and just say there's nothing wrong with it because yes there's plenty wrong with it there's plenty wrong with all battlefield games long story short though if you play on pc get battlefield 3 you will not regret it,

so about five minutes of reasons why you should buy bf3 first of all it's dirt cheap it is so cheap to buy I've alluded to this in previous videos whenever I play bf3 I suggest if you've got a couple of quid lying around and you know a few spare hours and you play on pc, of course, you can't get it on Xbox one and ps4 as far as I'm aware
get hold of it and enjoy it just play it for five-ten minutes see if you like it and if you do then that's money well spent you could be spending thousands of hours playing battlefield 3.

secondly, you can get the dlcs cheaply and servers are full yes you might find it difficult to find exactly what you want to play but for me, I love gun masterand I can find gun master servers whenever I log in.
Battle Field 3 - Full PC Game Download Torrent

If you like conquest, of course, you'll find conquest servers and rush there are tons of rush servers running the whole time as I said it can be difficult on older games to find exactly what you want to play but for the most part the servers are there another reason you should play battlefield 3 is to get a good understanding of where the franchise once was to think that this game came out in 2011
is quite overwhelming the franchise certainly has moved forward in some aspects.

Battlefield 1 and battlefield 5 are far ahead of battlefield 3 in some ways but you'd expect them to be because they were made far more recently battlefield 3 at the time was groundbreaking it still is in many ways it looks superb it looks visually if you were to just take a snapshot like a game that came out today sure some textures aren't quite up to date but overall the whole aesthetic of the game is perfect.

Another thing many people forget with battlefield 3 is how
many weapons modes and different aspects of the game there are it won't just take you five minutes to level things up you can invest a lot of time into this game to try and improve yourself and also unlock things customization is great but it also keeps a lot of things very simple you can just jump on and start playing straight away,

You don't need to spend ages trying to learn all the different bits and pieces but there's a lot of depth there which is difficult to achieve in an fps game.

I'd say the final reason you should try battlefield 3 is the addiction level of bf3 many people have played thousands and thousands of hours of battlefield 3. there's a reason for that battlefield 4 came out many people didn't even move over to it they stayed with bf3
the reason is it's just this weird kind of repetitive nature of spawning in getting some kills which is incredibly satisfying you end up getting taken down you just want to instantly spawn back in I'm not sure.

How they managed to make it work but your frustration levels
kind of grow and get larger and larger as maybe you die around the corner and we'll get into some of the problems in a second but then you instantly want to spawn back in and just experience that feeling of taking some players down the whole thing about battlefield 3 is that kind of repetitive nature and then all the different aspects of the game and before you know it you spent three or four hours playing on a server it's amazing.

so five minutes or so have gone past and that's me talking about why you should get the game, to be honest, you should already be sold.

just by a bit of the gameplay now though a few things that maybe aren't so good that you can expect if you were to log in today
firstly yes there is a big issue with servers there always has been in battlefield 3. it's a 10-hertz tick rate as far as I'm aware which is poor this means you will be dying around corners

quite a lot as if somebody's lagging that sort of experience
you may have had in other games plus hit wrench is hit or miss if this was being played on a 60hz server as I've played in the past on Venice unleashed you would be killing people virtually as quick as battlefield 4 hardcore that's how fast the tank is.

I think that being said because not all your bullets connect it kind of gives you a slightly different impression of the attack you can get around it but it is a frustration point next up the modes I did say earlier you could play every mode you wanted to gun master conquest domination whatever it is.

some though as you'll often find with any game with custom servers can be rubbish I'm talking 64 player rush on grand bazaar with no sort of rules you can just spam explosives it's not enjoyable for me might be for you but not for me this renders a lot of servers completely useless for me I don't play on a lot of them because the rule set just isn't what I'd put personally.

if it was my server and it doesn't get the best out of the game
another problem is kind of something with all battlefield games I did make a post about this on Twitter

There are a lot of badminton in bf3 if you are a really good player you will probably get banned from a lot of the servers I'm an average player and I get banned from servers so I can imagine if you play maybe a 3kd or above as an infantry player you might not have that much luck on some of the servers in the game there are a few domination servers you get banned from virtually immediately
and gun master servers where the admins just ban you as well

still fun if you can find a server but it can be tricky something else that people seem to forget about in battlefield 3 is the vehicle spam there are some major problems with vehicles and bf3 they're fun and they're good

if you play in them you'll enjoy them no doubt about it
but say for example you spawn in on a game of rush where there's an attack helicopter that attack alley will be at the back of the map it will be spamming them-coms and it just won't be very fun sure if you have a good attack heavy pilot on your team or a jet pilot or whatever it will be okay but if you don't.

it will kind of be the same sort of experience you get in any battlefield game.

where you just die rinse repeat you end up losing and it's not very fun one more thing that does annoy me in bf3 it's not a complaint about the game it's just the nature of a game that is this old
you will find a lot of two to three thousand hour players
in the game who haven't stopped playing since it came out they just play all the time that can be quite daunting for a new player to come into,

The only way around this I would suggest playing any sort of the servers gun master servers where you're going to get a lot of action very quickly so you can get to grips with the game practice with your accuracy and map knowledge and then start to build up from there,

if you jump straight into a conquest server full of tryhards or a rush server for the try hud

I can't imagine you'll have as much fun and you might be put off
that being said I'd say it's probably around 70% good in bf3 30% bad 30 bad as well it's usually the same stuff so it's not like bf5 where there are tons of bugs bf3 there are only a few annoying things that just happen quite a lot I think most people that play bf3 will also back me up and agree that there's a lot of fun to be had in this game if you just download it and play it,

it's very cheap there's a link in the description to pick up the game very cheaply as well you can find it on the origin or any of these key sites it's just got it and play it you won't regret it I guarantee

so thanks for watching hope you enjoyed this little video
giving people a bit of information as to whether you should
indeed buy battlefield 3 in 2020 nearly 10 years
after it was brought out.