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Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf - Full PC Game Download

Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf - Full PC Game Download

Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf - Full PC Game Download

Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf - Full PC Game Download

Today we are going to review a classic realtime strategy game that is battle rooms winter of the walls this review includes a base camp and expansion pack in regards to the story parents is the first game a liquid entertainment as published by Ubisoft and crave entertainment on 2001 the expansion pack later came in 2002 so yunkai they played the same and of staunch to it it was an amazing game though that humping mode is hard I say never actually look into the core game plays of the game and the first urban home mission was just too hard from a young parent to handle as a pressure is all over the place so I just played several skirmishes until I get bored out of it and it took me a long time before it did bore me after several years have passed like a decade ago I finally got in on GOG for free just in summer sales of theirs.

Actually play the game for nostalgic reasons and oh boy paddle Hills is still an amazing game to say the least the story of the base game revolves around Kenji the last year of the serpent drone and the clans are fighting each other for territories now he is back and he's about to unite the land the first mission is basically picking your choice of a clan if you help the peasantry be in the dragon clan if or if you destroy them then you're going to be with the serpent man basically the two lands are the righteous.

 And the weekend respective waves and they are two different pants even if the hump in maps are mostly the same yes the storyline is 90 percent or maybe 75 percent the same but without quite different set up like the Zen masters you will get within the story and basically how can he talks interrupts with what is happening in the story the Dragon Clan makes him calm and he show sympathy with others while on the other circle and he just wants tales and he is so violent he wants to destroy the other clan anyway in Zen masters are basically heroes of the clans and you can keep them if you manage to recruit them in a mission and they did not die in that same mission what I like about the story is they are branch before each mission you are given two to three choices on what province you have to take that each map differs from each other giving this game high replayability.
Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf - Full PC Game Download

If you want to take another path though I wish you can repeat certain missions rather than starting all over again if you only use one save file what I hate about it now is you're always against all odds and there's almost a variety of mission all campaigns are basically destroyed other clan and that's it there is no cop a in an omission it's all on you I guess it's fine since it's a 2001 game but for me it would be much more immersive is there some mission that you have to save a village or like ginger with the serpent clan and you as a dragon clan attacking the wolf and Lotus can it is one of the reasons why I'm so in love with the campaign mode of Warcraft 3 because of those types of mission though there are some missions like the 1st and 2nd serpent whole mission wherein you have to fight to cleanse at the same time the first one is just a deathmatch while the other one is you have to fight to cleanse in which they are allied to each other which is unfair to be honest about the winter of the wolf story it's basically the regions of the Wolf Clan,

And how they get away from their slavery from the Lotus but it is quite short and it is not branch there are new added units and Zen masters and some new upgrades here and there but nothing really stands out about it but I actually like great back story rather than Ken's journey maybe it's because the wolf is my favorite clan + dogs and all friends are the two unique lands among them,

Anyway battle rooms is inspired with Japanese culture and mythology and it is really obvious at first glance from the intro from the music and from everything the maps are very detailed and very well made most of them they are quite large in fact you can actually hide in the corner of the map and it will take several minutes just to find you Karkare mallets are remarkably made for a 2001 game they are distinguishable at best but you will notice that the graphics dead age well throughout the years as you can see how block the or when you zoom in the cutscenes suffer so bad about it as it doesn't have a separate animation instead they used to cut your models and zoom it real real close the voice acting is ok but there are times that the force acting feels so forced but there are also times the voice acting is just superb and really fits it to the theme of the game.

 The animations for the battles are just splendid and full of martial arts moves there are several variations of

animations but each unit and that just looks beautiful when playing the game especially if there are many of them fighting in the field there are four clans playable in battle realms these are the dragon the serpent the wolf and the lost clan each have their own advantages and disadvantages though the serpent and dragon clans are almost identical in terms of everything since they feel like the traditional clans though the Lotus and wolf grunts both of you type of Units and skills giving them a fresh new look among the clans.

The Wolf Clan is basically the barbaric clan in the game while the lordís is mostly composed of abominations and magic graph just like any other realtime strategy you have a base in it which is the peasant and finally this is the most important unit on the entire game why because they build your buildings they harvest rice and water which are the main resources in the game you can also train horses and the most important thing is they are trainable to be a warrior to be used in combat yep one of the unique concepts of battle rooms is that you have to train peasants to become a warrior but that is not where it ends there are three training rounds for your peasant to train you can train them to all of those and with each rounds increases their tier by one there are three tiers but Lotus and Wolf have a fourth one giving them a nice variety and uniqueness once again for Dragon its third gear warrior is the samurai the serpent has Ronan and the wolf has Berserker in the Lotus has a warlock but that is not everything you can build a whole army of orlick's or any dirtier warriors but they can easily be defeated by a secondary army that may even consists of some first there since there are different types of melee and range this can be categorized as cutting blunt fire magic piercing and explosive it has this rock-paper-scissors concept but much complex and I actually like it there's a lot of variety to play the game and even the lower tiers have very useful in battle you can also upgrade your units but it comes with a price every time you engage a battle with the enemy you gain in or young depending who you are using dragon and wolf are both keen while the serpent and autos are both young in obviously shows the light righteousness or freedom while the young is too greed for power and darkness you can also use this to summon Zen masters if you have a Kip so it gives you encouragement to engage in battles also I love how all units have different dialogues the bracken music is nice and very soothing to listen to and the ambience overall is just great it is just perfect for its Japanese theme there is also a map editor for battle realms it is pretty basic and easy to use but it is also very limited in my honest opinion you can play around it and use it on skirmish mode finally let us do the verdict story well I give it a 72 out of 100 I love how it is branch for Kansas journey and I wish they could with gray back - but to get us have all the nicest thing can we it would be also nice if this order has some variety to it.

Yes this horde is all about conquering the lands but giving it like three or four more goals fronting and the same destroy everything 90% of the time it's just flat-out tall especially if you're planning to play continuously graphics I give it a 73 out of 100 from the time it was released the graphics look pretty great and I was really amazed by it and then I first saw it but it did not really aged that well and and the katzie's are just pretty horrible in my opinion animations are good though especially the battle animations it looks really really amazing gameplay would be 85 out of 100 it is one of the finest gameplay in the genre I loved it so much even now it's never boring to play it many people say it is imbalance in the locust is overpowered it is just because the game doesn't have a proper tutorial regarding the witness and strengths of each unit but all-in-all the gameplay is very solid and it is really fun once you get into it sound would be 65 out of 100 the voice acting here is quite mix some parts well most parts are bad but some are quite good well that's just my honest opinion I never like changes voice ginger or Dharma they are like really force and like when they are having these freaking dialogue things its cringe-worthy but yeah I like the dragon music and the ambience when I playing it I also like how everyone is moist out with different dialogues so yeah replay value would be 73 out of 100 like I said the story is branching testing everything/

What would take a while though I wish there could be a replay mentioned for the campaign but then again the game could be boring after you do a dragon in serpent clan it will be hard to play each clan just to see what if I choose that path fail the expansion pack though gives some nice addition and everything to play more skirmish games and now the verdict is seventy three point six out of 100 battle realms is solid and one of the finest realtime strategy when it first launched and even today it is still fun to play and actually really balanced compared to what others have been saying it actually sucks there is no sequel for this impressive game though there are rumors that will will be a sequel later in the future we will just have to find out you can grab it on GOG for 9.99 dollars and I think ready for its price though if you can get it cheap much better thank you guys for watching my review for this console game I do hope you like it give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends.