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Bayonetta - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Bayonetta - Full Version PC Game Download Torrent

Bayonetta - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Bayonetta - Full PC Game Download Torrent

It turns out the announcement on the sega countdown site actually was for just a release is not an announcement I thought I get out obviously people can do more in detail ones than I can I'm sure digital foundry is going to do one foot I thought I'd do a quick one because I know people are going to be on the fence about ports that hear that there's been some problems with the Nayar port so I wanted to get this out as soon as possible I have not tested the keyboard and mouse controls but I'm sure you remember toukiden 2 did not have keyboard it didn't have mouse controls at all so if for some reason you want to play this on a keyboard which the whole dodge offset mechanic sounds like a nightmare you have that available pretty much all this other stuff is identical to the way it was before they have also added Japanese voices which is something that's not been in any of the other versions the controller supports it's pretty you know standard bare-bones it does not natively supports your DualShock 4 controller so if you're playing on a ps4 controller like I am you will have to use DSS or Windows or the steam beta client to you know make it think that it's a xbox controller everything is set to default the default controls are pretty much the same as they would be on any of the other versions now the graphics I'm going to go ahead and post my stats or my specs in the description I have it on high right now and I have not had any performance issues at all as you can see here the VRAM usage is about 1/4 of what I have available on my graphics car which is a gtx 750ti it runs fine so you can you can even tweak it up even more but I figure since I'm on you know a mid-range computer I don't really care and this game is a you know it's still a very Brown still a very uh you know sepia toned game for most of it so I don't know how much this stuff matters but it definitely does look and perform a lot better than the other versions I'm going to go ahead and play through the prologue really quick so you guys can see some.

You guys can hear me talk now mod supports I really don't know how that's going to work I know that Metal Gear Rising revengeance which is the first platinum port does not really have any major mods I think that they got as far as making jet stream Sam playable in the campaign I don't know much about that community I don't know if that was just because you know it's not on empty framework which is why a lot of the other character action games on Steam like Dragon's Dogma and EMT 4 and all those games have like heavy mod supports because that engines been figured out but with this I don't know what's going to happen I'm sure there will probably be at least the cheat engine table someone will probably come up with a way to just make like a bloody palace or something reading like edited enemies and though even the tales of verse area has that right now so if you're buying this room odds I would not hold your breath you should probably wait and see what's going to happen if there's a cheat engine table I'm definitely going to let people know because then I've played through this game so much I'm not terribly interested in playing through with the vanilla I kind of just got this four mods and maybe a cheat engine table and stuff like that so we'll see what happens.

so I'm just going to go ahead and play through the campaign so you guys can see some quick footage the Cup teams are still 30fps which is pretty standard so you're expecting us

all that to be fixed like the TNT porch you can tell I am NOT placed in life I also don't have any of the good news don't have that Roberta caper sauce head drops down.

I don't even have a singer right now it's pretty much just loaded up the game tested it out and made this video the load times are a lot better I'm not running a crazy solid-state hard drive or anything I had to remove my solid-state drive the last time I got like a peer fix thank you Bill.

so these load times are probably going to be pretty standard for most people I think I only have like accepted RCS I think is equivalent to what's in a tent for that part of the game that it does not seem to be any kind of extra features like the Metal Gear Rising port which had the little boss rush thing that you could do which is I could say that's kind of a hit against a game because I'm sure you know this is one of the comedic games of 10 which means that it has a lot of you know fluff in the game there's the big space barrier section game like that not going to be able to give any of that without the five o'clock 14-inches table so they kind of sacrificed all you know extra features with those just having a solid roller which is probably fine for some people but maybe people who are looking to do like comedy you're probably going to have to wait a while there's some time awkward - cut the full moves it played so long.

very difficult to get a cut for not having it be like right there I tried to hear dodge the increased performance is definitely going to help with something she remember pretty much every other version of the seeing the 60s was more of a suggestion than a right you know it was stare wasn't wanted to be but there were a lot of times where the game dips pretty significantly whereas here it's pretty much rock solid 60fps you get fast load times and I'm sure there will be some kind of modifications for the game at some point how far it goes really depends on you know how moddable the game is how dedicated the community is seems to be quite a bit of hype for this port I hope that there will be some mods honestly probably not going to play this much at all until there's some mods for I'd like to unlock the psiphon with a cheat engine table and probably just get like you know the Angel Slayer unlocked and maybe edit some enemies and stuff like that but we'll see what happens I will definitely keep people posted on that regard anyway I hope this helps I wanted to get this out as soon as possible it is a really really great port it's definitely missing some bells and whistles there's not much of a reason to buy this you know unless you're you know really into performance or you just want to play on PC or your old consoles just aren't with you anymore there aren't really any extra features right now but now this may end up being a DMC for PC where there's a so many extra features that actually make it way better than the console versions anyway catch guys later.