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Ben 10 - Full Version PC Game Download Torrent

Ben 10 - Full Version PC Game Download Torrent

Ben 10 - Full Version PC Game Download Torrent

Ben 10 - Full Version PC Game Download Torrent

Hello lords and ladies.

Welcome back to Cartoon Hangout, your place for all things cartoon.

I’ve always been meaning to do more reviews of games based on cartoons ever since my last one, but alas it just didn’t work out.

Well luckily I got my hands on this, uh, gem?

And I’m gonna tell you about my experiences with the Ben 10 reboot’s first official video game.

Developed by Outright Games, the same folks behind that one Adventure Time game I covered maybe a year or so ago, the new Ben 10 game is pretty much what you’d expect.

In this game you progress through various levels, pounding away at enemies with all 10 of Ben’s aliens.

Each alien has their strengths and according to the loading screens are better against certain enemies, though I never explicitly saw any evidence of this.

There’s quite a bit of variety thanks to Ben 10’s aliens, as there should be, but you can also upgrade each alien 3 times in order to make the most of their abilities.

Speaking of you have three methods of attack.

The regular attack, an alien ability that ranges from Four-Arms picking enemies up and throwing them to XLR8 briefly slowing time down the longer you hold the button and allowing you to attack and knockdown enemies, and an ultimate.

Don’t get too excited, it’s not the Ultimate alien forms we saw in the later sequels of Ben 10.

No, in this game your Ultimate is basically one giant attack that will usually wipe the screen of enemies.

You’ll build this ‘meter’ by attacking enemies, countering attacks, and so on.

You don’t really need to use it sparingly as you’ll get plenty of chances to rebuild it.

From what I experienced, the combat never got too boring thanks to the various aliens.

And the game is easy enough that you won’t have too much trouble unless you go up against some tough enemies with a wrong alien, but again, I managed to make due with whatever my go-to fave was.

As far as levels go, this is sorta where things become a littler underwhelming.
Ben 10 - Full Version PC Game Download Torrent

Going into this game I was under the idea the game was 8 hours long.

That’s not a bad length and while it could certainly be longer, I figured that meant there some meat to this game.

But instead the game only has 3 bosses and 6 levels.

You can beat the game in about 2 hours or so.

I suppose for who this game may be marketed to that’s not a bad run time, but for the older Ben 10 fan you may be left disappointed at how little there is to do.

There are 2 levels per boss.

The City and The Funhouse are Zombozo’s, The Scrapyard and Hive are Queen Bee, and the final two levels are the Weatherheads.

There isn’t much to the levels themselves aside from some basic platforming moments, a few places you need a specific alien, and 3 hidden Sumo cards.

Outside of these cards the levels hold no replay-ability and they’re generally so sparse you won’t want to return to them.

The Sumo cards are the only collectible in the game and collecting them all will unlock…big head mode.

Yup, that mode you thought died two generations ago makes a return in this game.

It’s silly and unexpected, but not really worth collecting the cards.

Though I guess we’re lucky it’s only 3 cards per level and they’re not too hard to find, though some require a certain alien to gain access.

So if you want to replay through the game with all the characters with big heads, then go ahead and make sure to collect these.

The real bit of variety in terms of levels would be the boss fights, which take place in custom arenas suited for each boss.

There’s only 3 of these, which is a bit sad considering the amount of foes at the developer’s disposal.

I can only imagine this game was in development before the show was finished, otherwise what reason would they have for just 3 bosses in a Ben 10 game?

Then again…there’s 6 levels and the game is 2 hours long, so in what world would this take that long to make?

Zombozo as the first boss is really easy.

Just avoid his traps and punch whatever blinking button appears.

Easy peasy.

Queen Bee is a little harder to avoid attacks, that or it’s just me, but a window of attack will appear every time she lands so yeah.

The only boss I had a hard time beating was the final one and that’s just because I had a difficult time avoiding the various attacks he’d dish out.

If this game weren’t for little kids and there weren’t any lives or game overs, I can imagine I would have to restart that fight numerous times.

After you complete the game that’s it.

Unless you missed some cards or reaaaally want to get all the trophies there’s no other reason to play this game.

There’s not much replayability that I can see.

As my first Ben 10 game, it’s all rather disappointingly average.

However, for a game that’s modeled after a reboot I dislike?

It’s not as eye-gouging as I expected.

I mean, grapihcally it could look better or take more advantage of the current gen consoles, but it’s not ugly and the cel-shaded style looks nice.

The voice actors reprise their role and capture the tone of the show great.

The only other disappointing element is the story is non-existent.

Each set of levels act almost like a typical 11 minute episode of the show (hell, there’s a trophy requiring you beat each level in under 15 minutes for crying out loud).

Just without any of the thin plot you’d find in all of that.

So that’s a bit of a bummer.

I may hate the show but even I’d have preferred some sort of structure tying all of the levels together, but nope.

Just a bunch of standalone ‘episodes.’

which seems to be a running trend as the same can be said of Outright Games’ previous game, Adventure Time.

So in conclusion I’d give this game maybe a 7 out of 10.

It’s not a bad game, it looks good, runs fairly well despite a dangerously bad glitch in the Canyon level that made me have to quit my game to fix it, and isn’t that much of a chore to complete.

It’s certainly something that little kids will likely have some fun with.

However, if you’re an older fan I wouldn’t really recommend this unless you’re dying of curiosity.

There’s no compelling story to hold you over and the game is just way too short.

If you do get it, get it on sale.

I can’t suggest it otherwise.

And that’s all I have to say on Ben 10.

Have any of you played it?

What are your thoughts on it?