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BioShock Infinite - Full Version PC Game Download Torrent

BioShock Infinite - Full Version PC Game Download Torrent

BioShock Infinite - Full Version PC Game Download Torrent

BioShock Infinite - Full Version PC Game Download Torrent

I chose something different I chose the impossible I chose this few game series it seemed to divide fans as much as Bioshock does I mean anyone who's played any of these games has a real staunch opinion on which they think is the best but I think most people would agree that irrational games kind of shit the bed a little bit with BioShock Infinite released in 2013 for the PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows it received glowing praise from critics but then again that's pretty standard for most triple-a titles anyway the next Call of Duty game could be a turd in a case and it would still get eights and nines out of ten you know what maybe shitting the bed isn't the best analogy to use and when I say this I don't mean in terms of the visuals or the gameplay moreso a storyline that is oddly confusing and often doesn't make a lick of sense to make matters worse it keeps digging the hole deeper and deeper right through to the game's ending which is a kaleidoscope of bad ideas now at the time there was two groups of gamers both praising and condemning this game and upon release both of them had good and bad points which I'm going to try to address in this review I think I should mention I'm going to be talking about a few minor plot points and if you think that's going to spoil the game for you sonny jim then skip ahead to the timecode on the screen so the game opens up with a protagonist the Booker being dropped at a light house in the middle of the ocean and shortly after this you're launched into the sky and told your mission is to find and rescue a girl being held hostage in the floating city of Columbia.

However the place under rule by a man called Comstock I'm just after it turns out booger has some kind of debt that he has to deal with and rescuing this girl from this magical floating city is apparently the only way he can do this now I'm one of the few people who doesn't have a problem with the whole floating city idea I mean it's no more fantastical than a city under the sea so let's just roll with it moving on despite multiple warnings for booger to stay undetected he participates in some kind of sideshow and totally blows his cover like an asshole.
BioShock Infinite - Full Version PC Game Download Torrent

After killing a few dozen innocent people he meets up with a girl he's supposed to rescue who looks and talks like a Disney Princess and the two you were then on the run from Comstock's men Yuri huh well enough despite being a shut-in her entire life Elizabeth is a social butterfly and Booker convinces her to come along with him under the guise he's gonna take her to Paris we learned she's some kind of freak of nature who has the ability to open portals to other dimensions what the game of first two as tears Oh No there's some really cool sequences where they explore this idea and develop the relationship between the two characters and you really see how much he flourishes after escaping confinement of course it doesn't last all that long as the two get separated over a disagreement then Booker ends up having to a sister militia group called the Vox Populi.

In acquiring a bunch of weapons for an uprising against Comstock Elizabeth then joins up with him again as she's left with them alternatives and then they end up having to go through alternate dimensions because the dimension they inhabit has had events unfold in certain ways that prevent them from getting these weapons for the militia or something like that and this is where things start to get really confusing in the second half of the game it gets even more confusing when time-travel is introduced and this is what people mean when they talk about how stupid the story is in this game it's like a little kid making up the rules to a game he's playing in the backyard with his friends and siblings to suit his own purposes you know that friend we all had in school you're playing cops and robbers in the backyard and you're like hey I shot you you're dead and he goes no I had a bulletproof vest on the whole time I think we all had a friend like that you know who you are Darrel BioShock Infinite also lacks the multiple endings and moral choices of the prior games as well there's moments where you're forced to make binary decisions but they don't ultimately affect the ending at all and some of them are just cosmetic like this yes and in the burn we're really dead stay.

Where you are for a game that tries to do so many things it ultimately lacks any real consequences or any choices that have a meaningful effect on the story or effect a game in any real way the one on the right are you sure now that's all I'm going to say about the story in this game there's plenty of people out there who have done these forty minute long Wikipedia style videos about what is wrong with the plot in this game and they'd cover it far better than I ever could but I do think they're missing the fact that underneath all of this is still a competent shooting game instead of plasmids the game uses something called Biggles and Eve is replaced with salts which function entirely the same and a lot of these Vigors are carbon copies of those from Bioshock 1 and 2 shock-jock you for instance is basically the same as electro bolt and murder of crows is near identical to insects form but how infinite differs is you can now upgrade these plasmids two times which makes them crazy overpowered at the cost of it being expensive shit upgrading shop jockey allows it to chain to defeated enemies popping their heads like champagne corks in the process charge is a vigor that lets you ram into enemies for massive damage.

When it's upgraded it refills your shield upon contact with an enemy essentially making you temporarily unstoppable our possession allows you to turn enemies or turrets onto your side for a short period of time which is useful in large gun fights return to sender is like a small shield that captures bullets and projectiles allowing you to throw them back at your opponent similar to telekinesis from the prior game but I'd say my favorite is bucking bronco which launches enemies into the air and slams them down when you shoot them causing massive damage.

Unlike the previous game you get access to all of these throughout the campaign though you still have to decide which ones to spend your hard-earned cash on weapons can also be upgraded again at a high cost allowing increased damage accuracy reload times and so forth there's a bunch of different guns and then there's also alternate versions of these weapons as well which are like hand-me-down versions used by the Vox Populi the highest difficulty mode also lowers the amount of supplies you come across making your choices even more important even on the normal setting this is a pretty tough game but satisfying when you get that combination of weapons and vigorous that clicks it kind of takes on a whole new level and you really do feel like an absolute badass the music and sound effects during these moments really amps up heightening the frantic nature of the combat I think the only downside to the shooting is that it limits you to two weapons at a time but aside from this it's great fun summer Comstock's men are able to use Viggers against booker.

These guys can be tough as a coffin nail and on top of that you're also up against these big robots called
motorized Patriots which are kind of like watered-down Big Daddies that chase after you with a cranked gun spouting off patriotic jargon then there's the handymen which are like Big Daddies on steroids handy menopause sides put into mechanical suits that apparently causes some great pain as they lunge around beating the crap out of everything that gets in their way.

The combat areas are generally like these mini arenas giving you lots of opportunities for cover and utilizing Elizabeth abilities where you can open tears and spawning useful elements like spare ammunition health cover or even turrets and motorized Patriot aside from that you'll also throw booker ammo or other important items during mid fight what else it gives the combat a fair bit of depth are the skylines which are these roller coaster tracks that are weird throughout the city enemies will give chase if you're on these things and aside from being able to fire back when you're riding them you can also target an enemy leap off the track and obliterate them with a powerful melee head.

There's a lot of things to consider especially later in the game when all of these elements are present during gameplay and I just don't understand how some people could call the shooting boring in this game if you're getting cut to ribbons by a turret possess the damn thing and give yourself a bit of breathing room got a bunch of enemies firing at you welp stun them for a few seconds with murder of crows or just ignite the whole bunch with devils kiss I'm sorry but if you're just shooting everyone with a gun and complaining about how boring it is well you're not playing the game right another common complaint you often hear is how the level design is a lot more simpler than the pride games again I think that's total horseshit the levels of linear during those moments when you're being forced to progress onward which you're always free to go back and explore the area and there's a crapload of hidden content often rewarding you with extra gear items and ammo and we haven't even mentioned the downright gorgeous visuals on offer the amazing art style the weapon effects and the soundtrack Columbia is a gorgeous city brought to life by the Unreal 3 engine and aside from a few stale animations here and there this is a game with an incredible amount of visual polish and attention to data does this sound like the sort of thing you'd see in what people refer to as the worst game of 2014 and I think that's what split people up when it comes to BioShock Infinite people giving the game the high scores with doing so because they overlook the idiotic fallacies of the storyline and those giving it low scores for that very same reason overlooked how competent the shooting in the gameplay was I also think that both camps are letting their feelings for the developer get in the way that's your opinion it was well known at the time that director Ken Levine basically admitted he knew nothing about the subject matter in terms of the size of the whole thing and just included it because it seems sophisticated and whilst I don't think it deserves all the high praise it's still a Ness,just a shooting game as sure as hell doesn't deserve all the negativity some douchebag even wrote an article where he said it's the worst game he's played in recent memory.

Hey play more games hell just play Dead Island Riptide it came out a month after fly shock infinite and rethink that statement people who say it's the worst game of 2014 or even that is the worst game they've ever played need to re-evaluate what they consider to be a bad game BioShock Infinite is a guilty pleasure it's far from perfect but it's just so damn fun at times it's the result of hundreds of talented artists and animators creating a believable palpable world brought to life by a man who let his own ego get the best of it now look nothing against Ken Levine but it's plain to see that the guy didn't have enough people challenging him or arguing against certain elements when you wrote the story we've seen this kind of thing in movies all the time and it's the same thing with gaming don't tell me we've all forgotten daikatana in the ensuring DLC chapters burial at sea episode 1 & 2 which are great and mandatory to play there is a sense of resolution but the story in infinite does suffer all the same having said that I don't think it makes BioShock Infinite a bad game and I still think it's one of the more unique first-person shooters to come along in recent years and considering it's not just another one thing shooter where you're up against Russians or Middle Eastern terrorists there is a lot of enjoyment to be had was close.