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Bloody Spell - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Bloody Spell - Full PC Game Download Torrent

I believe we can all agree that there is no shortage of early access games as well as souls like games with the recent success of secular shadows die twice Jedi fallen order and most recently neo - these games are not going away anytime soon and for good reason, these games pride themselves on rewarding the player for skill and persistence in a variety of tough scenarios all this brings us to today's game bloody spell an early access title that attempts to tackle the soul's formula in its unique way does it succeed on what it offers so far.

It worth supporting another title instead so off the bat I ran into an issue I could not get my controller to work for the life of me so just to give you a bit of background I'm using an Xbox 360 controller for Windows I've never had this issue with any other games before including early access titles so I just resorted to use the mouse and keyboard which is not my preferred method for these kind of games but it surprisingly worked well and please know also that not everyone not really a lot of people seem to have the issue that I'm having so it may just be something local I don't know so I started with the tutorial which is where you get a first glimpse of the combat in just how fast it is there's a lot of typical mechanics to expect like the lock on the block the dodging mechanics you have your weak and strong attack buttons but the speed of the combat is more like neo and features different combos like Devil May Cry so it's very interesting in that regard you can also unlock these two the more you use a particular weapon but the biggest difference between this and other Souls games is there's literally no stamina bar so it's more based on reflexes and momentum rather than just stamina management so speaking of weapons there's four type of weapons there's swords gauntlets spear sticks that's what they call it and blade which is giant sword my favourite is the spear stick for the area of effect attacks I also enjoyed blade which is again the giant sword for just how massive the sword is and the damage output is ridiculous there's also the staff in halberd I saw this in the weapons.
Bloody Spell - Full PC Game Download Torrent

You know there's none that exist right now from what I can tell but they appear to be on the way so we'll look out for that so enough with the tutorial I started with my campaign on Normal difficulty you wake up in a cell which is very common for these kind of games honestly so you grab a weapon and start taking out the enemies which I saw a stick so beat them up put a stick you can do this stealthily as well which the game encourages you and all the levels in the game encourage you to use stealth the issue I have with stealth though is the bigger enemies cannot be executed which is the stealth kill I'm not sure why it's like this because you would think like if you can stealth kill you would try to take out the biggest opponents but apparently those you have to face head-on so it is what it is hopefully that's not a case later on maybe do something like 50% damage or 75 I don't know just something that you can do so the gameplay loop boils down to killing the enemy with the key in the area to unlock the gate to proceed to the next area however you sometimes don't need to get the key if you can find a secret route to get around the gate certain levels have this and it is another way this game encourages exploration and it also does this too with secret areas that contain treasures so treasure chests are randomly placed in each area containing money health some treasures can only be unlocked beating this minigame as you see right here which is a pretty interesting puzzle basically you got to clear the way and put the key in so it's pretty cool it works well enough and can be quite challenging at times and just like any good Souls like game dying will also happen it sends you back to the beginning of the level.

Right before a boss fight if you touch a lantern so the game will reset the level with your path slightly changing it randomizes the layout a little bit in the order that you see something it's not too drastic, to be honest, but it's a nice feature and I hope that's expanded upon so there is no traditional level up instead you find blood Amber's that level up a specific skill either active or passive and for active skills,

you can equip three at a time and these can range for something like I'll give you a temporary attack boost or to do like a powerful attack or something like that and for your passive, it's what you would expect you know to increase your health increase you're a damage output your defence so on and so forth and there's also some pretty unique passives as well so it's pretty good what they have on offer with the money you find you can find stores or these pillar things that are stores and you can buy Amber's and equipment use the bloodstones that you find throughout the game and that is your currency when playing the game one of the things I've realized is that there's far more emphasis on platforming than other Souls games but thankfully it works well because there's a dedicated jump button and also air dashing and a grappling hook so it has a bit of a dynasty Warriors 9 vibe to it and I don't want to get killed for saying that or to say anything wrong haha.

you'll get what I mean is you play it so boss fights are expected and they're okay some are very interesting and challenging while others are just cheap and not fun to fight at all especially in certain circumstances given your limited skills and equipment available at that time the story is OK and the premise is alright I mean it's a brother trying to find his sister the biggest issue with the story though is it suffers from bad translation a lot of the lines are spoken but some are just not translated at all so it leads to some confusion on the story of what is being said at least for us English audiences there also some strange inclusions that can be immersion breaking there are powerful treasures that can be found as well as treasures that make you turn female the outfits they give you are just plain ridiculous I mean this is nuts more cosmetics can also be bought as DLC and I don't really like early access DLC honestly I don't blame these guys for this for doing what they do.

I blame arc because this is where this crap started and now they set the precedents because of how successful that game is and now all these early access titles believe they can do it as well I mean at the end of the day it's just cosmetic so I guess it's okay but still, I mean this game is still in early access it's not like the game is released or anything thankfully there's more than just the story mode features four extra modes to play around with the first one are gonna discuss is the arena mode.

it's one-on-one combat with the AI all boss fights um it could be pretty fun uh with correctly timing your hits as all the combat is so it's enjoyable enough I suppose but very difficult next is a practice mode so it's in Chinese and the instructions are not translated you can use the minus and keys to select the enemy and press the enter button to release them not much to say here it's a nice little practise mode to try out against the different enemies so it can be fun now the bloody palace is a survival mode with waves and waves of enemies coming at you I'm not gonna get too deep into this.

It's basically what you think it is just waves of and waves of enemies and you trying to survive as long as you can there's like ninety or hundred levels or something like that so good luck the last mode is called bloody hell mode it's similar to story mode with five levels to go through to unlock stuffs basically Cosmetics it's definitely great it's a lot of fun and it's these levels are very well designed but it just has one fatal flaw of you having to start over back to square one if you quit so there's no ending on level 3 or level 4 and then coming back to it no it's basically you have to get it done in one sitting unfortunately all these modes are definitely nice to have but not necessary to the core experience overall I want to see these modes to get more fleshed out especially the bloody hell mode maybe like a procedural generation with the levels or like you know like a true roguelike experience or something there's also a multiplayer mode that I didn't mention but I couldn't really get in contact or play with anyone so just gonna skip on that one I mean outside of the translation issues and arrows the Polish is actually pretty good I mean the framerate was stable I didn't really run into any game breaking bugs or performance issues.

And with the success of this game you know growing and growing hopefully they can really iron that out and make this available for us english-speaking people overall I would say this game definitely have some upside especially with the combat I had a lot of fun with that and I'm curious to see where it's gonna end up if they're gonna add more combos the staff and a halberd see if that's gonna get thrown in there I'm really curious to see how that is gonna progress because it's a lot of fun so I would say the combat was it the combat itself exceeded my expectations I'm looking forward to where the story is gonna progress and hopefully we can see a little bit more on that front and also maybe a little bit more with the bloody hell mode or something like that basically I'm looking forward to the future of it and I would say yeah it's worth supporting now apologies for me being gone for a while I did have strep throat and I wasn't able to really talk or use my voice at all it was pretty bad but now I'm all fully sat and recovered.