Blur - Full Version PC Game Download Torrent

Blur - Full Version PC Game Download Torrent

Blur - Full Version PC Game Download Torrent

Blur - Full Version PC Game Download Torrent

The great thing with racing games is you could pick them up whenever you like and get in a few matches and not be concerned with remembering what's happened in the story or what save spot to load up you just get instant action Bizarre Creations and Activision's latest racing gambler is Mario kart on crack and it completely satisfies the craving to get your latest fix of instant action when I've got some friends over and probably resort to handle the controller back and forth with dirt 2 because Mario Kart just doesn't do it for us we needed a multiplayer racing game with power-ups and intense in-your-face action and blur has filled that gap released on May 25th for the Xbox 360 ps3 and pc for 60 bucks.

Here's blur yeah there is no story blur supports a pretty lengthy single-player campaign as well as four players split-screen land play and matches over PSN and Xbox Live the multiplayer game is similar to modern warfare 2 and that you level up by winning matches and scoring points which in turn allows you to play additional game types like Destruction Derby no powerup races and team games as well as unlock better cars and mods also at level 50 you'll unlock a legend mode like prestige in modern warfare 2 that gives you a legend car with a special paint job and resets your stats to level 1 and you can do this 10 times I clocked in around 25 hours or so on the normal difficulty setting and got through most of the single-player levels though I didn't unlock everything the campaign is broken down by opponent and each opponent will have six tracks that they'll race you in with a set of goals that you must achieve before they'll race you one-on-one for their ride and special mod.

There are three types of matches race which is your standard race against up to 20 people in which you've got to get 1st through 3rd to complete its destruction which is a race against the clock to destroy as many cars as possible and checkpoint which is a race against the clock to complete the track there are about 100 total cars to unlock in the game which a lot of them are simply variations of the same model each with different stats like speed acceleration grip and hit points there's also a pretty complex trophy system that's going to take some serious playtime to achieve them all as you've got to do some pretty crazy things the basic gameplay mechanics revolve around collecting lights to unlock additional levels and vehicles you earn lights for placing 1st through 3rd and an extra one for gaining a certain number of fans per level and another for completing a fan challenge you gain fans by doing cool in each level like shooting missiles at other vehicles or pushing them off a cliff.

The fan challenge in each level is running through 12 strategically placed gates in a given time period this is actually much easier said than done though as you've got 19 other bastards shooting missiles up your ass and pushing you all over the track the entire race speaking of there are eight different power-ups that you'll get to utilize in each race including EMP bolts that shoot to the front of the pack homing and non homing missiles mine's a barge that moves cars around a nitro a shield and repair each car has a given number of hit points and if you run out of them you wreck and respawn back on the track a few seconds later the game is intense and crazy as hell and like Mario Kart you can go from first to last place in a matter of seconds and just as quickly the opposite the drivability of the vehicles is pretty realistic but if you ever fall off the track or get turned sideways or backwards it will simply place you back on the track in the correct direction though you'll lose a few valuable seconds with that though the game is actually pretty difficult especially if you're grinding out all the lights right around the 3rd opponent the game gets significantly more difficult and will likely frustrate you a while until you practice a bit unlike so many other racing games there's actually no modding of your vehicles and blur beyond simply changing your color or selecting your special power up free trays but all in all you've got a ton to do in this game if you try to unlock everything you're going to get in some serious playtime I thought the race and checkpoint game types were really fun every time but the destruction matches got pretty stale up to the first opponent nonetheless speeding through a track at 200 miles per hour firing constant power-ups in a pack of 20 cars is amazing there's no denying that the graphics and blur are beautiful to me.

The game is the power-up mechanics of Mario kart meets the racing style of dirt to meets the visual appeal of geometry Wars there aren't any cutscenes besides the game's introduction and tutorials and the only voice actor is real-world racing star Danica Patrick who serves as a narrator between events the sound settings in the game are pretty cool though because you can actually customize how you want to hear the surround sound for each speaker if you have the proper setup the sound effects are kick-ass but the soundtrack is kind of bland I prefer the punk or alt-rock licensed soundtrack of dirt to over the repetitive techno beats of blur.

all-in-all blur is a pretty damn good racing game the power-ups make racing interesting and the speed and handling of modern non-cartoony vehicles is kick-ass the graphics are beautiful but the soundtrack is pretty bland if you've got some friends over you've got local support a four-player split-screen or an elegant online levelling up system to keep you occupied for hours upon hours in addition to the lengthy single-player campaign.

 I'm not sure I'll ever play Mario Kart again now that I've got this kick-ass title in my collection obviously if you aren't into racing games this is a title you'll want to look past but if you like the
action-packed intense in-your-face racing with power-ups blur is a game you should check out what's your favourite racing game leave your questions and comments below.

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