BorderLands 2 - Full PC Game Download Torrent

BorderLands 2 - Full PC Game Download Torrent

BorderLands 3 - Full PC Game Download Torrent

BorderLands 3 - Full PC Game Download Torrent

The equivalent of that friend that everyone has you know the one who quotes random movies television shows and video games as a substitute for coming up with something funny on their half the time you laugh the other time you wonder what the hell they're talking about okay so there might be a bit harsh Borderlands to a still enjoyable game in its own right but it is that time it's one of the most obnoxious and ludo shooters ever maybe it's constantly trying to ramage humour down the player's throat amazingly it still got a pretty solid player base even all these years later and it was kept on life support for a while by all the DLC they released as well it's infamous for being written by Anthony Burton for some of its questionable writing but the real question is is there a game worth playing underneath or the pandering and forced humour well let's dive right in and find out shall we play this game.

Following on from the events in the first game you once again assume the role of a vault hunter a morally ambiguous character on the planet Pandora in search of fame and fortune after the demise of the destroyer by the vault hunters in the original game Pandora has been flooded with an important resource called iridium and a fellow called handsome Jack working for the Hyperion corporation attempts to bring law and order back to the planet by utilizing iridium draw power in the game's opening the new cast of vault hunters are left for dead after being attacked by Jack and shortly after that rescued black claptrap units supposedly the last claptrap units still in working order then you begin a long journey to the city of the sanctuary the epicentre for the fight against Hyperion at this point you'll meet up with the characters from the previous game all of whom now have backstories personalities and their motives and agendas you'll never get me alive you robotic selfish.

There's real disarray between the original bolt hunters and the rule but completely lost until the play shows up aided by the mysterious angel with the ultimate goal being to bring them all back together to take the enhancer jack I'd say that handsome jack is hands-down the most interesting character in the entire game and compared to the first game which didn't have a definitive antagonist he takes on that much-needed role with a lot of gusto I heard everybody who ever really talked much and so I left you for dead hey you go freeze to death out there probably not.

BorderLands 3 - Full PC Game Download Torrent
The first game you choose a class two players so there's an accident the commando who functions like Roland originally did throwing out a turret as you special ability Maya the siren functions a little bit like Lillith able to hold a single enemy in stasis allowing focused and increased damage zero is an assassin who's a bit more unique able to cloak through pure at the time and attack from the shadows with a powerful melee attack though he's kind of hard to get the hang on Salvador is a pint-sized pissed-off little dude who can duel world guns when he enters his gun zurka mode once you've spent a bunch of points to do each skill it can get to the point where you're almost perpetually in guns er'ka mode and can fire away on enemies almost uninterrupted later down the track gearbox would also add in why the macro Manta as still see who can spawn a mobile mech that runs around attacking enemy the other DLC character was Krieg the psycho abandoned turned good he relies on melee attacks and having low health points to Buffy's abilities and as such he isn't all that much fun.

Borderlands 2 has a whole lot of content base game alone will easily take up with the ten to fifteen hours on a first-time playthrough and that's for a single character then you've got a couple different new game+ modes which are challenging as all hell not to mention the half dozen or so different DLC packs which contain their mini-campaigns on top of everything else now I've played four lens for upwards of 100 hours on the PC and I still haven't even maxed out a single character that's the amount of value you're getting out of the whole thing I'm going tell me much like the first game - there's a shitload of different guns you come across some of which are preset and always drop from certain quests or certain enemies but most of which are just randomly found in the environment you're in quests and much like the first game I'd say 90% of these guns are utterly useless Borderlands 2 introduces the golden chest which is a weapons test that can spawn an infinite amount of times as long as you've got enough golden keys until then gain the weapons you get from the golden chests are always going to be superior to what you'll find naturally by playing the game.

It's easy to accumulate a few hundred keys from the very ship codes gearbox has been sending out over the years of course if you want you can still play the game normally and just use the guns you come across but it leaves you with the mercy of the game's RNG system the shooting has been given a bit more depth since the first game weapons still have elemental effects but now the type of element you use against which enemy can have a huge effect and if you don't have the right gun for the right enemy type it can be a lot tougher than it should be using acid weapons against robots is an absolute must and using fire weapons against human opponents more so the type of gun you're using can make or break how well you do in the game and it can kind of detract a little bit from the skill or the whole thing I mean you could do the most accurate person in the world but if you're using the wrong gun against the wrong enemy it won't mean diddly-squat in terms of a looter shooter though there really is it all that much to complain about with Borderlands - I mean you're constantly leveling up unlocking new skills and upgrading your character as you progress through the campaign so admissions offer up fun little distractions and if you ever get bored of a certain class it's easy enough to start from scratch I pick another I initially hated Borderlands 2 because I chose to play as 0 then after a couple of hours I bit the bullet and started again as accident and I found it a lot more fun and I don't think there's anything wrong with that I mean one man's trash is another man's treasure and the way the game can be customized for each player's personal preference has to be commended.

one thing that's undeniably solid about Borderlands 2 is the presentation running on the Unreal 3 engine it brings back the cel-shaded art style and looks even better than the first game every single area you visit looks different than the last and the enemy variety is much greater with some awesomely bizarre new creation most of the voice acting is pretty good with the dialogue for the bandits again just being downright hilarious at times I particularly like the dialogue from the Goliath well the music is just amazing composed by Jesper Kyd it was honestly never done a bad soundtrack in his life and this has to be one of his best the way it ramps up dynamically during combat is totally kick-ass and it's some of the most unique music you're ever going to hear in a first-person shooter but it's the storyline and some of the writing where things start to fall apart and as I said before ball ends - is kind of obnoxious in the way it throws these constant pop-culture references in your face one series of side missions in the game almost constantly references the film Top Gun even down to a volleyball match between shirtless oiled-up bad guys you can be my wingman anytime there's a Wikipedia page that lists most if not all of these references and it's a god damn mile-long the moments in the game where it's not referencing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dark Souls and wine craft is when the writing actually shines but most of the time it feels like it's pandering to the lowest common denominator also the character tiny Tina can just go fuck yourself we all tell me you're coming I still all in for all that book club with general ransom so you got a hijack a train.

I guess the other problem with all this is how much it's going to timestamp the game I mean yo it's funny in 2012 but you think 10 years from now when someone's playing it they're going to understand an arrow to the knee reference it's also massively out of place when you go from this kind of humour to a dramatic cinematic where the main character whoever is killed off it's a really weird jump also when the villain in the game is the most likeable character you know you've messed up the playable characters don't talk that much in the original vault hunters returning as main characters just aren't all that relatable water Kai and brick are interesting I guess but Roland is boring and dry and Lilith is just a massive bitch she talks like a spoiled teenager and acts like an ice queen despite the lackluster writing.

There is still a solid game underneath everything and if you're just playing this game to kill things and get big guns well you probably won't be disappointed poor lends towards a hell of a lot of fun in co-op mode as well making enemies cover and increasing the rarity of loot you get there's a long campaign with a lot of ups and downs but the first thing I wanted to do when I finished it all those years ago which just hop right back into it into a new game plus mode and keep on going and out of all the games I own it's easily one of the games I've played the most over the years war lens 2 is still a little bit expensive considering how old it is but pick it up when it's on sale and it will be on sale and you'll get potentially hundreds of hours of gaming out of it if you can look past the obnoxious dialog in certain unbalanced sections of the game well there's a good time to be had.

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