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BorderLands 3 - Full PC Game Download Torrent

BorderLands 3 - Full PC Game Download Torrent

BorderLands 3 - Full PC Game Download Torrent

BorderLands 3 - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Borderlands 3 is it worth about let's read the words of the words the original shooter Lucha returns packing Brazilians of guns and mayhem fuelled adventure blast through new worlds and enemies and save your home from the most ruthless cult leaders in the galaxy yes guys Borderlands 3 is here and before we get into it this game has been tested on 1080 sorry no it hasn't one of my tone about it's being tested on a 1070 and 2080 both of them were in DirectX 11 I didn't bother with the DirectX 12 because it kind of warning that it wasn't optimized yet and it was still in beta so I thought why would I bother going into something like that's only gonna be disappointing and from reading the forums

a lot of people are having issues with that so I'm pleased that stayed away but anyway the game ran fine for me run fine for me part around the 1070 no real huge frame drops I'm not having any of the big problems other people seem to be having and I'm not saying that they're not having them problems there's clearly issues with the optimization of this game that need fixing I'm just thankful that I haven't had any iPad one crash no real frame drops to write home about or anything like that it's been running pretty fine for me to be honest there are issues with keybinds which is just absolutely despicable for a triple a game like this on PC I'm sick of having to say this when I'm reviewing games it's should be one of the first things you do  we don't all use controllers and we don't all use King was sad you can't rebind why because why is for fucking chat well what if I don't want to use why for chat while we're talking about bad things let's get into the story because what the story brings that's bad is characters NPCs who are just
BorderLands 3 - Full PC Game Download Torrent
cringe-worthy ly awful I think the first hour of the game is so embarrassing if he had kind of a mature guy and I'm very mature it's kind of like the kind of game that you would play when there's no one in the house because she'd be embarrassed if you walked in and says what are you doing why you playing a kids game there's that's how it feels
claptrap is just I want to kill him I want to just dismantle him I want to dismantle 'im and give him to the rag-and-bone man when he comes around it's all pop-culture references with the most nauseatingly cringe-worthy people and that was a shame because I know Borderlands has always been a bit like that but Borderlands used to be funny and I'm sorry but Borderlands 3 is about as funny as a kick in the bollocks half the time I have laughed at some things there are some really funny things in this that I have laughed at but it's just not as funny as Borderlands should be Borderlands has always been fun and this is just it's gone from funny to cringe and it's kind it's almost like trying to say hey we think that all gamers are the kinda gamers that go I can come in that you know we don't like that it's only a tiny small per cent of gamers that are like that the vast majority will be sensible people we aren't that person you know 

I think another weak area of this game is the enemies the Calypso twins they're just boring they're not funny they're cringy and you just hear them all the time shattering over the radio with shit jokes and just crap loot this far too much of it you spend so the see the game's 30 hours long if you take we're half the loot crate's it's

probably only 20 hours long that's how much loops in this game you spend more time looting crits checking stats on king guns to see if this one has a microbe per cent more accuracy and DPS than that one and then having to go back to your king spaceship this sanctuary to sell it because there are no cooking vendors anywhere near you you spend more time doing that than you do playing the King game I know people are gonna say how can you possibly complain about loot in the Ludus shooter but that's not how things work in real life

it's about limiting things about having the right amount of loot it's about balance all games are about balance you have to have the right amount and I just think there's a loot overload completely in this it just completely overwhelms you all the time and you don't have enough bearbank slots that's a big big problem you have to go and buy new bank slots but the cost a lot of money so you need more loot to hoard so you can sell it and it's just an endless cycle you can't win the loot will always win the loot pulls everybody the loot is the biggest baddest boss in the game it overwhelms you completely every time and just when you when you go out there with an empty inventory and you've got all that huge amount of inventory space loot will pour new again it's just overwhelming anyway there's probably more bad things but yes the car player the controls of the car are just why are we controlling the car with the mouse why why are we steering a car I put in the controls steer left and right as keys they don't work it's a stereo with the freaking Mouse and the cart combats rancid anywhere it really is but let's get on to the good stuff let's get under the good stuff there are some fully things in the game but not that many but the characters that you get are really good you've got Xin who he can make clones of himself that also deal damage and distract our players more's Maz rather who has the Big Mac that you can just dive into for a limited amount of time and you can really customize the shit out of that as well which is really really good you couldn't do that kind of stuff in in for the Borderlands you couldn't not the way you can do it in this one and it's a really good addition to the game and it's really badass as well especially later on in the game then you've got the hunters which have these pets which aren't kept shooting normal planing co-op we have 200 and the fourth had like pets and are kept shooting them all the time it was just damn confusing and then you have the siren who can is it a siren I think it's a siren shaken like swimmin phantom hands to hold enemies in place or smack them around a bit really really cool all of them are really

kill and you can mega customize them as well which is what I like but the weapons guys the amount of weapons in this game is in sin there are different manufacturers of weapons and each different manufacturer has a different kind of perk that each weapon does which is a cool thing

some of them fire rockets some of them have a shield some of the guns when you empty a clipper of our more the good leaps and runs after people it's just there are all kinds of really good weapons and you know at first when I started playing I thought this is bullshit this is a fact I even said it this is bullshit that - just making weapons for the hell of it and the weapons aren't enough different from each other I don't believe that is the case now after playing the game for probably out in all 15 16 hours the weapons do feel different they sound different and they are different and I love the weapons in this game

I love getting new weapons I'm still excited about picking up a new weapon especially if it's a curve I will use purple and blues now because to get that much of them and when you find the right weapon for you like I've got an SMG now a purple advocate SMG I'm about three levels higher than it and I'm gonna have to wave goodbye to it soon but it is phenomenally good it's a shredding machine I love it and I'm gonna miss it when I have when it just becomes not powerful enough as I'm getting up to harder and harder enemies and but that's how it is you get attached to the guns you'll throw most of them away but now and then you'll find like I found a great shotgun as well which I loved

and that's now long gone and sold to the junkman and you just look forward to the next one because you know that there are amazing weapons out there and it's just about finding them that's why you just came looting everything and this is also a spaceship the sanctuary spaceship which allows you to go to other planets as well you're not just on your home planet which you would in Borderlands 2 you go to different planets and they all look completely different as well and that's a nice touch to the developers have but I was going to say is on the sanctuary spaceship that you can fast travel to there's also a special

and that sells epic weapons and things like that of your level so there's there's a lot to do there's a hell of a lot to do in this game guys there's a hell of a lot to do and I am really enjoying the game now the first few hours I wasn't but I'm really now I'm just kind of switching off the the audio and we had of the voices I'm just zoning them out of my head because they're just to cringey and I'm just concentrating on a really good new - ooh - with some really really fun gunplay as well some of the boss fights is good most of them aren't unfortunately some of them are tough though some of them are really tough but you have some really epic fights some really good fights with about eight or nine different mobs really tough mobs as well with shields and different abilities it's quite a big variety of enemies that have come across in this and at the end of the day it's all about the fun and I'm having fun with it I'm really having fun with it it's one of the games that I'm gonna pick up and play.