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Borderlands - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Borderlands - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Borderlands - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Borderlands - Full PC Game Download Torrent

I think most people nowadays would associate board lands with the more recent games Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the pre-sequel with all of their annoying obnoxious pop culture and meme references which is fair enough as those of the game's most prominent in people's minds but I think few would remember the first Borderlands game in essence it's a stripped-back version of what the series has become with very little self-awareness quite difficult and brutal combat and a great rich game mode to explore on foot or in vehicles solo or cooperatively online released in 2009 for Microsoft Windows PlayStation 3 in the Xbox 360 Borderlands was at the time a really unique and enjoyable RPG slash first-person shooter and one that still largely holds up sticks years down the traffic set on the hostile planet of Pandora you assume the role of a vault hunter which are treasure-seekers who have come to the planet to seek out the vault a mysterious ancient crypt rumored to hold immense treasures along the way you guided by mysterious voice in your head and the hundreds of claptrap model robots stationed on the planet.

Now pandora is a dangerous place held under control by the Atlas corporation it was originally home to thousands of convicts used as slave labour who've now all been let off their leash so to speak and have taken up residence throughout the planet becoming bandits and wreaking havoc on the locals the planet itself is home to Skaggs which are like lore faced wolves that hunt in packs and live underground then you've got the rack which is flying creatures that also hunted packs and lastly various other hostile alien species of bugs that would like nothing more than to see a vault hunter on their dinner plate.

It's a fascinating setting with a real Mad Max in space a story that is surprisingly dark and morose at times all of the characters have these neat little comic-book style intros and overall there's quite a bit of charm to it.

I think the claptrap robots are real standout and also some of the dialogue from the bandits is pure gold it's great because no one talks like a 20-something-year-old who browses read it there's no lesbians or bisexuals who feel the need to frequently remind us of their sexual preference and dialogue is expositional not used as a means to regurgitate movie quotes or internet slang Borderlands runs on the Unreal 3 engine and everything has a cel-shaded almost cartoonish look that's very artistic.

Appealing the soundtrack is composed by Jesper Kyd among other people and the overall presentation the music the sound the visuals are of a very high standard anyway in the game's opening you're able to choose from one of the four different characters a soldier and a hunter a berserker and a siren now each of these classes has a unique character skill which is really what differentiates them from one another aside from some base stats like health the soldier can drop a turret to help him out in combat the hunter can send out his pet bird to attack up to six enemies the Berserker can go into a rage mode and beat everything up with his fists and the siren can move them an alternate-dimension and come back out of it.

Dealing elemental damage in the process these four classes alone give the game loads of replayability just straight up and deciding on how to spend your skill points as you level up is one of the things that makes the game so enjoyable though you're free to use any weapon you choose each class has a couple of weapons specialities which they can excel at with the right skill points as an example the soldier can use shotguns and assault rifles whilst the hunter can buff up his abilities with pistols and sniper rifles.

Borderlands - Full PC Game Download Torrent
None of the classes really pick up any speed until you hit around level 20 or so and max out a particular skill tree which means the starting few areas can be a bit boring there's a lengthy campaign here with dozens and dozens of side missions to complete as well all of which earn you XP and cash to level up level scaling can be a bit off at times if you deviate from the story too much you might come back to find yourself over level but this doesn't make it that much less challenging how well you're doing this game is going to come down to one single major factor and that is how lucky you get with weapon drops like any good RPG you'll come across chests in the game that give you new weapons all with different degrees of rarity pistols revolvers shotguns etc and whether like you get your hands on a good weapon is key to your success Borderlands is always heavily marketed as having hundreds if not thousands of guns for place to use and that's fair enough but the only issue here is that 90% of the guns you come across I just total trash they've got load damage slow firing rates or really small magazine sizes and will be more useful propping the door open than killing enemies.

The quest rewards are often pretty average as well so the best weapons generally come from those that you find in the environment quite often you'll have to spend a bit of time farming chests to find something half decent now the difference between a good and a bad gun is huge and it can be a quite tough game initially until your hands on one certain weapons have elemental effects as well and these are definitely the ones that look out for electric weapons will knock an enemy shield off in a matter of hits fire an asset like damage over time effects and lastly you've got an explosive elemental which adds a buff to a weapons based damage as an indication of how much a good gun can carry you is the fact that on my hunter I ended up using a revolver with an incendiary buff for a good 10 or 15 levels before I found a replacement even then though the difference was marginal and it just shows you how much a good weapon can serve even still Borderlands is often quite a difficult game when you enter an area they usually spawns a bunch of enemies you know bandits Scaggs or whatnot and they will attack you and endlessly you have a shield that regenerates over time but your health bar is fixed and will need to be replenished by health kits.

when your health is knocked off completely is when you start to bleed out and if you're able to make a kill in this mode you're granted a second wind which puts you back into the game with a full shield and about a quarter of your health back in the later levels you'll die a lot no matter how good you are so you almost have to plan for a second wind by positioning yourself near a weaker enemy so that when you're finally knocked down you can make an easy kill and get right back into it thankfully unlike the other games in the series.

when you are bleeding out enemies often stand still right in your line of sight allowing you to kill them easily compared to the most recent games where they'd often run away like total pricks overall a difficulty is quite high but this mechanic makes it seem somewhat fair mostly some of the larger enemies however can be a real pain in the asses there's a few of them with unavoidable attacks I don't mean that like how DSP would say it they're literally unavoidable bet you know homing projectiles melee attacks that hone in on the player or just attacks over the large area of effect boss enemies often take a staggering amount of damage before being killed and you quite often don't have the luxury of a second wind during this moment this becomes more amount of waiting for them to reveal a weak point and using the right elemental damage against them and then once you hit you game plus mode this again all changes as the difficulty gets ramped up even more.

In most games new game plus mode is often much easier because you've got all your old skills and weapons from the get-go but in Borderlands it's actually a much more difficult mode even with all your existing levels and items you will get better loot and be able to level up to the cat but enemies are tougher and stronger and they're able to take you down much faster to the point that you will go from full health and shield to bleeding out in the blink of an eye this is really the biggest problem with Borderlands on the whole and that's the balancing in general and it's the kind of thing that separates good RPGs from the rest the best indicator this is how much less effective the player skills become in your game plus mode which is we're going to be spending the majority of your time brick as an example has his berserker rage mode where he runs around screaming and punching things for massive damage but even when you spec to this ability you just drop like a bag of dirt from the most basic enemies in the game because the damage they dish out is just monumental this has been a huge issue in the entire series and I know it tries to sell itself off as some sort of you know hardcore game like death is part of the experience and that's all well and good but what this ends up doing is forcing the player to choose a very particular build to maximize survivability which does SAP's all the fun out of it.

 After finishing the main campaign twice if not just once then you're able to also mess around with the DLC if which Borderlands has, for now, these are the zombie islands of dr. Ned mad Moxie's under dome riot the secret armoury of general Knoxx and claptraps robot revolution now these are all pretty damn good value the only one I don't like is the under dome simply because Moxie is irritating as a character the armoury of general Knoxx and the zombie islander Dr Ned is probably my favourite zombie island is great because it's quite a departure in tone from the others and has some enjoyable side quests and general Knoxx is also great as it's easily the biggest out of all four and the eponymous armour you access.

At the end of it has some of the best weaponry in the entire game I don't think you can ever get Boylan's without these DLC being included anymore so even if you don't want to play them you'll still get them any way they're not of the same quality as the main game and they don't scale with the level of the player mean you'll have to forego the campaign to play them which is a bit irritating but they're fun enough for the most part lastly on that note let's break down the amount of value you're getting with all of this to finish the main campaign on the first-time playthrough I think will take anywhere from 15 to 20 hours then you're also able to play through it again in new game+ so for one character you're looking at upwards of 40 hours now we've got four characters so that's essentially 120 hours of gameplay then we can also consider edge of the DLC which clocks anywhere from three to five hours or so each again with each the character that's another 20 or so hours of gameplay you're getting on top of all of this we haven't even considered people just grinding and playing with friends for the hell of it so let's say that's another 10 or so hours times 4 for each character rounding it all up looking at easily 200 hours of gameplay which is just incredibly good value the price is still a little bit high for my taste though I think steam is charging like 40 bucks for it which is bullshit considering it's a six-year-old game but if you do your hands on it for cheap then a good time is definitely assured and if you've got a friend to play but then expect that to be a cracking good time at the end of the day Borderlands is still a largely enjoyable game.