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BorderLands: The Pre Sequel - Full PC Game Download Torrent

BorderLands: The Pre Sequel - Full PC Game Download Torrent

BorderLands: The Pre Sequel - Full PC Game Download Torrent

BorderLands: The Pre Sequel - Full PC Game Download Torrent

Salutations everyone it is Maddie here with my 2019 review for Borderlands the pre-sequel before you ask yes I am hard at work on a 2019 review for Borderlands 2 I have the base game completed and now have all the DLC to work through I also plan to cover that leaked Borderlands 1 remaster whenever that releases so keep that in mind for the future with the imminent reveal of Borderlands 3 it is now a perfect time to return to these games and discuss how well or poorly they have aged Borderlands the pre-sequel is off referred as the bane of this franchise the clear weak link however sometimes even the weak link of a strong franchise can be considered a good game if you take a gander at the likes of Bioshock 2 Sly Cooper for Batman Arkham origins and so on for many these games are the best in the series so is that the case in
Borderlands the pre-sequel all these years later let's dig deep and find out a shocker.

We're gonna kick things off here with the story Borderlands is a franchise decorated with charismatic people to encounter that tend to scream in your earholes via the echo net as you shoot loot laughs and on the rare occasion do some deep thinking on your way from objective to objective in the case of Borderlands the pre-sequel this is hands-down bar none the weakest part of the game the characters are straight-up forgettable and any enjoyable character tends to rest heavily on the laurels of its predecessor in a world without Borderlands 2 this isn't a big deal but Borderlands 2 showed that these games can feature a compelling almost antihero like villain a surrounding cast with depth and gradually build out a world space that originally felt designed just to be a shooting gallery for the player you'll see often. 

As you play this game that any of its strengths are built from that of Borderlands 2 which yes Borderlands 2 is a fantastic game but this game fails to separate itself and create an identity of its own you are tasked with hunting down the mysterious vault on Elpis Pandora's moon you as one of the 4 vault hunters or 6 if you pack in the DLC is never really fully explained by Jack why he wants access to this vault which leads to the game constantly relying on he was paying me.

I didn't ask questions line up until the end when you actually get some form of clarification and it all makes sense now while to let big shoes to fill the pre-sequel does feel incredibly unspotted in the writing department nonetheless which is easily the most important part of the
Borderlands experience we're talking about a game that delivers a lot of its storytelling through audio locks you need good writing and also good acting to deliver on those moments where you're not interacting face-to-face with a character jokes always fell flat the tropes were predictable
and it slowly spiralled into a game whose story I could not wait to have wrapped up which is weird for a Portland's title some may suggest that it's because the humour is mostly geared towards an Australian audience.

I'm from the US but don't forget I ran a show weekly with an Australian for years I understood the jokes they were just anti funny coined that term if you'd like this is just flat-out bad writing if I'm brutally honest the best moments peppered throughout are clearly seeing how handsome Jack develops into the guy he is in Borderlands 2 making sense of the way some mechanics in two works such as how Hyperion BOTS are landing wherever you are in the game or the AI behind them and absolutely the hype ending the game sports the ending alone felt worthwhile enough to drag myself through the story just to feel that sweet sweet Borderlands 3 hype to simplify it all you're not going to be into Borderlands the pre-sequel for its storytelling however the gameplay that in of itself may be worth loading it up for when going from 2 to the pre-sequel you'll notice the lack of movement jumping and verticality throughout the rest of the series that doesn't make the other games bad but when you combine jump pads but bombs soaring through large battlegrounds zero gravity and enemies both high and low it's actually a lot of fun.

I'll even go to the lengths of saying I hope Borderlands 3 incorporates a great amount of the gameplay elements from the pre-sequel into the big three just don't take the AI while you're at it okay because it's considerably worse than previous Borderlands titles often standing there not shooting or moving to wait for you to pick them like apples I don't find this to be a franchise known for incredible AI most of them want you to shoot then you have psychos that run at you with buzz saws but the pre-sequel could sometimes become boring when enemies aren't interested in shooting back just like any game out there when they do decide to shoot back in whittle away your life it does highlight one flaw I've noted for the entire series as a whole it does not stand just for Borderlands the pre-sequel but I do want to address it as someone who wants to see this series improve in some ways and I do hope this mechanic receives some change because Borderlands might be the only series that incentivizes you to go down there are classes that can heal or quickly revive there are guns that could even do that and there are health pickups scattered about but I don't think that disregards that there were plenty of times that I and many others have been running around on low health and went down intentionally just so that we could be revived at half health and then work from there I'm hoping in the future that outside of character abilities there are more conventional ways to heal your character like having items on you that replenished HP it sounds strange to harp on especially because so many people who play.

Borderlands nowadays are like level 80 in Borderlands 2 and have no idea what having low HP is like trust me I get it but I'm saying for the new players coming in the people who haven't experienced Borderlands this is going to be a gameplay mechanic that is quite noticeable as you progress through the experience and something that I do hope changes in the future what continuously kept it enjoyable was not only the movement but also the well-toted gun swapping gameplay especially nowadays since gearbox is just tossing out golden keys like it's nobody's business and lets you scale up to the legendary gear even quicker and accelerates that experience of looting.

It brought me back to a time where cheat codes were a thing and I loved that now environmental variety is something that this game also struggles with quite a bit as you switch between the moon's surface with slight differences in the colour of the space above you and factories lined with bland grey metallic walls and walkways it lacks a sense of visual pop not that Borderlands has ever been known for its visual pop but this game, in particular, lacks any inspiration in the environments nothing really catches your eye and one area simply blurs into the next it all just becomes a playground for testing out all your new weapons or looting this really wouldn't have harmed the experience but some of the late-game quests do require a deal of backtracking and sometimes fast travel placement is an idea where you'll have to hoof it back and forth along some of this seamy locale and that can hurt the experience the vault hunters themselves are fun to build with their various skill trees although Nisha felt a bit on the cheap side since her ability quite literally gives her an aimbot that can replenish upon kills and it's incredibly good across every state of the game making her a pretty obvious pick if you're going for the most Opie character but don't get me wrong.

in Borderlands you can kind of build anyone to be busted although claptrap can be a little frustrating the team with if you're doing cooperative play let's move on to sound the voice work is good but as I mentioned earlier is constantly let down by a frustratingly uninspired I get it because there were snipers it's what happens to Borderlands when you remove all the good writing all the good character interactions in you rest solely on its gameplay it's still alright but it's definitely not as good this even goes for Borderlands all-star himself handsome Jack his quick-witted wisecracks have considerably less personality and zing to them overall it just ends up feeling quite hollow there is a solid soundtrack tucked into the experience but nothing really stand out it'll match the moment-to-moment gameplays you altered between exploring and shooting normally a game of this ilk does have some type of standout track but I didn't stumble upon anything that grabbed my attention I usually do this quite a bit because I make videos about mortal and so I like to include a variety of tracks what I did like however is the difference in gun sounds when you're indoors versus in zero gravity I thought this is a nice touch at level of detail and effort that they didn't really have to do but it sounds awesome when you naturally switch between these areas and the gun sounds also changed it was a tiny treat for a mere audio geek like myself.

Borderlands the pre-sequel is still, in my opinion, the weak link for 2019 it's very hard to suggest this game unless you are in love with Borderlands and even at that I think Borderlands fans can openly admit the pre-sequel
is quite weak in its own right and the only thing that's worth playing it for is that ending what is offered is that it could add to - or your interest in three but all this could be easily summarized in a video across the web which I know we could say for any game were not interested in but with that said it was only a 13 hour experience and while this was my second time playing the game through I was feeling a bit more relieved this time when it was all over the only thing that will stick with you here I feel is the ending and some strong gameplay mechanics that I do hope gearbox is taking a look at for three I don't expect the oxygen system or but bombing to be back but I do hope they look at verticality.

Apparently according to reports is getting added and movement of that ilk anyway that will conclude my review for Borderlands the pre-sequel on all it's an alright game it's a part of the cancelled collection package so if you plan on picking up Borderlands 2 you will be getting this one alongside it I always suggest go to Borderlands 2 first if you're in love with it maybe give pre sequel rip but you'll notice almost instantly how uninspired and hollow the experience is compared to the rest of the series yes even Borderlands 1 or tales from the borderlands anyway that'll do it for me I'd love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments down below are you pumped for the borderlands 3 reveal are you going back to borderlands let me know ladies and gentlemen I'll learn that.