Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition - PC Game Download Torrent

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition - PC Game Download Torrent

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition - PC Game Download Torrent

Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition - PC Game Download Torrent

There's always been a few things with the gaming industry over the years that have always a standard me one of these is how people can waste their lives on the multiplayer modes in the Call of Duty games and the other is how the original Bulletstorm was a commercial failure developed by people can fly in epic games it was hands down one of the best shooting games of 2011 and even after all these years it still manages to be one of the most entertaining experiences for the genre taking on the role of Grayson hunt voiced by the awesome Steve Blum it was something of a throwback to the first-person shooters from the mid to late 90s featuring gratuitous levels of violence and a protagonist with a penchant for trash-talking and using all manner of badass weapon.

president hunt is a bounty hunter on the run from the past avoiding his former employee the evil general Serrano in the game's opening while slightly intoxicated Greyson ruins the lives of several hundred people as he crashes into Serrano ship causing his ship to crash land on the hostile planet of Stygia in the process, his best friend Ichi is turned into a cyborg as a meant to save his life Grayson's entire crew is killed in the crash all murdered by bandits and Grayson and itchy have to venture through an entire planet overrun with mutants bandits and hostile flora the frequency pneumatics contrast with the over-the-top action where the players given the ability to creatively kill enemies through the use of the glorious skill-shot system and holy shit were this game glorious it was a fantastic mix of the old and the new and had a surprisingly well-told sword for the most part big jokes aside not to mention they had the awesome voice work of Steve Blum and Jennifer Hale feelin like they should make some sort of wedding comment here kick people into walls of spikes off cliffs or into exposed electrical wires or just hold them in the air with your gravity defying stasis boots before shooting them in the head now I won't go into too much detail on the game though I did review it a couple of years back so if you want to know all that much about the gameplay the positives the negatives and all that kind of stuff then go watch my original video.
Bulletstorm Full Clip Edition - PC Game Download Torrent

 What I guess this video is really about is everyone's favorite developers gearbox doing what they do best and shamelessly trying to make more money by doing as little work as possible and that's what they've done yet again trying to milk every last possible ance of milk they can out of bullets storms fat luscious tits with the bullet storm full clip addition this is the latest in a long line of so-called remasters that do a little more than simply repackage a game in a mostly unaltered state as an excuse to sell it on the current generation of consoles we saw with Dead Island in Bioshock last year and now we're seeing it again in 2017 with this but you're probably wondering what do we get in this new edition well to be honest not all that much you think the game will look better than the original version well I guess it does but it doesn't really look all that different I mean I think the lighting might be different and the textures are a little bit sharper but the display options menu is as barren as it was in the original game or you can adjust this the post-processing and texture quality which is a little bit weak for a game released in 2017 now this isn't a bad thing anyway I mean the original game looked really good on PC even for its time and it still holds up nowadays the only real big chance of the game is the option to play through the entire game as Duke Nukem now this is just gearbox again milking those after mention tits because they're the ones that own the Duke Nukem license it's assumed that you curse and chew bubblegum.

 I'm all little girl all this does is replace grace and hunt throughout the entire game with Nukem I'm not sure if the Duke Nukem model was ironically made to look like it was created in 2011 but that's what I think it looks like anyway maybe to fit in with the other character models or maybe they just got lazy whoa nicely done yeah the voice acting when you're playing is Duke is changed to suit him but the other characters in the game still referred to him as Grayson something he points out during his responses in the earlier segment of the game but sort of gives up doing later on it is kind of funny hearing him keep going on about how he's not even supposed to be in the game it's a really neat little meta way of approaching his inclusion in a completely different franchise likewise Duke is often going to forget the names of the other characters and is unaware of certain flight elements as well other than that it's a simple asset I'm not even supposed to be in those clothes burg I mean if you're expecting any of Duke's weapons to be usable like the Ripper Canon the shrink-ray etc then you're going to be disappointed gearbox didn't include any of that stuff because that actually would have been a good idea if you can overlook the horrible lip-syncing for his character model there is a bit of novelty to be had here I mean Grayson Hunt is very similar to Duke in a lot of ways from the way he has total disregard for most other people and he's loved the boobs and hearing Duke work some of his dialogue into certain cinematics is pretty funny.

let's give them a warm welcome I'd suggest people who haven't played Bulletstorm before don't play as Duke for their first time playthrough mostly because Steve Bloom's voice work in this game is amazing and one of the things that made the original game so memorable.

what else can I say about the full clip edition well to be honest not a great deal if there's anything else new they've added well it sure went over my head it's not about being really unless you already own the original game at which point there's not really any goddamn reason to pick this thing up this full clip Edition isn't offered to people who own the original game which was the case with the Bioshock remaster,

I mean it's not even being offered at a reduced price which is total bullshit as I said - visually it looks practically the same as the original version unless you're looking at the whole thing with a microscope and the gameplay is identical as well 40 bucks for the whole thing 40 US dollars is just way too high as well considering the original can be picked up for peanuts nowadays if the price was half that it might be worth it but 40 bucks is just way too high the only real positive side I consider this remaster is that it's going to attract more people to the game and maybe allow people can fly to work on the much-needed sequel the game does end on a cliffhanger ending which ultimately never got resolved because the game wasn't successful enough to warrant a follow-up maybe,

 if the remaster gets enough attention it might allow for this to finally happen and I know I'm not the only person who'd like to see that come to fruition any excuse for my boys Steve bloom to voice their protagonist in an FPS game is fine by me problem is I think gearbox will gain more notoriety for their business practices than the fact they're trying to bring Bulletstorm to a new generation of gamers so it might do more harm than good the duke Nukem well tour, for instance, could have also been another way to garner more interest towards the duke Nukem franchise but people just seem to lament the removal of the Duke Nukem Megaton Edition more than they celebrated the introduction of the world to us so she who knows.

Here's before one one folks if you didn't play the original board storm I'd say check this one out it's not a perfect game and it's a little bit inconsistent in terms of the difficulty and the design of certain areas but when all the elements come together it's one of the most creatively violent games ever made and has some superb combat be patient with the game I'd say the first quarter of it has a really slow pace but about halfway in when you've got most of the weapons it really starts to kick all kinds of ass to top it all off it has an interesting story with well voice-acted characters that you actually care about and sonny jim if you have played Bulletstorm and already own the original well then it should be obvious what you have to do here why they're remastering a game from 2011 is beyond me anyway it's not even that long ago I mean I can still remember what I had for lunch in 2011 it's that recent if you fall into the latter category I'd say save your money for something worthwhile there are far better ways to spend 40 bucks then on a game you've already played unless the notion of playing is Duke Nukem is so great that you can't contain yourself and look I can give you my Paypal details if you want to throw 40 bucks away it's a murder burden starring the king baby.
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