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Call Of Duty Advance Warfare - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Call Of Duty Advance Warfare - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Call Of Duty Advance Warfare - Full PC Game Torrent Download


Everybody old times here we go like a dream another year another cod game we all knew it was coming it was just a matter of time and here it is Call of Duty 2014 also known as Call of duty advanced warfare.

it's the latest flogging of the dead horse developed by sledgehammer games high Moon Studios and Raven Software Kevin in lambda pseudo futuristic vibe of call duty ghosts the game takes place sometime shortly with the North Koreans taking centre stage as the bad guys - this time around initially anyway the main character is a marine named private Mitchell voiced by Troy Baker doing his best Troy Baker impersonation and he's as aloof and uninteresting as you'd expect for a modern-day FPS protagonist but stealing the limelight is Kevin Spacey as Jonathan ions the father of Mitchell's deceased best bro and also the CEO of Atlas corporation a confessed superpower dealing with technology developed for military and philanthropy needs Kevin Spacey has had his likeness adapted into the game engine and he gives pretty damn good performance even if his motives and general allegiances are glaringly obvious from the get-go so what's next for Jonathan irons.

Call Of Duty Advance Warfare - Full PC Game Torrent Download

The story and theme is kind of like Crysis meets Metal Gear Solid you know lots of cool tech gadgety stuff mixed in with politics around military
corporations and governments in the game are prologues Mitchell gets his hand blown off and has it replaced by atlases prosthetics also getting one of their EXO suits which give him very superpowers permission, strangely enough, they don't give the player the choice of what powers they get its mission which is a bit of a disappointment the main abilities of the exosuit is a double jump which is self-explanatory and a quick dodge skill we can kind of dart left or right to avoid attacks you can also create a small riot shield to protect you from incoming fire and lastly there's something called overdrive,

 which is the game's version of toilet time your suit can also be upgraded at the end of each mission to help boost your abilities in combat but I guarantee you've seen all of this crap before in one form or another and it's just about as unoriginal as the whole exosuit idea is in the first place other innovations include different grenade types one of the most
interesting of these is something called a threat grenade which scans the area highlighting enemy positions for a short time for a more offensive alternative you can also throw smart grenades which homing on enemies gimmicks aside though this is still Cod at its purest form you know you run around for a bit take part in a few QuickTime events shoot lots of bad guys and then watch a cinematic as the next level loads you breach rooms now and then you drive all kinds of vehicles and use different toys to take the bad guys out they've played this very safe in terms of the campaign and throughout the six or seven hours it takes to finish it you're not going to be doing anything new or groundbreaking now that's not to say it's bad the last half of the campaign is very well thrown together later on in the game you get a cloaking ability and also a grappling hook which is really good fun to use also during a stealth mission you can even use the grappling hook to pull people into the bushes for a sneaky kill and that is awesome.

it's just that they throw so many new features at you almost every single mission it just becomes hard to remember what the hell everything does and just when you get used to something like you know flying a jet or a hover bike the segment ends and then you never do it again for the rest of the game visually the game is extremely varied you'll be getting around the world seeing lots of different looking locales the actual image quality and detail overall is pretty impressive but it is horribly optimised I'm talking game breaking stuttering constant framerate drops shockingly long loading screens you name it even through too small easily avoidable errors like seeing the same looking NPC standing right next to each other I think they blew their whole playtesting budget on Kevin Spacey it's a shame too because some of the visual effects like night vision and cloaking as well as certain environments like Antarctica and some of the cyberpunk streets of Korea look really good but they're so susceptible to performance issues that are just the tracks from everything I can't fault the audio though it's absolutely amazing from weapon effects explosions and so forth I feel the people who work on the sound in these games don't get enough credit for their hard work but the biggest issue is hands down the
stuttering it makes it almost impossible to player times some people including myself have somewhat fixed this issue by turning on shader pre-loading during cinematics but the downside to this is that with this option enabled all of the cinematics are delayed and practically unwatchable you know it's a damned,

if you do damn if you don't a situation that just shouldn't occur in the first place this stuttering carries across to the multiplayer alongside with the always atrocious lag you expect from a Call of Duty game around launch on that note let's talk about the multiplayer because no one cares about the single-player in a Call of Duty game anyway right okay well this is nothing new in terms of overall mechanics multiplayer is its standalone program that offers up of a variety of game modes like team deathmatch and domination and also allows the player to rank up from kills and other in-game activities through earning experience points play a single Call of Duty game in the last you know 10 years and you'll know exactly what you're dealing with at the moment people only seem to be playing team deathmatch and I haven't even been able to get a single other game mode going but maybe this will change as more people pick the game up most of the exosuit mechanics from the campaign carrier cross into the multiplayer and you're able to customize your fit out to your personal needs.

Each player is equipped with a double jump and dash by default and you can also choose some other powers as you require them it's a little bit more dynamic than the other Cod games for sure but still this mode just feels like a watered down version of titanfall to me it's got the double jump mechanic but no real parkour or wall hanging mechanics and your movement speed is still somewhat labored and what is it with double jumps in FPS games at the moment to Borderlands destiny and now this anyway you'll just mostly be using the double jump periodically to move over certain areas faster but most of the time you'll just be running across the ground and methodically aiming down the sights as you normally would as you would expect these multiplayer maps are very well detailed and I also like how they're giving you the option to modify the font in the options menu but this is just your standard cookiecutter Call of Duty multiplayer mode with a few new movements controlled gimmicks player perks weapons and abilities you can also come across the supply drops in matches with rare bits of gear you can also sell for XP and there is a certain degree of customization with your character's appearance but that's about all that's the new look.

 I'm not going to lie I'm not very good at this mode only because I don't have the time nor patience to spend hours and hours grinding away but I still can reckon lipstick on a pig when I see it and you don't need to be a genius to figure that one out so finally I guess the question everyone is asking is is it all worth it.

I'm going to assume that most people have already made their minds up about this one you're going to pick it up on launch day or avoid it like the plague and nothing I say is going to change anyone's mind about that I'll be honest the campaign is the entirely groundbreaking but it does have some great missions in its second half and also has the typical grandiose set pieces you'd expect to see in a Call of Duty game along with its three six or so ala long-lens, on the other hand, the multiplayer is the same mode it's always been with a few new mechanics slapped on top if you're going to spend a good 50 or so hours playing this mode then yeah you'll get your money's worth if that last paragraph doesn't turn you off too much and you don't mind a whopping forty-five gigabytes of hard drive space taken up and Call of Duty advanced warfare is something you might want to check out for everyone else who just raised an eyebrow though you might just want to give it a Miss hey don't despair is always next year.