Call OF Duty Black Ops - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Call OF Duty Black Ops - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Call OF Duty Black Ops - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Call OF Duty Black Ops - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Well, it's finally here the highly-anticipated next Call of Duty game black ops being that modern warfare 2 was plagued with hacks glitches cheap tricks and all the other dirty stuff the rooms great gaming competition I know a lot of you have been waiting for this bad boy to come out but you probably don't even need my review because you probably already bought the damn thing regardless let's check it out anyway release this last Tuesday for pretty much every platform.

Here's trail and Activision's latest shooter call of duty black ops ascension 7:15 one to nineteen the story of black ops is actually pretty confusing until the end but with good reason while you play the game is several characters the primary story revolves her on the events that took place in the life of Special Forces operative Alex Mason in the 1960s the game opens with you restricted in a chair in some kind of interrogation room a mysterious man who's hiding his identity and boy speaks to you through a microphone from the other room much is unclear as to who this person is and how you got there but a series of numbers keep flying through your head you can't remember what they are and what they mean but it's that information that the man wants for me as this man interrogate sand electrocutes the shit out of you you're taken to a series of flashbacks that you play through essentially telling the tales of your adventures to this person alex describes events that take place all over the world from the Bay of Pigs to a Russian prison to the trenches of Vietnam to the jungles of Laos you even get to travel back to the 1940s in the Antarctic as you play through the memories of an old friend I don't want to ruin what's actually going on but once it's revealed to you towards the end you start to understand why everything's been so confusing as the plot twists are pretty freakin crazy to me the story actually had more of us x-files vibe to it than the classic saved the world contemporary shooter story while I really enjoyed the story of this Call of Duty I don't think I enjoyed it as much as modern warfare 2 simply because I didn't have that feeling of hopelessness and desperation that I got from fighting the battle on my homeland Dragovich.
Call OF Duty Black Ops - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Blackout's campaigns 15 missions took me roughly seven hours to complete on the normal difficulty setting and to be honest I actually found even that difficulty setting pretty challenging at times which was nice and I feel was about the right length for the story completionist may go back and play through again on harder difficulties and like modern warfare 2 may have down the scattered pieces of Intel throughout each mission returning from its roots in world at war a zombies mode has been added to black ops giving you access to two Maps unless you purchased a limited edition of the game which gives you four more it appears that pentagon has been breached zombies gentlemen at times like these our capacity to retaliate must be and has to be massive to deter all forms of aggression you can starve ami faced solo but really it's meant to be played with friends via split-screen Live or system link the real meat of the game though is this online competitive multiplayer games and it's quite extensive there are a ton of different game types which will certainly give you your money's worth and keep you occupied for long periods of time if you so desire there's even a theater mode to record your own video clips and share with friends.

Now I spent all last night testing out the various features of the multiplayer and there's one thing I can say for certain Call of Duty Black Ops is completely populated with no lifers that are right.

I'm better because I suck quit kicking my ass so hard shit I mentioned in my Halo Reach review how wonderful bungees matchmaking system was and I took a lot of heat from the Call of Duty fanboys pimping modern warfare twos matchmaking but I've got to say the party and matchmaking system and black ops sucks a fat dick I had several parties last night in various sizes and the group's constantly got dropped or split up and it took four freaking ever to get into a match even with small party sizes if I have a party formed never split us up put us in the damn same game and on the same damn team and how about taking skill level and rank into account what's so hard about this as far as the campaign is concerned if you've played modern warfare 2 you've played this the controls are identical the gameplay mechanics are identical everything is exactly the same it's just a new story with some cool new weapons like a crossbow and a flamethrower though you're AI partners are freaking terrible as they don't kill a damn thing ever.

Aside from that the variety Commission's is actually quite enjoyable you can mix things up quite a bit as you'll get a drive a boat fly a chopper and one mission even has you issuing orders to a squad from inside a blackbird as you watch them through a screen hiya Bob I thought this feature was very cool now I haven't played the zombie game type before so this was new to me the game is progressive rounds of increasingly difficult zombies you play as one of four characters and start with just a pistol you gain points for your kills which can be spent on better weapons ammo and the ability to open doors to new areas so you can move around better when you take a few hits you die and unless your teammates revive you within a few minutes or so you're done I played this for a few hours on launch night and I had a great time while the novelty of this game type will likely fade fast it's still a great addition to have so you can kill some time and switch it up every now and then as for the online multiplayer the system has been completely revamped and I like all of the changes that were made first and foremost many of the cheap tricks like quick scoping and noob tubes have been removed from the game as you play online games you'll earn Call of Duty points based on your performance which can be used as a form of currency as you rank up new guns will become available to you but you have to spend your points to purchase them when you purchase the weapon all attachments are available to you right from the start but again each one must be purchased with points I really like this feature as it was a pain to complete the achievements each time to unlock the attachments I wanted in modern warfare 2 as you play longer you have the ability to brand your weapon with your tag and clan name purchase and customize your kill streaks create and customize up to 10 classes as well as purchase perks and camouflage if you really want to make some points you can accept a variety of contracts which costs a small amount of points in a requiring to perform some type of tasks like killing an X amount of enemies and Y amount of time if you complete the contract you'll get a nice return on your investment and if you don't you're just out the money.

There's even a wager match game type that allows you to gamble your points against others besides getting my ass handed to me repeatedly last night I had a wonderful time playing through the online multiplayer the maps are very well designed and so far everything seems pretty balanced good job Treyarch sergeant woods is very good you have chosen your men wellness I will move to higher ground to look for crescendos compound to meet the graphics and blackouts looked pretty much exactly the same as those in modern warfare 2 actually thought things looked quite a bit better in the latest Medal of Honor games but black ops actually runs at a smooth 60 frames per second the entire time and there's no screen tearing so in my book that's much more important pretty graphics are only good if they were unsmooth Lee regardless some of the levels really do look quite stunning now while I don't have a 3d TV myself I did notice there were some graphic settings to enable that feature and there's also a feature to disable the graphic content if you so desire the voice acting in the campaign is actually quite good and I was pleasantly

Surprised to recognize that Ice Cube voice corporal Bowman and some online multiplayer stuff the soundtrack also picks total ass especially during the action scenes that have some great rock and roll or techno to get the blood pumping there's even a few real-world tracks from the Vietnam War era that you're recognized as you play through the campaign
all in all, I think this is a very good title the online multi-player improvements are all great as I really enjoy the way that you earn points to purchase the gear you want instead of waiting to earn it but the matchmaking system really still needs a lot of work the campaign is confusing until you get to the crazy plot to us at the end and start to realize what the hell just happened but once you do you'll appreciate what you just went through if you like online competitive shooters this is a must-buy as far as I'm concerned what are your thoughts leave your questions and comments below check out the full write-up and screenshots over at zeitgeist in recom.

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