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Call OF Duty Black Ops III - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Call OF Duty Black Ops III - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Call OF Duty Black Ops III - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Call OF Duty Black Ops III - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Today I want to talk about black ops 3 it feels like every year one of these games comes out the first reaction of a lot of gamers is that this is the best Call of Duty ever a few weeks go by they realized that it has some core issues and then they start to hate on the game and so I want to avoid that mentality completely I wanted to go over my experiences so far what I've liked and enjoyed about it but also go into detail on it some pretty serious issues and so the first thing that I think is worth mentioning is that there is an insane amount of content here when you compare it to other games that are coming out like Star Wars Battlefront or Rainbow six siege which is also going to be in that $60 price range and focus more on the multiplayer components it's hard to argue that Treyarch is not delivering a lot of content to their Call of Duty fans not only does it have the single-player multiplayer zombies and

freerunning but they're going to be bringing mod support to PC that blew me away that potentially brings in an infinite amount of new content and I could not be happier about that so I have to give it to Treyarch for apparently being very busy over these last couple of years and in just

bringing a wide variety of things to enjoy with this new game that said though enjoying this content especially on the PC version can be a little tricky this has to be my biggest critique of black ops 3 because it does not seem to be well optimized at all on the PC version I tried for a good couple of hours to make this thing even run on my computer it was lagging stuttering I was getting massive frame drops 

Call OF Duty Black Ops III - Full PC Game Torrent Download
and everything I did refuse to improve the situation I have a pretty good computer I have a 980 graphics card a solid i7 processor I have plenty of RAM anything that this new Call of Duty games should that throws at me I should be able to destroy with this computer even at high settings and so the fact that I could not get it to work for a couple of hours was incredibly frustrating eventually I got fed up and went online to see if anyone else had some suggestions they recommended that I update my drivers they recommended that I play it in full screen and then have a bunch of

different settings and then when I did all of that thing

it magically works this shouldn't happen Treyarch I realized that you had a development team that was working on the PC version and I have to wonder what were they doing like this should not be a thing I should not need to spend hours upon hours just to make my game run properly on my computer and an especially a computer that does well with every other game out there on the market like it just doesn't make any sense

and well I know that Treyarch has said that they're working on a patch and they're trying to improve things for people's CPUs it's still the biggest drawback at least for the PC version when you do get everything up and running though and things are finally running smoothly the game's a hell of a lot of fun I am really

enjoying black ops 3 and I think one of the things I'm enjoying most is the map design I have noticed that a lot of the maps feel very similar the way that Treyarch has designed most of them is that there is a central middle lane and then left in a right lane there are some different flanking routes and alleys in between them but for the most part that is the way that they design of most of their maps for some people this may seem like criticism because if you plan one you feel like you played on most of them but in my opinion, it's a good thing one of my biggest critiques about past Call of Duty games is that they are very chaotic you have no idea where the endings gonna be coming from there's a lot of flanking routes you're getting shot from the left or right from behind and it never feels like you're getting shot directly in front of you and so what I like about this 3 Lane design which they've

established on most of their maps is that if you're on the left lane, for example, you only have to focus on what is in front of you or to the right it makes things more manageable then while my opinion on this might change because this is my first impressions I've only put about 8 to 10 hours into the game right now so far I am liking the map design I've had some fantastic moments I've had some awesome gameplay and I think it is attributed to the way that they balance everything out the one thing that I'm not exactly sure on yet though and what I was kind of hasn't to talk about are weapons

themselves this is something that does need to take tens upon tens of hours to get a good grasp if the game is well-balanced weapon diversity and weapon balance is a key component of every first-person shooter

and right now it's kind of hard to tell if that is the case I will say that pretty much every weapon that I pick up it feels viable there are some

exceptions there are some that I'm not too thrilled by but if I pick up a gun and I know how to use it

appropriately I mean I'm not gonna use an SMG at long range if I use it up close how it's supposed to be I'm gonna have a good time and be somewhat

successful and well once again it is way too early to tell if the weapon balance is going to be amazing like I'm assuming they're gonna have to go in and patch things along the way but at least right now I'm happy with the way that the weapons perform there's a wide diversity none of them feels the same and they all have their unique gameplay one thing that I am a little disappointed by though is that they kept in the

flinching mechanic for PC I understand that this isn't a problem on console because you do have the auto-aim and that's gonna keep you on target even if you are flinching but on PC because we don't have auto-aim it just ruins your accuracy and it gives a massive

the advantage for the person who shoots first or lands that first shot there has been a lot of firefights where I knew that if I was playing another game like Battlefield or really anything that didn't have a flinching mechanic that I would probably win these firefights but because the enemy's shot they saw me first and they started the engagement even if their overall accuracy was worse than mine because I'm flinching

everywhere I don't land a single bullet and they're able to take me out it's very frustrating when that happens and while it might be the minority here maybe everyone on PC completely

disagrees with me but this just does not seem like a good mechanic for the PC version and so well I don't think that they're probably gonna eliminate it at least tone it down I think would be a great step in the right direction one thing that I am glad to say though is that it looks like they have made significant improvements to their Mouse supports this was a big problem during the beta in the beta your mouse felt smooth it was floaty it was hard to get that precision that you would expect in a fast-paced first-person shooter and it seems it seems like they have resolved a majority of those problems the only time where I was a little suspicious that they didn't resolve all of them is when I did have that massive stuttering for this first couple of hours there were times when my

frame just tanked and I wasn't sure if it felt like my mouse sensitivity started to change because of the framerate dropping or if it was just because I was lagging in general and so I'm crossing my fingers that they have resolved the majority of the problems because as soon as I lock my frames per second at 60 or even if I bring it up to like 140 when it is running smoothly I have no problems with controlling my mouse and having that precision that I expect in any other first-person shooter and so while nothing is definitive right now I am happy to say that at least for the most part I haven't noticed those serious problems but overall while there are some serious technical issues on the PC side of things I'm having a lot of fun with black ops 3 if you're on the fence right now of buying it especially for PC I would say hold off in weights who knows if they're gonna be able to resolve all these problems I mean I'm sure that they will because it looks like Treyarch is trying to turn over a new leaf for their PC crowd.