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Call OF Duty Infinite Warfare - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Call OF Duty Infinite Warfare - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Call OF Duty Infinite Warfare - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Call OF Duty Infinite Warfare - Full PC Game Torrent Download

In what has been a pretty good year for shooter so far I mean there's been overwatch there's been titanfall to Battlefield one the kind of the King may be back to take the throne we'll have to find out and that is why I'm John McAfee has been playing a lot of Call of Duty infinite warfare so where to start or as I call it courting space mates Cod in space well let's start there I mean the space element how does that work I mean is it revolutionary to the series is it feels kind of just the same but in space I mean how is it

interesting so when I saw the trailer I was like okay what does this mean jetpacks and stuff what's the spacing way see stuff I don't know about this but after playing it works so caught in space is split into two sections you've got you are on a spaceship, in fact, there are three sections because you want a spaceship which is your hub where you kind of you venture out onto all your missions from your main spaceship and from there you have a ship to ship vehicle which is where you take part in space combat and space combat is

actually pretty decent it's very reminiscent of evil curry but without the virtual reality that kind of faith that type spray, yeah but we aim a little bit before what you're looking at to try and hit them you've got your sides you've got machine guns that are very fun but then you've also got a traditional call of duty on the ground or boots on the ground as they call it kind of because you still have your rigs which are like your it's not a jetpack but you know that kind of exoskeletal thing that allows you to boost so it is for me it is a little bit like black ops 3 or advanced warfare in the movement of the ground combat, yeah but the space combat is completely new and it works I'm so happy about that, yeah I mean that was kind of one of the things I was most looking forward to seeing how is it the jackal is that you're yeah I should go on and they're the kind of how does that control in space and how kind of intense all the dogfights

Call OF Duty Infinite Warfare - Full PC Game Torrent Download
how good are they're decent then they're not amazing but it's very tightly controlled so

you've got a certain area that you're in you're not gonna go out of the area but there's plenty of things to fight within it and it does feel like you're in space because you can rotate completely 360 degrees or in any direction sitting upside down basically even though there isn't a side down in space

yeah gave me so that works as well and I mean you mentioned they were their kings Infinity Ward's were their kings and for me it was all about can they bring it back with the triple a blockbuster Hollywood story and I think the single player they have if the single player is floating fantastic and write great got a story it's high as always come back together in a good way it's not just tacked on for the sake of it yeah that's amazing I mean that was that was one of the main kind of interesting things about it which was excited to see yeah I was was was good because obviously he's engrained in our heads is this good guys John Murray did he pull that off I know obviously not talking about details but just the character himself as he was he one of the best kind of elements of the story or is it just the whole things just work what you don't see him a lot but when you do he's his characters quite chilling he plays it really well and the capture technology that we've got these days because it just does look like him and when you transitions into CGI that is flawless and it looks so just a quick one just for my own thing Conor McGregor is he in it like first seconds or is in it quite a bit I don't want to spoil it for you me cause no that's fine

I've just really cared no worries so one of the other kind of exciting things for me was the zombies in space land is it all right I mean if you like zombies I suppose you probably go like this it's just another zombies mode to me yeah yeah I kind of like it seemed like they were going for more of a kind of that the eighties humour the 80s carnival and tracking it that kind of thing and that just it seemed like it was going to be different to this stuff we've seen before visually is different, yeah it looks I think it a lot nicer with the fluorescent colours it's very vibrant it's very 80s 70s whatever it is you've got your cameo from Hasselhoff, yeah this is very funky I personally don't like the character

over stereotyped edging on racism right I'm not really my cup of tea but there is a story to it zombies is so deep unless you know what you're doing it's hard to get into unless you have a good team it's hard to complete yeah I only got into about wave 11 I think was the highest ever brought up too so I didn't see much of it I didn't get so many of the Easter eggs I already saw a company right I can't such as there's like a robot if you find his head put his head on his body you can use him to give you challenges and you pause him if you want to pause the challenges that kind of thing so I like that they have these little nuggets you have to find to add extra gameplay to it but and they've also yeah infant it would have taken a slightly different storms from zombies they know it's hard to get into so to make it more accessible they have tried to make a bit more user friendly with pop-ups and eat Orioles and try to hold your hand a little bit without being patronizing which is important because I'd like to say for people like me is it's different to get into yeah

cool okay and the kind of the other big draw for the game and the series this has always been multiplayer so how does that work in this site is it kind of follow a very similar form you know if they tried to mix things up a little with the kind of the new modes and stuff like that um yeah right so it is caught it is your level up you get better weapons you have instead of specialisms this time like it black ops 2 you had specialists this time we have rigs so you've still got different almost play styles so you get a

different perk and you get a different special weapon you can unlock as you play in a match as you get more kills and stuff you on yeah foster you can still boost jump around the map like the hood in advanced warfare in black ops 3 so there's the movement is very fluid in a good way but also if you're looking more for the boots on the ground combat it's gonna be again not your cup of tea and if that is what you're looking for I recommend on warfare remastered because MWI so bloody amazing and that that is an interesting aspect about multiplayer for me in that this year's.

Cod multiplayer feels very hard feels difficult time to kill is incredibly short so if you see someone first you're pretty much gonna kill them if they see you first you're gonna kill them and most of the time I don't get to see who's attacking me I'm just dead straight away and that just yeah I mean I love kind of battlefield for that because you've got the massive kind of battlefield just to take your time a little bit is there any any kind of that or other other maps quite small in comparison so like the chances are being killed a lot faster would happen because the maps are a little smaller or yeah so that maps are definitely smaller especially if you're talking about in comparison to but yeah but as far as cockpit Maps go great Infinity Ward's style design you've got you've got the certain channels you pretty much about three routes like a MOBA in most Cod maps so they stick to that formula different routes you're gonna go down you know where you're gonna get attacked from so you start to look out for certain areas but it is so fast-paced with all the boosting and wall running and jumping around but it it is more challenging than I think Cod has ever been and that does put people off that puts me off a little bit which is why I think this year Modern Warfare remastered is the more fun more to play game mode of the three we've talked about yeah but in terms of kind of the story I mean it's definitely they have this day pit they've seemed to have put more effort into making this you know a good solid storey where you know things like ghosts for me.

Call of Duty ghosts was just a bit weak on story and them kind of took a backseat and focus a lot on the multiplayer that just my opinion oh yeah I mean I obviously loved ghosts and I think this is more in line with ghosts and advanced warfare story than it is with black ops which I think the black ops stories are always bit cuckoo I mean the last one I don't know what was going on there that was just insane part of it oh yeah I mean I never played the last one but the one the kind of the end into the first one just was just for me a bit I don't know do we ever find out what those numbers work Oh God knows that the whole the kind of the comp throughout that the concept was like great I thought this is really clever and then it just went above my head and it just seemed like they're trying to be too clever I think that's a trade-off probably try these games off my suborder phenomenon and I'm glad that this seems to be

you know a good a great cod game that's that's how it's coming across anyway yeah so the story is tight but they've also introduced side missions as well so they've got extra content if you want to take more content of the single-player if you don't it's gonna last you five maybe six hours but if you do you get an extra hour maybe two hours out of it so you've got the option there which is nice no that's fine I mean that's great so so it gets your approval curve yes I'm liking the game I like in the single-player a lot more than the zombies all the multiplayer but I don't know one package yeah okay not anything more to say coming I think we should probably end that right so if you want to read the review watch the video you know keep up to date with all all of the quality news and all of the gaming news for you you guys follow us up god is a geek on Twitter or you can head over to the website guys do get calm also if you like to get more content exclusive stuff like that videos before they get

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