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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PC Game Download Torrent

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PC Game Download Torrent

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PC Game Download Torrent
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PC Game Download Torrent

I'd say the call of duty is kind of like the doctor who loved video games nowaday mentum itself Doctor Who fan so what I mean by that is that it's a long-running series that's had multiple iterations all based around the similar thing the series originally started out focusing on world war ii and all things considered the early games for freedom good and they still hold up when Infinity Ward released modern warfare in 2007 it kind of turned the series on its head as the Second World War had really become its own genre by that point and now they'd brought the series into the more contemporary setting 2009 Infinity Ward followed up with a sequel modern warfare 2 which was released for every major platform at the time and I can't remember any other video game creating such a buzz around fans up until its release I can still remember attending the midnight launch at EB Games with my friend and looking around and seeing all manner of different looking people waiting diligently in line what was most strange is that half the people waiting around weren't the type of people you'd think we're into gaming but that's the effect this game had on everyone which I attributed mostly to the multiplayer mode so what was the deal what was it that made this game so hyped up and eagerly anticipated and more importantly was it worth the wait.

well I'm so glad you are let's just find out they shall we now it's true that the Call of Duty games the most played for their multiplayer component and that's fair enough but there's always been a very strong single-player campaign and offer here as well the only real problem with a single-player campaign has always been the length they've always been anywhere from four to six hours long at the say that they usually just reuse the same kind of setups over and over is a bit of an understatement but the campaign in one war Fetzer still really did manage to surprise everyone with what it had an offer,
Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 PC Game Download Torrent

so after the events of the first game, the death of Imran decay of turns him into something of a martyr with the Russian ultra-nationalist taking control of Russia and the world on the brink of war

modern war if you will as was pretty standard with a series back then the campaign kind of jumps all over the places you swap from character to character and location to location one mission Eurasia then you're back in the United States in large-scale gunfights in Washington DC before heading to Russia for a high-octane shootout in a gulag its cool stuff it seems like they're scripted sequences every five seconds as hell is pretty much

constantly breaking loose in the amount of time and effort that must have gone into creating and designing these types of moments is just unthinkable you really feel like you're in this huge blockbuster film when almost everything in the environment either explodes or shoots at you

it can be a bit overwhelming at times like I find myself often needing to take a break and get a breath of fresh air as it's an almost visceral assault on your senses at times but it is directly contrasted with certain missions where things are a lot slower and you're not constantly being shot at one of the most controversial moments in the entire game and something that didn't really receive all that much negative attention surprisingly is a mission called no Russian without giving too much away in this one you're playing the role of a character very pivotal to the main story who's basically walking through an airport gunning down a couple of hundred innocent people with a group of

terrorists I know there's a lot of edge Lords out there who like to pretend like this mission doesn't faze them but it has to be said that the whole thing is kind of fucked up seems every time I played this I've noticed something different like how you can see injured civilians crawling across the ground decides to lead out or other civilians holding their hands up in surrender as if that's going to save them they really went above and beyond throwing into the shoes of this murderous gunman making sure that everyone at the airport is really going to have a bad day

I think my favorite mission is the one set in the gulag where you're ambushed in the showers like guards with riot shields and have to blast your way out it's utterly badass like all of the cod games before it and well everything sent one or more Feherty reruns in the Infinity Ward engine which as most people know is a heavily modified version of the quake 3 engine and I think all things considered this is still a damn good looking game even by today's standards the texture is almost across the board are just fantastic they're really nice sharp and crisp and there's lots of objects in the game while making everything seem more believable there's a few missions where you're in the US where the whole place has been turned into a warzone and some of these sections are just incredible you really feel like you're in this world that's just gone to shit the weapons of which there are many all look great they sound great and Stephen Barton and Harry gregson-williams return to compose the game soundtrack which is the kind of over-the-top cinematic stuff we've come to expect let's play how uninspired consumer x this really is a campaign with a lot of polish that's ripping from start to finish so about now you think an alright big head what's wrong with the campaign well to be honest there's nothing all that much wrong with it I mean it's pretty solid at what it does

I guess the length could be a complaint but it doesn't feel like it ends prematurely and it tells the story it wants to tell ending on a pretty cool cliffhanger it does go off the basis that you've played and have a pretty solid understanding and recollection of the events in the first game as well I guess one issue with the campaign is that once you've finished it there's not really any reason to go back and play it again

I really think playing the cod games on the hardest difficulty is one of the best examples of artificial difficulty in a game and there's nothing fun about topping out a cover for two seconds before hiding for five seconds to let your health recharge and then constantly avoiding grenades that land at your feet but what really made Modern Warfare 2 huge at the time of its release was the multiplayer and almost undoubtedly bought the game for now like the first game this is all about creating your own class playing modes like team deathmatch and domination and then spending hundreds of hours leveling up and unlocking weapons perks skins and all that kind of shit and I'd love to talk about this mode I really would but the problem is that no one's playing it I've tried finding matches for team deathmatch on three separate times of the day on the weekends and all that and I can never find a suitable match to join I just sat there in the matchmaking screen and nothing happens I guess we can talk about the spec ops though which is a co-op mode where you want a buddy take on a series of quick missions most of which are sequences recycled from the campaign you get a score from one to three stars which is dependent on the difficulty you're playing at and often your overall performance the more stars you earn the more mission to unlock with each mission getting progressively more difficult now some of these missions are fun to play there's a couple where one player is in control of a minigun or an ac-130 gunship covering the other player on foot which require actual teamwork to finish so most of them are just as I said sequences from the main campaign with a second player added in it's just two people running around shooting things over and over like in co-op you're able to revive players who take too much damage which also makes certain levels a lot more forgiving but I just think a lot of them a trial and error and during those missions where you have to kill a preset amount of enemies it's often a matter of learning where they spawn from which again just comes from replaying the mission over and over you did you got those two stars sunny Jim I've always looked at one warfare two is the kind of turning point where FPS games really took a bit of a nosedive well this point most shooting games had adopted the whole regenerating health mechanic but I think the way this game really affected the industry was the multiplayer component

it just seemed it from like this point on it was mandatory or something that every first-person shooter had to have some sort of tacked-on multiplayer mode with a ranked levelling system perks unlockables all that stuff it was like developers had seen the success of modern warfare 2's multiplayer mode and all just tried to follow suit I don't think this makes modern warfare 2 a bad game it's just a really good example of one of the key turning points in the industry where it just seemed that everyone seemed to lose their creative plug at this point I think the only real reason to play this game is if you're working your way through the series the multiplayer is largely dead

depending on which part of the world you're living in and SpecOps really requires the second person to experience the whole thing properly there is still a good single-player campaign on offer here though but after you've finished that there's very little reason to stay in listed six we've got the package I repeat we have got the package.