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Cossacks 3 Digital Deluxe - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Cossacks 3 Digital Deluxe - PC Game Torrent Download

Cossacks Anthology - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Cossacks Anthology - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Here to talk to you about a new game that released recently Cossacks three I might be doing a let's play or some live stream sessions the near future but this video is mainly to give you an overview of what to expect from the game and why you may or may not be interested in it as the name suggests cossacks 3 is set in the 17th and 18th centuries of Europe and is more of a callback to the original game from the early 2000s a beautiful game cost x3 is a traditional style isometric RTS players of Age of Empires and similar will see a lot in common

I just want to address quickly the situation with the current steam reviews before we go further into this conversation the mixed reviews are the unfortunate result of some small bugs that from what I've seen have been very quickly patched it's actually quite impressive to see how many hotfixes were released in such a short time to quickly fix the minor bugs and iron out other issues so don't mind the steam review so much especially if the only Flags being raised are bugs and crashes you almost never hear me say something like that so let it be a representation of how impressed I am with the support the developers are giving the game right away with that aside what does Cossacks 3 give you for one there's a campaign mode it's decent in length divided into various parts with multiple chapters within them the campaign is delivered in engine with camera pans unit movement and pop-up dialog boxes nothing special but perfectly fine for an RTS the writing in the game outside of the occasional linguistic curiosity is great 
Cossacks Anthology - Full PC Game Torrent Download

it's got a charming sense of humor and that adds a layer of entertainment the campaign is fun but the heart of the game in my opinion is in the random map battles and online multiplayer the random map battles are simply skirmishes against the AI and online battles are the same except with other players included of course you start each match with a handful of peasants step one is to build a town center from where you can recruit more peasants who then go on to collect a multitude of resources wood stone food gold iron and coal are essential resources to build buildings recruit units research upgrades and interestingly provide ammunition for your gunpowder units that's right your gunpowder units can run out of ammo if you don't manage your resources well beyond that you research technology head towards the 18th century and build an army to vanquish your foes when your opponent and yourself are evenly matched a game of Cossacks can go on for an hour 45 minutes higher tier buildings are heavy in the requirement of resources multiples of the same building cost more as they go on and many of the upgrades are extremely expensive - including the upgrade to enter the new era this means you won't necessarily be racing down the tech tree instead pacing yourself so you don't get wiped out they are long games and that's when they're most fun going back and forth with your skirmishes upgrading your base while maintaining a sizable army and ultimately engaging your opponent correctly are all important aspects of the game with the option of up to eight players though it can get quite fast for the first to fall of course you'll notice 

I said sizable army so let's take a moment to discuss what that means between pikes spears muskets cavalry and artillery you can field absolutely massive armies population caps in this game are significantly higher than Age of Empires ever was so you can see engagements spanning multiple 120 man regiments all firing and charging down the field at the same time an interesting mechanic is this regiment system with 36 72 or 120 soldiers of a type you can recruit an officer and a drummer as long as you've got an academy to organize them into a proper unit marching in formations that give them various advantages all important inappropriate situations and they add an element of tactical thinking to the game this combined with the relative rock-paper-scissors mechanic will find a home with total war fans and will be especially welcomed for fans of both total war and age of empires unfortunately the unit's don't necessarily stay in this formation as battle progresses often resulting in what looks like a schoolyard brawl of highly trained soldiers with that said superior tactical brawling will give you the edge coming in from flanks outnumbering the enemy and using the right unit types are essential to success in battle as our organized unit movements such as fire and retreat or kill boxing and the like a few other issues revolve around peasant management.

when you're attacked you can't order them to retreat or hide away at the Town Hall so the enemy army can start enslaving and converting them pretty easily essentially this cuts off your supply chain with minimal effort and that adds an interesting dynamic to the game it also adds some tension though it's a little bit beyond my suspension of disbelief + buildings can also be captured by the enemy and I find that to be a more reasonable way to put in a supply chain mechanic if you lose your minds you can recapture them with your own soldiers of course but if you lose all your peasants and now don't have the food to recruit more to gather more food to recruit more peasants you're stuck in a cycle of doom with that said one of my favorite aspects is the metric ton of variety to be found in the game each faction has its own art style architecture and units are beautifully crafted and it's an absolute joy to play as different factions as a result beyond that from a mechanical perspective different factions have different units implying different strengths and weaknesses especially since some key units can be easier or harder to get depending on who you opt to play as this variety adds a lot of longevity to the game and I can see myself sinking countless hours with all that said I also have to say that the AI is extremely unforgiving I played my first few games against an impossible AI and it was devastating as the game masochists though I quite enjoy the challenge and I'm not sure if it's the result of the AI cheating or just flawless management either way it means there's always a challenge even if your buddies abandon you so should you get Cossacks three well if you enjoy tactical battles or a fan of pike and shot miss the good old days of Age of Empires 2 and are looking for a game that can scale from skirmish to epic battle all while providing a fair challenge yes absolutely yes the game is around $20 and is well worth every penny and if you get it early you also get the early bird Edition which provides you with significantly more content the game has some issues minor bugs and reports of crashes as I mentioned before but they're being taken care of very quickly and I haven't faced any major problems myself if you'd like to see more Cossacks through on my channel let me know right now I'm thinking I might do a campaign playthrough or livestream some skirmish battles questions concerns opinions share them below.