Counter Strike: GO - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Counter Strike: GO - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Counter Strike: GO - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Counter Strike: GO - Full PC Game Torrent Download

Hey whats up guys Afaq here from Sciencetechhealth Gaming and today i have the review for you for counter-strike go this is a first-person action shooter that sets itself apart from games like Call of Duty and Battlefield by not conforming to the perks and you know care packages killstreaks a hassle than that this game is gone on going man on man and skill on skill and it requires a lot of skill to play you'll see here 2,500,000 unique players last month which is amazing for a game especially this one being on the PC there was some titles before this that made it onto the xbox I believe but a counter-strike has always had its roots PC as it is a spawn of half-life two and half life original half-life and really kind of spawned as a mod as counter strike one or whatever you want to call it then graduated to 1.6 after 1.6 receives a lot of player base and user base counter-strike source was crafted which was a staple in the eSports community for quite some time and now you have CS go with the upgraded graphics and rework designed at gameplay now we're going to show you a few of the features here from the main menu there's not too much as this is a multiplayer only game but don't let that take away from you counter-strike go is an amazing game and we're going to show you right right now alright guys to quickly go over the main menu what you have here is the inventory this lets you customize your weapons each gun can be outfitted with camouflages things of that nature to make it more personally appealing they're unlocked via in-game purchases and things of that nature but you can win some and you can unlock so as well as you can use the community workshop that download free ones that you can use on community servers so there's the weapons here you can see there's quite a nice list of them there is the watch button which allows you to watch current matches in progress as we stated before this is a very competitive game so you can actually go back and watch your games am the games of people that are currently playing next is your awards.

You can see your staff achievement your leaderboard but let's go ahead and hop in the game and show you where counter-strike really shines which is that it's gotten too alright guys so here we are on the game selection mode this is where you can choose death Matt's arms race and
demolition which are three non-standard counter-strike game modes you have casual which is the diffuse and Hoskins mission in the competition which is based upon the map system that you want to play so for this mission will do casual and go hostage,
Counter Strike: GO - Full PC Game Torrent Download

And we will show you guys exactly what counter-strike has to offer just a minute but please take note when you play casual friendly fires off team collision is off you have 50% kill reward and it's the best of 15 rounds when you're playing
competitive friendly fires on collision are on arm and D few kids are personally purchasable which in casual you always start out with body armour and defuse kits so keep that in mind when we go to play it's not always so easy but we're not going to play a competitive match as I'm actually kind of competition in this game but I wouldn't want to ruin anybody else's game so we're going to hop in hostas mission and as soon as we get in the server will be right back alright guys so here we are in-game with

counter-strike basically this is your start of the radial menu this is where you can buy gear grenades pistols heavy weapons submachine guns and rifles we'll start out this game is buying a salt rifle and a grenade and kind of show you how the game plays right now

as you can see very unforgiving one shot for 361 damage which is more than my life and so what you have to understand is cower strike is a very very

unforgiving game it takes just a few bullets to kill you and put you down quickly as rounds actually to slow you down another game when you get shot you can take it to go in Counter-Strike if your shot you are slowed down you're not able to run at your pool so it's really difficult to actually get out of

firefight if you're not careful now you'll see this guy here sniping from the rooftop we have this guy playing out here with the AK this guy's in here trying to guard the hostages and the enemy team is working right now to try and get these hostages here's one of the enemy teams and it's customized sniper rifle which is this one is probably the most powerful sniper rifle in the game I bring up the its legendary with memes thank you something to take note of is the graphics they're very good the animations are good you saw there when that got changed magazines the magazine fell out of the gun he did proper animations and things like that I really give it a counter-strike for having great animations and great game so we're gonna let the gameplay go on just a few more minutes this video won't be as long as some of my other ones and play our only game so there's their single player to it and we won't have any of that to show you but we're gonna hop in here and hopefully little died right off the bat this next time let's show you some of the gunplay

I growing the black back Wow I can see them I see them need backup there's that freeze-frame as we were taking down it freezes the moment just so you can save all the glory of the awesome ragdoll animation though you did manage to take out one guy here's a guy with a cooler AK looking pretty cool alright guys to close out counter-strike is a great game with awesome graphics and amazing gameplay is a little bit to be desired to sound Department and some of the sounds are really robotic and electronic sounding but I mean other than that this game is great and looks good it plays good and you're always going to have a game open you don't have to worry about like black ops or call of duty where you've got to wait hours for matchmaking always hop in the game pretty quickly here and really enjoy yourself it's a great game check it out on Steam and I believe it's pretty cheap so thank you guys so much for coming here we'll see you next time.

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