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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Full Pc Game Download - Torrent

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Full Pc Game Download - Torrent

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Full Pc Game

Developed by CyberConnect2, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is the newest addition in a long-running line of games based on Akira Toriyama’s wildly popular series.

Though many games have covered its story and world in the past, these aspects have often taken a backseat to the over-the-top combat the series is known for.

While fighting still plays a large part here, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a semi open-world RPG where the narrative and setting are more fleshed out than ever before.

Though some elements feel a little underwhelming, it wonderfully captures the spirit and tone of the series.

Kakarot tells the entire story of the Z saga, from the Saiyan Arc to Majin Buu.

Even though these are plot lines we've experienced many times before, there’s never been a game adaptation that’s told it this well or had so much care put into it.

Cut-scenes look stunning, and it’s a treat to behold iconic moments that are now fully realized in-game.

The soundtrack also does a decent job of setting the mood, but it never really stands out like the cinematics.

At its core, Kakarot is about flying around large maps, picking up quests, and battling enemies along the way.

You start as Goku, but throughout the game, you take on the role of several different characters, including Gohan, Piccolo, and Vegeta,

each with their special moves to use and unlock.

Combat is initiated in the same way as traditional RPGs,

with fights starting as soon as you come into contact with enemies roaming the map.
Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Full Pc Game

The battles themselves are fairly straightforward with all the basics you'd expect like Ki Blasts, but you also have more powerful abilities that can be hotkeyed to four different buttons.

Using these attacks drains your Ki meter, but you can quickly power up if you're running low.

There’s also a tension gauge that builds as you take or deal damage, and when it’s full, you can activate a surge effect

that grants enhancement that can boost all your stats, super attacks, and combos.

In general, the mechanics do a good job of capturing the spirit of Dragon Ball.

There are a few more tricks you can pull off like having an ally assist you, but combat can feel repetitive at times,

especially when you're fighting the same three or four enemy types throughout the entire game.

Thankfully, some of the story battles do offer up some more excitement.

By far, Kakarot's most appealing aspect is its world,

which has never been realized so well.

Areas are huge and filled with many signs of life that include iconic locations such as Goku's house, Capsule Corporation Headquarters,

and planets like Namek and the Land of Kais.

Travelling between each zone is easy as it's done via the world map, but load times are very long on PS4 Pro.

With quests having you frequently travel to different areas,

it can feel far more tedious than it needs to be.

While out in the world, there’s a decent number of things to do.

You can collect Z Orbs which are used to purchase new abilities, go fishing, or collect ingredients like food and minerals,

but this can get old fast.

Luckily, these materials can lead to more interesting things like building a hovercar or cooking food, which grants helpful buffs.

There’s a healthy number of side quests to tackle throughout your adventure, each offering its rewards in the form of XP and items.

A great aspect of these quests is getting to see characters

that was left out of the Z saga like Launch and the Pilaf Gang, but doing them can feel pretty dull

as they mostly just boil down to fighting the same enemies you've already battled a hundred times.

The Dragon Balls can also be collected at different parts of the story.

When all seven have been obtained, you’re able to have wishes granted.

Your options range from asking for more Z Orbs, money, or rare items to fighting previously defeated enemies such as Raditz or Nappa.

It's a small touch but a nice addition to the game.

Training has always been a large part of the series and this is no different in Kakarot.

In each zone, there are training spots where you can battle avatars to unlock new abilities.

You can also spend Z Orbs you've collected to acquire enhancements for each character in their skill trees.

It's a pretty standard RPG system, but it still feels good to unlock power-ups.

Another important aspect of character growth is in the Community system.

Communities are essentially groups that you can place characters’ emblems into to gain buffs.

For instance, the Z Warrior Community gives buffs to help you in battle like increased melee damage, while the Training Community gives more battle XP or defence.

Each character emblem can be strengthened by giving them gifts, which in turn raises the level of the community that character is in.

It's an interesting structure that helps make the characters of Dragon Ball feel all the more important beyond their parts of the story.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a solid entry in the long-running line of games based on the franchise.

It's clear CyberConnect2 put a lot of love into this project,

and it especially shows in how the story and locations are presented.

However, it's held back by repetitive combat encounters and dull side quests.

Despite its shortcomings, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is still an enjoyable adventure whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer.