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Far Cry 4 Full Pc Game Download Compressed - Torrent

Far Cry 4 Full Pc Game Download Compressed - Torrent

Far Cry 4 Full Pc Game Download

Usually in the gaming world of franchises latest releases consider the best but is that the case with the the latest instalment of Far Cry what's up everyone and welcome to a new video my name is Omar with real gamer review and today I'll be doing a comparison between Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5

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as we will expect the latest games to be the greatest but that wasn't the case this time at least, in my opinion, don't get me wrong Far Cry 5 was a pretty good game but I enjoyed Far Cry 4 much more and they will explain why throughout this video for surely OB soft has done a good job with Far Cry 5 in terms of the graphics but I find both instalments to be comparable especially considering that they were released four years apart I believe that Far Cry 4 is a solid game in terms of visuals and graphics even by 2020 standards to be clear I'm not comparing both games in this video from a story perspective but the gameplay if we start talking about the story then the clear winner is Far Cry 3 with it's amazing villain valve I'm here to discuss the gameplay and some of the visual aspects and yes I know that I said before that Far Cry 5 has better overall graphics but I think that Far Cry 4 has better visuals from the the perspective of a player considering its beautiful setup in the Himalaya Mountains if you put both sides by side for cry 5 has better textures and graphics quality but which one you prefer to play in a walk around and discover its territories when I played Far Cry 5 yes I was enjoying the game but I never had the urge to drive the car around and discover different areas of the map, I was just focused on moving from one mission to another.

On the other hand, far cry 4 was the exact opposite every piece of the map was a joy to go around and discover as far as the vehicles far cry 5 may have better visuals for the interiors but far cry 4 has more of a personal touch in the details which make the game a bit more authentic in my opinion and you can scale the rest of the aspects for both games with the same measure for example the towers that you liberate to clear areas on the map or a removed in Far Cry 5 honestly I kind of missed them after they were gone I felt that one of our Christ trademarks were removed .

And hunting and skinning animals to craft bigger bags to loot more or have bigger ammo bag was another trademark for Far Cry games and in Far Cry 5 it is gone but in a really weird way like half gone there are still animals that you can hunt and skin but only to sell for money which doesn't make any sense to me, in Far Cry 4, there are tons of cool things that you can do for fun riding a coal glider from the top of a mountain getting in a mini one-seater cool helicopter

you could even ride an elephant and bash everything in your way the missions were also way better especially with the setup that the game was all about for example, that mission that was 26,000 feet on top of the mountain and you have to kill enemies to loot oxygen masks survive while searching for some sort of secret weapon another thing that I dislike

about far cry 5 is the silent protagonist, I understand I wanted to make a customizable character for everyone to have a personal experience but I just didn't feel connected to the character as I felt with AJ from Far Cry 4 having his mother's ashes with him all the way to Kurata and discovering later that his mother did this to get him back to Kira to meet the rebellion members of the movement that his father started longtime and fight with them to liberate Kira a pretty good solid story was way better than far cry 5.

The very basic story of liberating a county from a crazed, it's like they removed the soul and essence of Far Cry games that we all liked and loved to just put in a very serious first-person shooter game far cry 5 is still a good game that any new players to the franchise could enjoy but for me as a fan since the very original Far Cry I felt that my connection to the Far Cry games was lost it just felt different more serious and lacked all the fun signature of Far Cry games let me know in the comments below which Far Cry do you think is better 4 or 5.