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Beat Conqueror Players In Close Fights Trick Pubg Mobile

Beat Conqueror Players In Close Fights Trick Pubg Mobile

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welcome guys in this video we will be looking at the top 10 best guns in this game anyway this video is totally based on my two years of experience in pub tmobile so starting with the number one we have the MK 14 which i think is the best weapon in this game.

everything about this gun is perfect here are the stats of MK14 feel free to pause the video and check that out and I will try to put stats of every gun I mentioned in this video something is special about this weapon whenever you are holding MK14 it feels like you have an overpowered weapon in your hand which gives you a little bit more confidence to play as aggressive as possible MK 14 is not just a DMR sniper rifle if you put this weapon in full auto mode with a red dot it will become a beast in close range it can outperform any weapon in the close range including SMGs due to the high damage per second four bullets are enough to kill anyone in this game no matter what type of armor they are wearing it can easily do the job and the coolest thing about MK14 is that it can be used in any play style if you play safe or aggressive it doesn't matter for this weapon it suits for any play style the only weakness for MK14 is its mag size it is only limited to 10 rounds and 20 when using extended mag so extended mag is highly needed for this weapon to run in close range or you will run out of bullets and I forgot to mention its airdrop exclusive which means it's hard to find number 2 an airdrop exclusive only the Groza Groza is a combination of AKM and barrel m762 it has the damage of a km and the rate of fire is faster than the barrel m762 and the main important thing is the recoil which is significantly lower than the AKM and barrel this makes the grows a better weapon choice when you have to choose between a km or barrel anyway here are the stats for this weapon the base damage of grows of is literally the same as a km the only difference is damage per second groza has the highest dps in any assault rifles which gives the groza quickest time to kill and that's the reason it's on number 2 but those of you who maybe more advanced with the recoil

Close Fights Trick Pubg Mobile

controlling don't be afraid to use 3 or 4x on grossa it can do some serious damage to your opponents in mid-range and nothing feels more satisfied than using a suppressor on groza I think Rosa vis only a weapon which uses suppressor to reduce the recoil I don't know if using a suppressor on grossa will reduce the recoil but I am sure using a suppressor will make the weapon handling a lot easier if you come across a crater a Supply Drop and you find grows inside pick it up and give it a try and I am sure you will like it and put a suppressor to get the best out of it and you can surprise your enemies with suppressed grosses sprays if you don't pick it up make sure your teammate does number 3 is another airdrop

exclusive AWM sniper rifle the AWM is a well known sniper rifle for its ability to surprise the enemy with an instant knock and also it's the only sniper rifle which can one-shot the level 3 helmet making it incredibly strong for mid and long range anyway here are the weapon stats AWM is the only sniper rifle which have the lowest amount of bullet drop due to the high bullet velocity if you look at the weapons stats you may know that AWM can

one-shot a level 1 vest if higher it can do some serious damage to the opponent and make them panic so you will get an advantage over your enemies so this gives the awm moving target abilities which DMR's and other bolt-action sniper rifles don't have and the best thing about a WM that I like is the ability to steal kills by hitting the knocked players this is the easiest way to get kills because hitting knocked players is a lot easier when compared to a live player due to their continuous movements which makes them a harder target to hit I would not always recommend hitting the knocked players for too long but if you see a player that is knocked and you can hit your shot why not get a free kill anyway if you ever find a WM you should take it and I recommend you use it to improve your bolt-action sniper skills being a good sniper with bolt-action is rare but it's an incredible skill to learn number 4 is not an airdrop weapon but the popular one can you guess well it's m416 popular for many reasons and known for its performance sometimes it can be really powerful in close range it can be used for spraying down enemies in mid-range the best thing is it has very low recoil making it easy as to salt rifle to control and for long range you can just single tap you can also spray if you could control the recoil here are the stats for m416 and the other 5.56 assault rifles like scar-l qbu etc will have the same damage as m416 but their performance will not match to m4 but there is a major

weakness for m4 it requires a lot of attachments in order to perform better it would not affect our gameplay if we play without attachments but playing with perfect attachments is always better and sometimes it's very hard to find it's perfect attachments number 5 the shotgun this includes all the shotguns anyway shotguns are really powerful in extremely close range no other weapon can outperform a shotgun in ranges from 0 to 25 here is a quick tip if you ever had to use a shotgun do not rush with a shotgun the shotgun is a defensive weapon not an attacking weapon if you have a shotgun wait until your enemies get really close to you

shotgun has a base damage of 198 to 216 which can easily one-shot your enemy for an instant knock all the shotguns have the same accuracy in close range

I would highly recommend using hipfire with shotguns you always have to

remember one thing while using a shotgun try to knock down your enemy in a single shot if you miss then you're at a massive disadvantage that you can't escape using a shotgun is a skill that you have to learn to get better sometimes if you're lucky you might clutch if not you die.

number six the micro Z that is the most powerful SMG in this game right now until this date no other SMG can replace this maybe in upcoming updates tommy gun will be getting a scoped attachment update maybe it can replace micro uzi let's just hope it will replace recent patch updates made all the SMGs more powerful than before and people started using smg's more often than before due to the low recoil here are the stats for this weapon the main reason why uz became so popular because of its rate of fire which can shoot up to 25 bullets in just a second

which makes this weapon really good in close range with that insane rate of fire and a really worse choice if you miss a lot and the weaknesses of micro uzi not just for Z it's for all the SMGs that are limited to close range from 25 to 100 meters and the low amount of bullet velocity which makes all the SMGs really bad at mid and long range number 7 the barrel m76 - the main reason why it's in the list is because of its high amount of recoil which is the hardest one to control in this game if you can manage to control the recoil of barrel then you can easily control the recoil of any weapon in this game and that makes you a better player I always challenge myself to play with these hardest weapons in this game to become a better player than before number 8 the AKM it's another popular weapon in this game but most of the players are afraid to use this weapon because of the high amount of recoil if you don't learn this weapon you're at a massive disadvantage because this weapon has the coolest iron sight in this game and it does not require any scopes which makes this weapon a perfect choice in the early game because finding a red dot can be difficult sometimes AKM is the most commonly found weapons in early games because most of the players will try to avoid this unless they have no other options

here are the stats for this weapon number nine the mini-14 and qbu force an hoc exclusive the main reason I'm putting these two DMR's in the same rank is that they are very similar and in San Huck you get qbu instead of mini-14 which is a better weapon than the mini-14 but sadly sam huck only anyway the best thing about DMR's is that they can easily be paired with any weapon and any combo and if you pair it with m4 you will get ammo synergy by the way mini-14 is the go-to DMR if you're new to this game it has the lowest amount of recoil and it can shoot really quick and the damage is not high but good enough for a 5.56 weapon here are the stats for this mini-14 here are stats for qbu

surprisingly qbu has higher damage than the mini-14 number 10 the SLR that's also known as a self-loading rifle it's similar to many but the SLR is extremely effective in this game it has few downsides which include a smaller mag size and a slower fire rate but it makes up for it by its absolute tier 1 damage SLR has an ability to knock a player who has just used first aid kit recently it has 80 damage on a level 2 helmet this will give you a big advantage while fighting in long range anyway here are the weapon stats SLR is the second most powerful DMR in this game of course first one is MK 14 I suggest using this as much as possible to keep the pressure on your opponents from a distance anyway that's all I got for this video I hope you learned something new today.