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Rog Zephyrus S15 Gaming Laptop Review - USA

Rog Zephyrus S15 Gaming Laptop Review - USA

Rog Zephyrus S15 Gaming

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER 8 GB GDDR6 with ROG Boost
  • Latest 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10875H Processor
  • 300 Hz 3 ms 15.6" Full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS-Type PANTONE
    Validated Display
  • 32 GB DDR4 3200 MHz RAM, 1 TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD in RAID 0 (512 + 512), Windows 10 Professional
  • ROG Intelligent Cooling thermal system with Active Aerodynamic System (AAS) and Thermal Grizzly Liquid Metal Thermal Compound
  • ROG Aura Sync System with RGB Keyboard
  • Thunderbolt 3, Gig+ Wi-Fi 6 with RangeBoost, Bluetooth 5.0

  • PRICE 2,999 USD.

    Everyone this is our detailed review of the mid-2020s rog Zephyrus s15 with an 8 quart engine Intel processor and NVIDIA r-tx 20/80 super graphics we're going to focus on the performance gains and overall terminals and noise levels you should expect from the sort of hardware as well as how it compares to the RT X 2070 super variant also available on this laptop but first let's touch on the important design and ergonomics aspects on the outside not much has changed on this 2020 update as it builds on the same chassis and design lines of the 2019 Zephyrs s that means that the Zephyrus s 15 is still a compact and lightweight 15 inch notebook at around 2.1 kilos or 4.6 pounds in this top tier version it still also employs a sissy's proprietary AAS cooling system which mechanically raises the bottom of the laptop from the desk in order to improve airflow and isolates the components from the exterior with an extra sheet of metal allowing the button to stay cooler in order to make this more comfortable when used on the lap the society s 15 is still a mostly black laptop in this variant with a matte magnesium interior and underside and a brushed aluminum lid cover even if the porous magnesium on the main deck fans fingerprints better than other black materials you'll still have to deal with them after using the laptop for a few days as you can see here and the black keys and click pad still show finger oil after only a few hours of use one design detail has changed understand it in the update though and I'm glad it did there is no longer a lead log on lid instead that's black now and blends in smoothly with the overall dot the RGB lights included within the cooling design are still there and there's still no individual control over them they are tied to the keyboards illumination system which means that the only way to adjust or switch them off is to adjust the keys intensity or completely deactivated lightly now as far as using it everyday the s15 is well-made and practical the main deck is sturdy and Birdie budget when pressed and the screen is fairly strong as well with little warping and flex

    even when abused this is also smartly blunted all the corners and edges so there's nothing that feels wrong when grabbing or using this device the displays held in place by two lateral hinges and they allow to easily pick it up and adjust the angle with a single hand but also keep it well in place so it doesn't wobble when typing I still reach the screen could go back past 145 degrees
    Rog Zephyrus S15

    but it's not possible with this design and while we're nitpicking I do have to mention the status LEDs in the power button both always late and annoyingly placement in the screen so we'll notice them on watching a movie in a dark group this because haven't changed either they fire to the belly and get fairly low but are the standard kind of middling quality speakers you'll get with gaming laptops these days

    so you want to hook up some proper headphones for better sound when it comes to the i/o essence finally

    included Thunderbolt 3 support on the Zephyr it's light up with video data and charging this adds up to the USB a hdmi and lan connectors and most of the ports are aligned on the left edge with the US base on the right that means that the only thing missing here is a car trailer as well as any sort of biometrics oh and there's also no webcam a common trait for the entire set for a slide I

    personally don't mind it that much but I agree that this is one of those features that you won't care about until you'll eventually need this is offers a good quality Foolish the external webcam accessory but you'll have to buy it on the side in most regions and I feel this should have been included with a

    standard bond as far as inputs go Deus 15 gets one of the better keyboards available on compact performance laptops these days it's still the kind of shallow implementation with short travel distance that you can expect in this class so it feels closer to an ultrabook than to a desktop keyboard which means that some of you might need time to get used to it I have one coming from the XPS 13 felt right at home with this keyboard liking it more and more the longer I used it

    however the keys take a bit more force to the president at 1/2 which means that you need to press them vigorously and all the way down for proper actuation which takes a toll on the accuracy on the other hand this keyboard is a quick and quiet diaper and the softly coated keys feel nice to the touch the layout is pretty standard for the class without a numpad section but with well sized and spaced main keys a slightly taller bottom row and two sets of function keys at the right and the top-left point the keys are also RGB lit with perky control bright LEDs 3 brightness settings to choose from and little to no light ripping from under the key caps wiping your fingers over the click pad

    immediately activates the illumination just as it's true and this is also implemented a useful caps-lock indicator within the caps lock key

    however the f1 to f12 writing on the top row of keys is still not backlit and that's why finding the

    right FG in the dark take some guessing those have addressed this issue on the 20/20 severest m15 but not here

    the big bad is averagely sized and centered on the chassis and not beneath the space key the smooth glass surface with precision drivers and handles everyday use and gestures just fine the implementation feels a bit sturdier than on the 2019 zephyr SS and no longer rattles when tapped former when the physical buttons are clicky but a bit clunky for the screen the 2020s every SS 15 gets the mat 200 Hertz IPS panel made by a optronics which is pretty much the go-to in this class right now this is an excellent panel for gaming with fast refresh and response times and I haven't noticed any overshoot or ghosting issues during my gameplay just as on the previous zephyr SS generation this version also offers either discrete or hybrid modes and gsync is enabled with discrete furthering has the gaming experience by reducing input lag and Terry switching between the two modes is an option in our murray crate and require cerustop I also add that as long as you're using the laptop on the hybrid mode which enables the Intel I GPU and Optimus the system automatically lowers the screens refresh rate to 60 Hertz and unplugging in the laptop from the wall and reset it back to 300 Hertz when plugging it back in this helps save battery life and it's much needed tweak as the zephyrus s15 still bundles a 76 watt or battery the smallest in this class as a result expect four trees four hours of daily multitasking and six plus hours of video on the hybrid mode and a lot less on the discreet mode

    besides 240 water break which weighs about 2.8 kilos is still required to power the components in this notebook but USB C charging is also supported through the USB C port on the left side an USB C charger is not included in most regions though back to the screen this panel is also a great option for daily use with good contrast and viewing angles good colors and fair brightness at little above 300 nights this might not suffice for very bright environments but will do just fine indoors otherwise with 72% Adobe RGB color coverage this panel should be ok for occasional color work although professionals might need a higher tier panel instead

    looks like asses don't offer one for the Zephyrs as 1520 20 series but they do offer a 4k 100% Adobe RGB option for the 2020s m15 as well as further Studio Book Pro line finally I mentioned that light bleeding around the edges is often an issue with this a Optronics panel and there's some of it on our model as well although not really as bad as on the triton 500 implementation we've reviewed earlier this is unfortunately a random issue with current screens so just test for it on your panel and send a laptop back if the bleeding is unacceptable okay let's talk specs and numbers now but first keep in mind that our unit is a pre-release sample and certain aspects might change on the retail store models still at perform as I was expecting that's why I'm confident sharing our findings with specs wise the 20/20 severus as 15 gets an 8 core Intel comet-like i7 1080 7:58 processor which outperforms the 6 core i7 9750 H in the previous generation by a fair margin but still requires a lot of power at full load still a 14 + + + nanometer beam this is opted to not include the I 9 on this laptop and that's marked as the i7 offers almost the same performance in this sort of a chassis at a lower price as for the GPU what we have here is the top-tier Nvidia 2080 super in a max Q implementation with variable power limits between the several performance modes starting at 60 watt on the silent profile and up to 105 what in certain titles on the turbo profile the thermal module can cope with the sort of power as it was previously designed to cool a 150 watt RT x 2070 in the 2019 after SAS generation and on top of that as was also applied liquid metal compound from the factory under 20 2000 G line the updated inter platform also supports 32 hundred megahertz ddr4 memory here and our configuration gets 32 gigabyte of RAM in dual channel 16 gigabyte of RAM are sold on the laptops motherboard so there's a single theme available inside for upgrades that means that while in TV you can put up to 48 gigabyte of RAM on this notebook only 32 gigabyte will work in duo channel and that is the

    configuration I'd recommend as for storage our unit gets to Western Digital middling quality drives in raid 0 and I'd expect something similar on the retail models as assistants to nothing lewd top-grade drives in their Zephyrus models nonetheless these are still plenty fast for gaming and they'd use in this raid zero implementation just note that you can replace them with a faster storage array if that would benefit your workloads getting to the components is fairly simple the laptop opens from the bottom but you'll have to remove the AAS piece of magnesium first which is held in place by four tiny screws then you have to take care of the other screws around the bottom panel in order to get inside all the screws are easily

    accessible but the Zeus uses several different sizes so make sure to

    carefully note where each comes from you can put them back in the right place inside you'll find a single RAM slot the to SSD slots the battery the speakers and the complex thermal mod specs aside assume software's for power profiles for the jig's 502 the row and manual are only available with the laptop plugged in and are meant for gaming and other demanding loads performance is a

    jack-of-all-trades and what I recommend for daily multitasking and casual gaming while silent is great for video and light use on battery where the GPU overclocking is possible on manual but don't expect much as the chip is already considerably overclocked on the turbo mode which does a great job of squeezing excellent performance out of this configuration onto our performance findings we run a couple of different tests on our review unit from the standard synthetic benchmarks like cinnamon chart 20 or give paint to blend the respective perfor handbrake which simulate real life work with

    professional applications and video encoding we've also ran to combine 3d mark tests and gather all our results in these charts feel free to pause to see how to safely set scored and how it stacks against some of its competition and make sure to head over to the reason article on the side for the more

    in-depth performance analysis and tests I've added the link for you in the description the reference s15 also does a good job at maintaining top

    performance in longer duration loads however as illustrated bars in a bench loop test processor needs to run at an average of around 70 watt on turbo in order to return the results that it does even so the CPU only stabilizes around 3.6 gigahertz down from its Maximus 4.3 gigahertz all core turbo potential it would require at least 100 of constant power to run

    maximum which is just not possible on this sort of a chassis under volting is also disabled with the retail bios due to plunder bolt but we were able to undergo this on a pre-release bias version which resulted in higher scores and lower power use

    thus under voting would surely help here if Isis decide to eventually allow it on this series overall though the 2020 Severus s15 scores twenty to twenty five percent higher in the Cinebench loop test compared to the previous model furthermore you'll notice that the 35 watt i7 1085 7 th processor on the silent mode performs nearly the same as the six core i7 9750 H on the previous FSS at 65 watt of power and that's impressive at the same time though the fact that the resin 7 and 9 processors in the more compact Sepphoris g14 end up beating the 8 core Core i7 are pretty much half the power consumption show the current state of aimed is n 2 platform and how much Intel need to catch up button point the bumped with the 8 core Intel i7 processor allows the updated 2020 Zephyrus s 15 to outmatch the 2019 model in multi-threaded loads and tests but with the same high power

    requirements the gains in single core performance and games are minimal though now as far as gaming goes on this laptop we run a couple of titles on several different power profiles and gather our findings here take a moment to go through them and here's how this

    Zephyrus s15 compares to a couple of other gaming laptops in this class I've added the RT X 2070 super powered Zephyrs m15 and the RT X 2080 super power predator Triton 500 both on a 6 core in dalton gen platform as well as the previous RT x 27 150 watt powered the 2019 model on the Sepphoris s 50 back to the 2020 severus s 15 both the CPU and GPU run fairly hot on turbo the cpu picks at temperatures in the high 80s in Far Cry 5 and low it is in witcher 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2 and the GPU averages low eighties to high seventies in all these titles while the fans RAM 250 251 DB at head level these temperatures are not unexpected given the laptops compact and slim chassis and the CPU actually runs a bit cooler than on the previous efforts as 15 and most other similar out of portables giving on the performance profile teams down the about 44 - 45 dB at her level but limits the CPU and GPU this results in a roughly 10% drop in frame rates in most titles but also further raises the average CPU and GPU temperatures finally gaming on silent further quiets down the fans to only 36 to 27 dB at head level but also further limits the performance of the CPU and GPU the thermal profile is a little too aggressive on silent with this latest BIOS profile and that occasionally causes the GPU to trot all down to 300 megahertz as soon as it reaches 78 degrees and then bumped back once it cools down under 70 degrees as you can see from these blocks I'm pretty sure this bug will not carry on to the retail models as I didn't encounter it on the pre-release bias version while testing the same laptop or on the zephyr 715 is that in that case the GPU Ram constantly at 60 watt but with slightly faster spinning fans at around 38 to 39 DP which I believe are the ideal

    settings for the silent profile as far as external temperatures go the interior reaches temperatures in the mid 50s in the hottest parts around the heat vibes but the lower half and the whde and arrow keys stay within high 30s to low 40s so it won't be an issue with longer gaming sessions the bottom also stays fairly cool for the sort of a laptop but it's only an illusion as the hottest part is hidden behind the magnesium flap gaming aside both fans remain active all the time even with light use but it's been quietly on the silent and

    performance modes and are pretty much inaudible even in a completely quiet room you will hear them if you keep the laptop on turbo while plotting long story short the 2020s ooze efforts as 15 GX 502 refines on what was already a solid performance ultra portable the 2019 zephyrus s and it is one of the best devices you can buy in this nation right now in comparison this performs roughly 20 to 25 percent better in CPU intensive loads and about 10 percent better in games thanks to the updated hardware it also runs slightly cooler and quieter across the board but even so the CPU GPU and parts of the outer chassis will consistently reach high temperatures with games and complex loads and the fans ramped up to around 50 DB on turbo so still need good headphones to cover

    under vaulting would have helped with all these issues but for now it is not possible on the retail models aside from the bumper inspects the 2020s FSS 15 also gets a slightly cleaner design now thunderbolt free support a 300 watt screen with dual G Singh or Optimus Sol operation modes as well as one of the better keyboards in the class at the same time though the 2020s FSS 15 is a significantly more expensive product now which is something you should consider in your buying decision this top

    configuration retails at $29.99 MSRP in the US and around 3300 euros in Germany and it is overall priced alongside the competition such as the Acer predator Triton 500 the msi ge62 SiC stealth or a razor blade 15 advanced on the other hand last year's FSS 15 started at 20 399 for the r-tx 2070 model and is available for less now with discounts we're going to have a proper round up comparison of all these performance ultra portables once we get to test them all so look forward for our updates anyway this pretty much wraps up our review of the 20/20 asus rog Zephyr recessed 15 but I'd love to hear your thoughts on this product get in touch in the comment section down below.