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Get Unlimited Free Pubg Uc With This App - Android Ios

Free Pubg Mobile Uc Unlimited Working And Real:

1: Google Openion Reward.

 Free Pubg Uc

hey what's up guys I'm Sheeran g'day from tech runs gadgets and welcome to another video if you want to download opinion rewards and on play credits then you're in the right place in this video I'm going to show you how to download Google opinion you want Sam in any country so let's begin first go to the settings go to locations and enable mode to device only go back to home now go to play store and search for fake GPS click on safe in GPS now click on this fake GPS location app and install it you're going to accept an install

now after downloading fake GPS again search for Opera VPN beacon such as you can see I've installed over a VPN it's unlimited VPN it's very useful now go to the settings again and go to developer options if you don't know how to enable developer options go to about phone and click on build number four eight times I've enabled link go to developer options and search for mock locations select more Caucasian app and click on fake GPS now go back to home go back to fake GPS app which you just installed wait for a few moments and search for New York click on search as you can see fake GPS is now pointed to New York now what you need to do is go to the VPN app click on get started

skip all this got it connection request click on OK click on connect wait for a few moments also don't forget to check out my other video that is out of it Spotify Premium for free on any Android device it's totally free and it saves you the dollar fees that you give first-party high premium account and so don't forget to check that also a card will be right up at the top right corner it's connected you are not connected to Netherlands change region to United States you are not going to the United States go back to home and again go to fake GPS as you can see it's pinpoint to New York as I've done it before and now click on play button

if you can see fake GPS connected to United States after a few moments you'll see that Google has changed your location from your country to New York this is the magic of fake GPS now what you need to do is create a new Google account and this Google account will be created from a US server and will be a us-based account not from your own country ad account Google forgive me the fingerprint create a new account give any name you want click on next let's create a username let's create a password and click on next now you have to add your phone number remember you can give your own number let me verify three

as you can see permission requested allow and now what you have to do is go to the Play Store and select your new account as you can see Spotify sells available this means we are accessing for my us-based server now what you need to do is search for opinion play rewards Google opinion rewards Google opine yours is accessible and now can be installed but don't go away guys because this is only 50% many more things are left for this tutorial so stay tuned now click on install continue a debit card credit card at PayPal you can skip installing it is installed now click on open click on done choose the new account that you created click on OK and the first and last name let's give the name we created if you selected New York if postalcode 1 1 4 1 3 this is the postal code for New York now click on continue you can see continue wait for a few moments this is our first survey make sure you read everything and answer genuinely because Google will judge you by your answers and distinguish between a fake robot and actual human

and stand yukl next enter your zip code let's give it one one four one three because you selected New York week on next now which language click on English next do you live in urban suburban or ruler area you can carbonaria

econ next choose your household income based on your patient what you are going to give the next section I will show you I'll give it around 50,000 to 75,000 dollars click on next select your occupations I'll choose software engineer click on submit when a service ready for you to answer you'll see this icon in the notification bar - dismiss as you can see we have a new survey available let's answer this survey this is survey tutorials answer everything genuinely and after reading everything on the screen now this is a interesting questions you have to answer this question very cleverly a Google will not give you any more service I'll answer this.

I have given my question now click on next thank you you can okay thank you for signing into Google use and unification you're approved for another service so guys you know signed up for Google opinion rewards and whenever you're eligible don't send your survey which you can answer and you'll get the Google Play opinion of your credit which can be worth one dollar two dollars it depends on the survey it is that easy on the same day I created another account but this time not from USA this time from Austria and after creating an account after a couple of hours I got a survey from Google and this time after answered all the questions Google gave me 0.50 own euros and notice is less but I'll get sure I get more surveys and so guys if you liked this video don't forget to hit the like button below and also don't forget to share.

2. MGamer App.
Free Pubg Uc With This App - Pubg Mobile

What is the app about?

▶ mGamer App is provided free game currency of your favorite mobile games.

Which game currency does the app provide?
▶ Castle Clash Gems
▶ Call Of Duty CP
▶ Other game currency will support soon.

3. Zupee Gold App.
Unlimited Free Pubg Uc

Zupee lets you pick any topic that you like and play the tournaments along with other players, and win real money. You Have to Choose answers From Bollywood, Hollywood, Sports to Maths, Cities and Capitals, Hinglish and more. Play the quiz and answer each question as soon as you can to win cash on the spot. The faster you are, the higher your score, the more you win!