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Asus ROG Maximus XII Extreme - The Best Mobo For Core i9

Asus ROG Maximus XII Extreme - The Best Mobo For Core i9 From the first time I put my hands on the computer I knew I was a gamer building the best gaming PC was always something that interested me and that's why today my friends we have this is the log Maximus XII extreme it's the gaming motherboard we have all been dreaming of and it's already compatible with the generation 10/10 Intel chipset so let's open it up and see what we get inside why don't we stick with me during the duration of this video for a quick preview of our next gadget review because I'm always reviewing gadget Co on the auto dealer. Here we tell you about my gadget experiences and I have a lot of these really cool gadgets like as you can see now the best gaming motherboard you can get for generation til 10 Intel chipsets so first of all the presentation here is really awesome the first thing you're gonna see when you open this up is the motherboard itself we already have the CPU slope ov

NVIDIA RTX 3080TI Specs, Price & Launching Date

NVIDIA RTX 3080TI Specs, Price & Release Date NVIDIA RTX 3080 Discuss how much these things are gonna cost so if we take a look at the RTX 3080TI to determine how much this thing is going to cost we have to look at the current market and previous releases so first of all, f we look at the RTX 2080TI that thing released at $1000 MSRP but unfortunately, you can basically only find them for $1,200 and up thanks to the founder's edition and the way that everyone's just basically gouging all of the buyers now this time around because of consoles that are going to be NVIDIA RTX 3080TI  releasing at a similar time frame offering a huge amount of performance getting probably somewhat close to a 30 80 I don't think they're gonna want to make these things cost any more I don't think people are really gonna be willing to spend more than $1,200 but I think that the MSRP is not going to change even though it's probably gonna get cheaper th