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Asus ROG Maximus XII Extreme - The Best Mobo For Core i9

Asus ROG Maximus XII Extreme - The Best Mobo For Core i9

Asus ROG Maximus XII Extreme - The Best Mobo For Core i9

From the first time I put my hands on the computer I knew I was a gamer building the best gaming PC was always something that interested me and that's why today my friends we have this is the log Maximus XII extreme it's the gaming motherboard we have all been dreaming of and it's already compatible with the generation 10/10 Intel chipset so let's open it up and see what we get inside why don't we stick with me during the duration of this video for a quick preview of our next gadget review because I'm always reviewing gadget Co on the auto dealer.

Here we tell you about my gadget experiences and I have a lot of these really cool gadgets like as you can see now the best gaming motherboard you can get for generation til 10 Intel chipsets so first of all the presentation here is really awesome the first thing you're gonna see when you open this up is the motherboard itself we already have the CPU slope over here which is basically a casing you don't really get anything as you can see you don't get the CPU this is gonna be very expensive by the way this is very expensive as it is and as you can see right now we already have basically the Box opened up because I'm also doing this review on multiple languages so please bear with me if I can't seem to get a hold of my English while I'm doing this with you so let's let's talk for a bit about this motherboard the Maximus XII extreme is probably the best motherboard you can get for the 10th generation Intel CPUs right now before water cooling overclocking and performance.

 It also has a ton of RGB and built-in configurable all its skin and illuminated audio jacks I like the fact that audio jacks are illuminated I've seen that already with other motherboards at Asus releases but the thing here with RGB is that you have this screen over here which you can configure with anything you want this is going to be cool if you want to put temperatures on it or some you know already if you have like I mentioned before if you have the money to get this first of all we're gonna talk about everything but before we do that I just want to show you what's in the box because the this is packed with stuff I mean you're getting a lot of stuff here and you're also getting oops a thunderbolt three empty expansion card it's empty oh wait we get the manuals over here and we get these expansion cards basically there's also a USB over here USB stick.

Asus ROG Maximus XII Extreme - The Best Mobo For Core i9

 I'm going to talk about it in a moment which will enable you to flash back your bias if you want to do that the first expansion card you're gonna see here is the fan expansion card basically letting you install more fans on your obvious on your build obviously and it's gonna have two temperature contours on it sensors on it and also you're gonna see here that we have the funderbolt three expansion card which is basically something that you're gonna be really happy with if you are canta canta like i am and you are basically paying for it by the way when you are buying this motherboard so please make note that if you're not using this you're gonna pay extra for this whole setup because basically there needs to be a licensing when you usually put this card or expansion card with a motherboard and you know what I'm happy because I'm doing these videos each of these videos usually takes on 100 Giga bytes it's a gigabytes this is 40 Giga bits and I need 100 gigabytes for each of these videos at least just post just for storage and moving there and moving it back and forth for mine ass so a bunch of cables as you can see and the interesting part over here is that you even get a pack of school drivers you can use but you also get all the cables you'll need to basically get this thing connected you even next for small fan and you even get an allergy strap.

So yeah you get a lot of stuff and I think I saw this food rival somewhere here and it's a magnetic screwdriver also so it's nice from Isis to bring us that here it is it has the algae of public of gamers labelling on it so it's nice and that's a nice addition also as you can see here we get the algae our sticker so we can put it on the computer itself if you really want to and we also get on a Wi-Fi part of things we get the Wi-Fi antennas this is a Wi-Fi six antenna which we'll talk about in a moment when we get to the motherboard itself we also get an expansion slot for MDOT tools which will enable us to install two extra SSD drives now if we want to so let's go back to the motherboard itself this is what we're gonna have the Intel theft generation CPU chipset.

We also have four slots for ddr4 dimm memory with optimum tree that means that we can overclock our memory stick so there are two and those two sockets over here which you can install your em toe-to-toe to SSD drives and you can upgrade that with two more is in the expansion expansion slot we have a dual GPU slots over here and on the i/o sides of things as you can see there is a billion USB just kidding down six USB 3.2 generation one slot the three USB 3.2 generation 2 slots and there's an extra USB 3.0 generation 2 USBS lisslow talking about LAN we have one 2.5 gigabytes per second port and a 10 Gigabit LAN port if networking is really important for you you're gonna have a networking on this motherboard that basically means that you're gonna get less lag and better network connectivity using the AI that's built in on this motherboard we also have two USB 2.0 ports and the nice thing here is that you can see that we have a BIOS labeling one of the USB ports and a BIOS button basically what that enables you to do is if you have the correct BIOS files and that means that you're gonna use basically the USB that you get with this motherboard and you put it in the BIOS USB slot and press that button you'll be able to flash the BIOS firmware to the motherboard.

You not have to use it while it has CPU for memory sticks on it you can do that just with power because you have everything integrated so that's really nice if flashing your BIOS is something that is important to you you do not have to build the entire setup to do that so I like that we have this option in terms of sound we have an optical s/pdif out over here and we have the sound IO poles which are basically LED illuminated and we also get a lot of LGB lights on this device sadly I cannot turn everything on and connect everything on right now because I still have to get many more paths to get this thing connected so it will take me some time to get it connected but in the end I promise you when I have a fully featured gaming PC set up I will share it on this channel so please bear with me and your modern invited to subscribe so you can see my future adventures with this gaming with my gaming setup so all in all I really think this is if you have the budget this is probably the best you can do when it comes to the new Intel chipset and building a gaming PC that's gonna have a lot of features I really like the fact we're getting a I you know a lot of things right now so we talked about the bonus that I'm gonna show you doing this video and that's gonna be the newest form tone smart I actually have reviewed most of Trance mods headphones and even Bluetooth speakers and today I am with this and this is their newest bluetooth bluetooth headphones and there I have no idea how good they are but yeah over here I'm gonna test them out.

You know what's new in this new tone smart Bluetooth headset or headphones I think that once mod is releasing headphones every month right now I'm not kidding you it's likely at least in the last four months I've seen a new set every month so stick with me if you want to see a review of that I really like transmog they have amazing products so all I know like I mentioned before if you have the budget this is probably the best motherboard you can get I'm still saving up to get the CPU obviously like I mentioned but only know once you get this thing connected you're gonna probably want to use it with water cooling is you have the water pump connections over here I didn't go for all of the onboard buttons which you have many of these as me myself I actually not I don't use them that much and I'm not a big expert in building pcs either but I'm just telling you my experiences with the products that I get so I can basically show you my food PC when it's gonna be ready so I hope you enjoyed this video and like always quest a like button if you did let me know if you have questions in the comments below and your model invited to visit one of these two videos which are basically recommended I personally chose them for you and this one over here and subscribe over here if you haven't done so already saw you on my next review which I hopefully was was it's going to be the tone smart earphones.
See you soon thank you very much bye-bye.


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